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  2. I agree that if it something like a grip that they should just call and let you know and get one installed that is in stock. But you can't string past issues within todays climate. it's disingenuous at best. Could things have been done differently, sure, but that goes for pretty well all OEM's at this point. I know Titleist had grip issues a year ago and wasn't wanting to let people know and would keep clubs from being shipped out for 4 months because of it. But I didn't go online and slag them.
  3. Looking for a 15* fairway with STIFF flex shaft and factory headcover. One of these: Titleist 917 or TS3 G30 (14.5*) G410 (14.5*)
  4. Check with the guys in the Pro Shop and ask what an appropriate tip would be. They'll tell you straight.
  5. Interesting as I have had the opposite experience. I loved the CP2 but after a few months I was having wear issues. Switched over to the sonar and not one issue.
  6. Sure. But. As I said. This has been TM situation normal for a long time. Well before the current manipulation . I know the shop Owner I ordered through. I was on speaker phone for more than half of those update calls. They knew from day 1 what the issue was. They held that info for over 4 months before finally saying it. Why ? To stop a mass cancellation of orders. That’s the whole point. Your window guy told you of your options. Tm has a way of not saying up front “ if you order this grip it’s going to be a while “. This eliminates the choice. Until later when you’ve waited so long that you just don’t want the product anymore
  7. Mugnut

    Toulon 2022?

    JV Austin and it's litter mate JV Chicago. I think the Chicago head suits my stroke best but doublebend shafts still give me fits with getting aligned. That said, I've owned a lot (way too many) putters over the years and the JV Toulons are among my favorites ever of any OTR putters. Just a really nice product.
  8. Lol, well when you put it like that ; ) Theres heavy and there’s HEAVY. Anybody can squat heavy. To me, it just means you are working in a rep range where you can only do 5-15 reps before your at close to failure. You’ll progress to heavier weight, get stronger, and reap the benefits of the squat which are numerous. If your form is tight, there is no real injury risk. The injury issue comes up with going HEAVY on squats for a few reasons. The biggest being form breaking down when guys push extra reps into failure. There’s a line between making your last rep at a point where you maintain strict form. And where you lose form chasing an extra rep…. Your knees wobble. You increase the bend in your back. Any form breakdown can immediately place huge stress awkwardly on a supporting back or leg muscle, or on your spine or joints themselves. Plus guys squat Heavy with improper form from the get go or don’t warm up. Also, squatting, while it’s a “full body” exercise, it’s heavily weighted on the quads. Ideally, you need to do complimentary work on you hams/posterior chain with exercises that target them directly. Or as you squat heavier, you don’t have the best platform to avoid injury. But the biggest thing is just staying safe on form. Do that and most people won’t even get near a weight that will injure them.
  9. Two very busy days here at work. Find the HOF golfer in the field.
  10. Can anyone give me some ideas of what would look good with this bag? Trying to keep the two head covers under $200 total.
  11. Week 7 Picks P3P(16-5-1) Atlanta Baltimore SAN FRAN NCL(16-6) P48(16-8) Cincy/Balt OVR ATL/MIA UNDR NOrleans/Seattle OVR CH(15-13-1) Cincy LA Rams Det/LA Rams UNDR Doc(11-9) Q (12-13) G1(11-12-1) touch(8-14-1)
  12. CH that striped black and white catfish is a pretty stunning looking fish. Racing stripes! Yes the other guy gets the ugly award. Thank for posting your fish.
  13. having high standards and expectations is more than fine, it’s a great thing. i have the same for my son, so i don’t disagree with you there. my issue was more with the “sky is falling down” attitude MB seemed to have if things didn’t go according to plan. things don’t always go as we script them in life. not every kid is harvard material and i really don’t see considering it a “massive letdown” or however he categorized it as fair to a child.
  14. Kudos to you guys that can get up early and actually watch it! I can set my alarm, get myself sorted for watching and then promptly fall asleep.
  15. I do have another set of one lengths with KBS FLT 120 shafts I could let go for $500 4-GW but condition is not as good
  16. I have a bunch from the 2016 gear trials. Use them all the time!
  17. The issue is being upset with them while in the midst of a global issue that they have no control over... I'm sure they are being told one thing and then it gets pushed back... Or are you assuming that they know they it would have possibly been a December delivery all along and strung him along. Personally, I seriously doubt that. When I was selling my house a few months ago, I set the date to be a few days after I had new windows installed. Everything was great until a week before when they said they couldn't get the color vinyl I wanted in time from Germany to meet my date and would be another 5 weeks later. Obviously this wasn't going to work. I picked a different color and moved on. I had way more money involved than $1k, but did I go online and flame the window company? No... Did I go online to try and flame the company in Germany? No... Because I understand what is going on and can accept it rather than someone with apparently 40 years experience... No different than when I was going to install a new kitchen. Usual quote is 2 weeks turn around, they were 15 weeks out and increasing weekly IF things stayed at current stock levels... No different than the Swimspa we are putting in our new place. Taking orders now for 6-7 month delivery and 8-9 month install... But I'm not holding my breath... Maybe I should go online and let them know I'm more important than everyone else, that usually works... Manage expectations and it'll even help lower your blood pressure...
  18. @KBongwas this the “Hit & Giggle Golf” that you were watching, via YouTube “SBS Golf” channel?
  19. That’s too bad. I’ll keep looking for other “not famous brand” products and keep reviewing them here.
  20. Yes they are very likely tip weights - especially if they are metalic (brass) - haven't' seen that type specifically but not all have holes through the center. If they are some type of plastic they could just be a plug to keep too much epoxy from getting in the shaft. Those are the only two possibilities of things that should be left in the tip of the shaft after pulling. But regardless of what they are, it's perfectly safe to heat them up and pull them out. In fact it's actually necessary. Whatever means they have incorporated to allow the trapped air to escape is definitely blocked up by the epoxy the way things stand right now.
  21. While I don't agree with some of MB19's premises this quote is a joke. If you are proud of your kid for being able to apply to ANY college you have some really low expectations for your kids academically (you are talking 2.5 GPA and 18-20 ACT/850 SAT). No offense but you better believe I expect WAY more from both of my sons in the classroom than that. From age 5 - 18 school is their profession and everything else is secondary and 2.5 GPA is unacceptable and definitely not an "achievement" in my book.
  22. Charlie Woods will defeat Bryson in a playoff at the 2029 Masters 10 years after hugging his father behind the 18th green. 81-year old Mike Cowan (Fluff) will be lugging Charlies bag down the lush fairways of Augusta. Tiger (who finished t21) greets Charlie in the exact spot they hugged 10 years ago. A senile Jim Nantz's screams "Like father like son" after Charlie holes a 16 foot birdie putt on the first playoff hole.
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