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  2. @BIG STUYou are a busy guy Stu!
  3. Most tour players are good putters. You aren’t going to take a positive strokes gained putter and make him better instantly. That’s why. Once you get there you are too superstitious to change unless your awful at something ( web Simpson , Keegan Bradley , Bryson ). It helps the yippy - flippy guys. And I can see it as a way to make a great kid putter from the start.
  4. So October 2nd release? So does that mean no pre-orders? I don't see an option on cleveland's website to customize grinds.
  5. Yeah he was playing 120 gram grips before and now he is playing grips that weight 50 grams so if his driver was B8 it is now E8. I think that his clubs are built to the same spec as his 7 iron so that would mean that the long irons would have to be heavier because they would be shorter and the short irons would be longer thus they would be swung at a faster speed. All these factors might contribute to his clubs simply plowing through the rough a lil bit better than stock clubs. Nevertheless I enjoyed watching it and completely agree with the way he plays golf. The math of golf will never ch
  6. It appears the left hand is very weak while the right hand is very neutral. He’s slinging the right hand while the left is in a position not to roll over. Just my take.
  7. I’m surprised only one post so far mentions this, but the size of the driver head is what is fueling distance. Tour players do not fear a mishit any longer. They can hit it anywhere on the face and produce a shot that flies relatively far and in a playable direction. The fear of a snap hook that goes 125 yards and hard left or the heel cut that finds the right rough at 230 is basically non existent. The driver heads allow them to swing as hard as they can at every driver, there is zero chance of mishitting it. This has influenced their practice habits as well, they train for power and speed in
  8. My 4th and 5th knuckles of my left hand feels stiff some days. Often it’s cause I grip too tight with my left thumb I over swing and get past parallel in effort to create more speed but “give up” by impact and flip my left wrist I practice turning my left arm so I have stronger hold on the club this automatically puts my left grip pressure over the last three fingers of my left hand. This is especially important when I m hitting my irons
  9. Brand New LH Taylormade Adapters that fit SIM, M5/6 models etc. I have 2 adapters Price is $35 for the pair includes shipping or $20 each (includes shipping).
  10. why isn’t it relevant for an amateur? If an amateur could gain 70 yards off the tee, they too could begin to score better the same way having wedges instead of 6 irons into greens. I don’t understand the premise of the statement? You have no idea if DeChambeau’s strategy would work for an amateur.
  11. Well, some good news and some bad news. The good news is this TR20 driver is one of, if not the best driver available on the market today. The bad news is I am gearing up for an MRI to confirm suspected cartilage damage and a meniscus tear. However, my Doc did say that I will not hurt it anymore, I'd just have to endure the pain. And so, let this be the ultimate payback to Honma. Ha! I have been sitting on 2 new weights for the driver, a 12 and a 15 gram. These were for me to test so I could find a reduction in my spin numbers. Give me a little slack, I'm hobbling and have not pla
  12. Just old tech in a slightly new package to appeal to very cost-conscious golfers who shop in big box stores. You're better off buying a used driver from the past year IMO.
  13. Oh I know. Lol I do. But I’m not sure I’m ready to face it. If it didn’t come incrementally, I’m not sure I would. I have a 12 year old wanting to be 25. And I find myself begging him to slow down and realize where he is and what he has. He’ll wake up and be 40 and wonder where time went.
  14. potentially with a upgraded shaft
  15. Thanks! That goes well with my experiences so far. Swing changes....yeah. My swing probably needed some updates as I am far more powerful than I was as a kid but less flexible. And, like you, I had just shot my best round (83 with 12 GIR, so lots of promise) when I had my first lesson. I have been very inconsistent since then. It was always a process, but as a kid, the outlook was different. My time is more limited now and I have responsibilities; I want to be committed to improve and put things together. I will be out of grad school this spring and likely taking on a very
  16. it’s not traditionalists, many people dislike HIM as a person, it’s going nothing to do with how he plays golf. He’s got a track record of being abusive to referees, and broadcasters. He’s been entangled in terrible slow play issues. And honestly, he seems to have a terrible attitude at times. But it’s not because of how he plays golf, it’s because of his growing track record of terrible interactions that people dislike him.
  17. How many, not how far. You really do seem all about how far. Get your coach out for a playing lesson, analyze your short game and putting as well (noticeably absent from your analysis).
  18. I’m jumping in a little late to this party, but consider the following: Aristotle made a distinction between something‘s essence and its accidents. When you make a golf tee, its color, shape, material, etc. are accidents (they do not determine that it is a tee) but its essence, its “tee-ness” is determined and not subject to change. Likewise a bottle cap is a bottle cap, even if you change its accidents (remove it from the ring, sand off the nibs, or even carve “tee” in the side). The essence - what it was designed for - does not change. The more relevant question is the one Sawgr
  19. So I since 2000 it has been the name of the game, I think everyone agrees longer players win more and score better. Sure you had a Funk or Toms sneak in a win here or there or maybe do well in the scoring average, but by in large since the late 90's the top ten in scoring, 7+ of them were top 50 distance off the tee. It started in the 90's, just like I said. I mentioned Couples and Love for the Era of time, I should have been more clear and said the 90's instead of naming two guys. Looking at the list of major winners since 1991 - 2000. The short straightish hitter
  20. That's a swing issue that you'll have a hard time finding a driver to help with...
  21. I wouldn't mind one of those 4 woods in the bag. Looks great and Honma woods have a reputation of being pretty easy to hit & forgiving.
  22. you hit the nail on the head! The dislike of BD isn’t about how differently he plays golf, it’s about him as a person and the odd and wrong interactions he seems to consistently have. He seems to have a terrible attitude problem and is building a resume of poor interactions with officials, broadcast staff, and fans. I wonder if part of his success this year is actually the lack of fans because he’s not loved and would be hearing about it in most Venues.
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