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  2. All the new shafts still can’t beat my KK XT out the bag. Great price too.
  3. QuigleyDU

    2020 US Open

    I am hoping that Rory comes through today. Rough opening hole though.
  4. the bishop

    2020 US Open

    Its gonna get ugly today.
  5. But the vertical lines should match up. If you have it in upside down it is likely the equivalent of a righty using a left handed adapter. It’s bent the wrong way if it is inserted wrong.
  6. you cant change the set up of a course to penalize the bomb and gouge crowd without also penalizing those that are down the middle but yards shorter. Technology has made the classic golf courses defenseless without tricking them up and making them unfair and no fun to watch. It was only a decade ago that courses were "Tiger proofing " themselves because he was so much longer and straighter and hitting short irons into greens where others were using mid irons. the only other alternative is to change the spin on the ball, manufacturers have taken all the sidespin out of the ball so even if you
  7. Tons of suggestions are out there from those that know better than me, from your HMB suggestion to Hot Metal or F9 4 irons, P790, Srixon U series, Sub70, iron-like hybrids, DHY, Crossover, etc. All great. In the WRX spirit, try as many as possible with shaft combos to find something that fits your game and your eye. It's very personal and by all means find one, two, or 10! I love long irons but will say this ... IMO if you can keep experimenting with a 3, 4 or even 5 wood - shorter length, weights, ball position, hitting down on it, etc. - it potentially has more horsepower (to hit longer) an
  8. Yes, DeChambeau struggled with the side saddle putting style he tried for awhile. The arm lock technique he's been using recently has helped him shoot lower scores.
  9. Shouldn't the settings on the cogs (on the underside of course) be the correct settings regardless of the orientation of the shaft graphics/grip ? I doubt Cally "pures" each shaft so they most likely do all their shafts the same; either graphics up or graphics down, no ? If that's the case the vertical line on the adaptor really doesn't mean anything other than "this will line the shaft up the same way every time", no ?
  10. I would strongly urge you to look at the PGA tour stats and the different strokes gained categories. The long game is where the top players are able to gain the most strokes on the field. For example...in 2019(the last full season) Rory gained more strokes with tee shots alone than did the top putter. AND...as for what is more important? Rory is Rory and the top SG putter was Denny McCarthy. Aaron Baddeley is year in year out one,of the top putters...and cannot keep his card.
  11. No trades at this time. 100% eBay and GolfWRX feedback. All prices include ️LIGHTNING FAST️ shipping! SHAFTS TOUR ISSUE MITSUBISHI DIAMANA ZF 60TX $245 Shipped Driver will play around 45.75” (Shaft is 44.5” and appears to be untipped but cannot verify.) TaylorMade adapter TENSEI PRO WHITE DRIVER 70 TX $225 Shipped Driver will play around 45.75” (Shaft is 44.5” and appears to be untipped but cannot verify.) TaylorMade adap
  12. The best tip I've ever got was to try to sweep the ball off the tee. You want to minimize spin loft in the technical talk. Tee it a bit lower, swing easy and try to have a level AoA (however you accomplish that, it doesn't matter). you can't overpower wind. It will always win.
  13. Not so great news for those like me hoping to get the P7MC in their bags. Can’t imagine the demand and back orders if he comes thru today. Totally rooting for Wolff though.
  14. the bishop

    2020 US Open

    I keep imagining an alternate version of that US Bank commercial where that guy drowns his wife in that stupid koi pond.
  15. ElMosquito

    2020 US Open

    Got a feeling this is Bryson's moment. Fascinated to see if Wolff can hold it together. Should be a cracking day.
  16. So the extra mass directly behind the sweetspot does not create more ball speed? Say foa titleist blade versus a titelist CB
  17. tiderider

    Danny Lee

    1) money? don't know 2) $25000 ... decent amount for lee, i reckon ... 3) send you the scotty? ... valid point ...
  18. Scotty and Tour issue sim ti are sold! I need to catch up on messages, but Im watching my kids, but I'll check them in the order I received them.
  19. SIM line is fade biased, so the D is more like straight biased.
  20. Hello. Looking to see if anyone has pulled Project X LZ 5.5 115g 4-GW. I'll be glad to help you clear some room in your garage. Thanks! ✌
  21. DeChambeau was a damn good player before gaining weight- everybody seems to forget that Big difference is his quality putting and focus Distance alone doesn't do it- where is DJ or Bubba this week ? I am sure they hit some big drives
  22. As far as I know Luke List (or any other Tour pro) does not have any resentment for DeChambeau. From their junior golf days onward Tour pros are accustomed to playing with guys who hit it longer, shorter, the same distance etc... as they do. It's just part of the game. A major part of top level golf is knowing one's own game strengths and weaknesses and playing the golf course accordingly.
  23. Go to the source - it's likely better than opinions of others! https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/amateur-status/amateur-status-faq-d8bb60a9.html
  24. Hearty congrats, @baloo! I can identify with the irony. I got my first ace last year, during the six weeks i was playing TaylorMade TP MC irons. Go figure.
  25. "If you visit a muni course Winged Foot this afternoon you will see players spraying tee shots left and right, missing greens from 110 yards, running chip shots 20 feet past the hole etc..."
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