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  2. Ping fetch with stability shaft, a straight back-straight through machine. In good shape, recently replaced the grip. Comes with head cover. 150.00 shipped.
  3. Big difference between someone worth seeing and someone not is having clear direction on what/how to work on until the next lesson. There’s a really annoying trait amongst some instructors where they’re not honest with you as a client. Those of us who want to raise their baseline incrementally over time don’t want their faults fixed by the introduction of compensating faults. Short term ‘fixes’ that create different issues instead of narrowing your window are the next biggest money spinner in amateur golf after driver sales.
  4. Not a veteran, but in theory, the face should not need to be squared! It should be and stay square from the get go
  5. I traded an older hybrid with a friend for his 1/2” over 3 iron shaft, which is a Project X Catalyst 80 6.0 graphite shaft that weighs 85 grams. If that doesn’t work out, then the Modus 105s will most likely go in it. I have them in my 3,4 hybrid and my 5-GW. I’ve never hit the Modus 130. I’m getting olde and have lower back arthritis, so I’m liking the lighter shafts. I played either S400/X100 for the past 20+ years.
  6. These have been floating around. Looks like a non-milled version of the Rev33.
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  8. Looks like the message has been removed regarding overseas shipping!
  9. Would that not be the new Rev33 that Ricky is playing?
  10. I’m very similar. Through summer use Ping G Crossovers at 21 and 24, through wetter months use G15 Hybrids at 20 and 23*. If it’s really windy and dry will get Ping Rapture DI in the mix too.
  11. T.E.E quality control is strong.Looks good to me.Great club maker!
  12. Chicks dig a long shaft and big head... unfortunately mines is only 45 inches with a 460cc... i should just get the surgery
  13. I thought i was in love with the old spider x... i got one... did ok with it... hit wayy too many putts that blew by the hole which is tottaly unlike me...i thought the distance control for myself was terrible. Gave it back for a new 2018 scotty newport 2... happy now.
  14. They are the Only Company with the Color Dot System,it just helps you Play Your Best.Thats all...
  15. Hi folks, first time here. Anyways I recently got a CBX119 Hybrid and noticed that the club face isn’t rounded off at the bottom. Is this a crack? TIA
  16. Thanks leezer99, that was the only thing that was on my mind about a hard case, when travel I normally go cheap and rent the small cars, the thought of having to pay more for a SUV or Van made me cringe lol
  17. This guy reviewed RZN balls and RZN Distance impressed him the most.
  18. The best thing I've read on here in awhile, great purchase!
  19. At any point. If it were up to me they’d all be playing lessons with a an initial lesson and a few 30 minute “technique” sessions thrown in when needed.
  20. with all due respect , this post is a TROLL response at best! There are balls that spin more than the ProV1, i've tested and seen the numbers...to answer the OP's question (unlike yourself) the Prov1x spins more on shots 80-200 yards but doesn't feel soft like what you're after...probably try TP5 or BXS like others have said. from my experience TP5 does spin more on 80-200 yard shots but in return spins less on chips and pitches...BXS spins more on everything.
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