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  2. That's truly reprehensible, Howard. I always enjoy and appreciate your sharing your extensive knowledge with us. Thank you for everything you have done for us here and I don't blame you if you no longer do so .
  3. Did you notice that the name of the rock star poster above your post is “talktoafade” and the YouTube account for that video is “talkingtoafade”? Coincidence?
  4. I have an essential tremor that has been affecting my right arm on precision skills for over ten years. After getting properly medicated my putting was a nightmare so I switched to a lefty putter. I did really well save for distance control on lag putting. I was almost a decent putter. I used it for one year.
  5. Maria should be concerned about 2021 first reshuffling which takes place one or two weeks before 2021 US Women's Open June 3-6. Maria has only one or two tournaments before reshuffling and she's been batting zero this year in terms of cuts made. Fortunately, she should still be able to get into full field tournaments even if her priority drops.
  6. I play the 917 D2 5 & 7 fairway wood, but play them at 17° and 20°. Also I have a three wood shaft in the 5 wood and the 5 wood shaft in the 7 wood. Love it!
  7. Guess Harbor Town is too easy for the men. Pretty much mirror scores after 36 holes for men and women this week.
  8. Srixon u85 125 Nippon modus Piretti ponteza 2 w/ limited edition under the sea hc 375 300 wo hc Leupold 200
  9. Yesterday
  10. So I bought some new shafts for my i500 and I am going to just replace my 8 iron first and hit some balls before doing the whole set. When I set the ferrule I noticed the huge amount of space in the hosel so I came to WRX to see what I could find...........I am not one to give up without a fight and I bought some red ferrules from Billy Bobs that are not collared. What I did was get some Brampton Epoxy PRO-FIX 5&10 Rapid Cure and some glass beads. This is a slow and tedious process as I will need to do one club at a time. Without the collared ferrule I use a good bit of epoxy and get the s
  11. Looking for feedback on these two shafts if anyone has tested side by side. Spin, dispersion numbers etc Thank you
  12. 6 irons can be found individually because they are used as demo clubs. I think you are going to be hard pressed to find a minimalist set of GI clubs in the price range that you are looking. Not saying its impossible, just difficult. The x22 and Burner irons are great choices to get started. I played both in my early golf years, and they still have a fond place in my heart (I actually used the Burner 2.0).
  13. Watching the Masters, I saw a lot of 3 woods being hit from the tee.
  14. Arm lock, belly, and long putter are so obviously contrary to the idea of a golf stroke I’m constantly mystified by people who defend it.
  15. 5 KBS C-Taper Lite X flex pure'd shafts w Tour G grips I put these in a short set thus the 5 shafts: 3 iron shaft 40.5 in. playing 37.25 to end of grip 5 iron shaft 39.5 in. playing 36.5 EoG 6 iron shaft 39 in. playing 35.5 EoG 8 iron shaft 38 in. playing 35 EoG 9/W shaft 37.5 in. playing 34.5 EoG These run $50 + $20 pure + $21 grip=$91/shaft before tax and shipping....so I've got embarrassingly $455 in these. Selling shipped CONUS for $245 Only used for 9 holes literally, Pure'd by Golf Works in March this year. All pure'ing paperwork and sh
  16. Creating a youtube page describing the deeper aspects of club making would be pretty cool. I'm surprised youtube has so little useful information on the subject. Howard, sorry to hear about this grift. You're a legend and incredibly helpful to diy guys like myself.
  17. Post of the week. Now go back make those shoes dance up and down slightly. Also get a few bars of the catchy theme song to play audibly with it. I don't ask for much do I? hee hee No seriously I smiled large at your creativity NCL. I watched that show a great deal in my youth. Have a fine weekend NCL and thanks for the flashback. ahhh the one of my favorite old shows from my young lad days. Black and white, wow that is serious Old School. My Three Sons is the second longest running sitcom in TV history. It aired from 1960-1972. And Robbie Douglas (actor Doug Grady
  18. She must have also influenced the PGA Tour as well. Same score leading after 36 holes at Harbor Town as it was for the ladies this week.
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