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  2. Trip is set. I have a job 9 and 10 in Boyne so flying in 8/3 to grand rapids and driving straight to muskegon. Rotating smallmouth chargers golf and stream fishing. Any suggestions for anything including golf, fishing, food, lodging, bars, bible study or massage parlors I'll listen. This is a figure it out as we go trip.
  3. Must be a regional or local thing. I've never had a delay with Fedex from when any package was originally scheduled to be delivered either incoming or outgoing.
  4. Loved the prior model, haven’t hit the new one. The big thing with driving irons is that you have to have the swing speed to get them airborne, or you’ll lose a lot of yardage
  5. They get some benefit as well. https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/31884435/everything-need-know-men-olympic-golf-tournament-tokyo-games For those competing in the tournament, world ranking points are being offered. But it appears that the Olympic competition will have a strength of field that offers fewer than 50 world ranking points to the winner, a number that was decreased due to the loss of Rahm and DeChambeau. That would put the Olympics in line with a tournament such as the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Those points can be particularly important to those players
  6. Nice round Miami ! I am with most of you on the short stuff.. closed to the green i am mostly a bump and run with a nine iron. I use it because the roll will be as long as the carry, and it makes it easy for me to sorta-kinda-maybe get the ball within puttable distance. wedges ? no problem from 65 to 110, I'll normally end up on the green. ( HOW IN THE WORLD DO WE ADULTS STAND 60 YARDS or less FROM A HUGE GREEN AREA AND CANT GET THE DAMN BALL ON THERE ? )Put me 30 yards out and i may end up short of the green...maybe over it...possibly off one side or the other with no idea how i
  7. Also Whumber, the website literally did list path and AoA tolerances. you think people just made them up? they were listed by Garmin, and now *poof* they’ve gone
  8. Or he goes the route I eventually took and gets a total ankle replacement. A decade ago they were not that good….but they are now. Mine is the left ankle-right handed golfer- Tiger’s would be right ankle so much easier on the swing.
  9. The problem with the calculator approach is that it's easy to mess up on the balance point measurement and thus the calculation will be off. I made a "calibration club" using the calculator and it took me a good long while before I was confident my measurements were correct. And I've got a lot of experience measuring things after working for a couple of decades in the quality field. Regarding the two scales, the Mitchell will last basically forever. The Auditor looks super nifty but as you say, the electronics may glitch out at some point, but I suspect it should last a couple o
  10. The max is their draw bias driver, speed is pretty neutral, and LS is neutral to fade bias, at least from my fitting experience.
  11. Apex 18 MB Hard to find like this! +1/2" 1* strong lofts standard lies and 5-pw S300 AMT Whites also have 4 Iron head! Bought these new direct, played off and on maybe 5-10rds, super clean unbelievably easy to hit as any other irons ive owned like t100, cobra cbs, vpcs, z765s, apex pros, etc. These are some of the best ive seen an hit, so many compliments and the feel and precision is unmatched. $625 OBO shipped priority (CPO in bad condition is close to my price and these are super clean!)
  12. Are you working in Southpark, from home, or elsewhere? Any preferences for riding vs walking, types of courses, etc? Other amenities and how much of a long term comittment? TPC Piper - I think you'd be able to get in. It's clubcorp and they are just $$ focused. May be the lowest initiation but probably end up the most monthly. Providence - Being McConnell if there is a delay they may be able to put you on a plan where you could pay the other courses if you're willing to drive. Carmel - I've heard the same on their wait. It's also the mos(by far)t upfro
  13. What’s the new measure. He made 120” of putts. Guessing that helps with that. not something I have or ever will be doing. Not that kinda stats guy.
  14. Pristine condition. Been on grass five times. It is originally 34”. I extended to 36”. Easily removed or adjusted. Based on research, think I’m pricing pretty generously, but if I’m way off, let me know. Looking for $425 shipped. PayPal only.
  15. Watching and loving the US Women’s Senior open and so thrilled to see so many of the ladies I followed back in the day. I tweeted Golf Channel reminding them to show as much of the field as possible, not only the leaders. I particularly wanted to see Inkster and Tschetter and asked them for this Sure enough not 20 minutes later, they’re on the tube. Outstanding!!
  16. I've got no issue with someone playing whatever ball they prefer. It just strikes me as delusional when someone claims they "need" to play a pro level ball when they miss more greens than hit during a round.
  17. The best way to get to the left side is to quickly get off the right side from the ground up out to the ball like an NFL field goal kicker. The key is to completely free up the right foot, leg, thigh and hip.
  18. The putter is my best club. I bought two cheap putters, a 33" PGX and a 29.5 Odyessy Jr 2 Ball. The first had a really heavy swing weight and the 2nd was really light. And a little short. Made no difference. I could consistently sink putts with either. It helps that in my stroke rehab, I learned to accurately throw darts. The hardest thing isn't to be able to repeatedly sink 8 ft putts. Rather , it is to sink a putt exactly on line, then sink another by aiming at the edge, and precisely adjusting the pace so it still drops in the hole! What do you have problems with
  19. First off welcome to the game. everyone I play with that putts well consistently has used the same putter for years. keep at it and develop a solid practice routine for before your round. I like to hit a couple twenty thirty footers to get the speed then work in from ten till I’m happy with it.
  20. This is probably my last update with this putter. It’s just not for me. I think the putter is too heavy and the balance is off for me. I played a round with 3 guys yesterday and let them hit a few putts and they all felt the same way. Two were in Odyssey stroke lab putters (2 ball and #7), and both of those felt much better to me. So I’ll be experimenting with a stroke lab putter next. The only real positive for me from this putter was it pushed me over the edge in regards to finally giving Arccos a try. I’ve been very happy with how it’s working and the stats are helpful in showing j
  21. Not to doom and gloom but im in the industry and the cumulative thought is that demand will remain at current levels through next year.. sucks. That what they’re planning for anyway.
  22. This is insane. The black tees are already long enough for college and pro events, what is the point of the tips?
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