John Daly WITB: Shot at the 2014 RBC Heritage

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    interesting setup. Trembolo would be disgraced with that rookie lead tape application
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    my man with the lead tape!
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    Pretty fly for a white guy.
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    interesting setup. Trembolo would be disgraced with that rookie lead tape application

    +1 You beat me to it!
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    So much natural ability. His golf swing has always looked like about 50% of what he could do. Like Couples....effortless.

    We will always wonder what his true potential was....
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    Love the red Ostrich yardagebook cover. Great pics!
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    nVentix composite iron shafts simply awesome! Hopefully this helps prove their one flex one weight story.
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    GolfWRX wrote:


    'Long' John Daly... 2 more majors than most. Gotta love this guy image/good.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':good:' />
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    I would bet he kills that mini.
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    I would bet he kills that mini.

    I hope he puts one in play would love to see him swing that.
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    Those nVentix shafts are pure money. I have yet to put the driver shaft in someones hands and have them consistently hook it.
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    Did he sign with TM ?
  • SwingLikeElkSwingLikeElk Lantana, TXMembers  1025WRX Points: 118Posts: 1,025 Platinum Tees
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    Sweet grips.
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    Spider Mullet.
  • kratt11kratt11 Members  1566WRX Points: 119Handicap: +1.3Posts: 1,566 Platinum Tees
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    I like how he's still sporting the Warrior logo on his shirt, yet they're no longer in the bag
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    Great pics!! Daly went a little crazy with that lead tape.
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  • Grover21Grover21 Members  201WRX Points: 68Posts: 201 Fairways
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    two questions

    How does he still have a sponsor?

    Are those all leather grips?
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    kratt11 wrote:

    I like how he's still sporting the Warrior logo on his shirt, yet they're no longer in the bag

    He's just waiting for the next "free" hybrid to arrive.
  • adamthegolferadamthegolfer Members  129WRX Points: 30Posts: 129 Bunkers
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    what grips are those ?
  • CwebbCwebb Members  6028WRX Points: 328Posts: 6,028 Titanium Tees
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    what grips are those ?

    "Gripmaster" leather
  • carreracarrera Northern CaliforniaMembers  2634WRX Points: 191Posts: 2,634 Titanium Tees
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    Two 3-irons? (or do my eyes deceive me?)
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  • drake47drake47 Members  1425WRX Points: 125Posts: 1,425 Platinum Tees
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    carrera wrote:

    Two 3-irons? (or do my eyes deceive me?)

    One is bent strong, has "2" in sharpie.
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  • kingarthurkingarthur Members  587WRX Points: 88Posts: 587 Bunkers
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    What I want to know is why these tournaments continue wasting sponsorship spots on someone who is done, and not on more deserving young players. Like what is etched on the bag, his last real triumph was 19 years and countless WDs ago.
  • DLiverDLiver Members  2717WRX Points: 233Handicap: 2.2Posts: 2,717 Titanium Tees
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    ^^^He always has a big crowd following him.
  • dagoose383dagoose383 Members  2184WRX Points: 205Posts: 2,184 Platinum Tees
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    Daly still has a following. I still root for him to turn things around even though chances of that are looking slimmer and slimmer. Tournaments still bring him in because he does still draw a crowd. He is still an "everyman" kind of golfer.
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    What a beautiful golf bag! Lead tape tickles me to death image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Love the dead cow on his grips as well.
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  • YuckYuck Fore! Members  2614WRX Points: 252Posts: 2,614 Titanium Tees
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    Finally a touring pro who "Pures" his shafts. And to think I always thought that was snake-oil.
  • laneholtlaneholt Members  732WRX Points: 100Posts: 732 Golden Tee
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    The design of the Nunchuk is such that adding lead tape to the head is necessary to achieve the desired swing weight. The type / weight of grip and amount of tape used also affect the SW.

    IMO, spining an XI is not necessary , but these players want any and every advantage they can have. I would want the tape in the heel of the head and not so much in the toe, although the tip section of these XI's can easily endure the stress put on the toe at swing speeds of these tour players. His ball flight with these shafts will be more consistent than any he has ever played . I hope he has dealt with his foot problems that stopped him at the Valspar.

    He is now playing with the best shafts ever made , IMO.


  • gunmetalgunmetal IdahoMembers  1915WRX Points: 183Posts: 1,915 Platinum Tees
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    Adams driver?!?! First sighting on PGA Tour
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  • Fade to BlackFade to Black Members  3776WRX Points: 5Posts: 3,776 Titanium Tees
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    Is he sponsored by TM or just playing them by choice?
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