More Adams Pro DHY photos from Zurich

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    Making up this one for Josh Teater. Once it's shafted and he's trying it, I'll get some better shots.

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    Seems like a no brainer. The original(s) are fantastic but the obvious response when they first came out was about offset. Would like to see these show up as readily gettable at certain adams accounts.
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    Seems like a no brainer. The original(s) are fantastic but the obvious response when they first came out was about offset. Would like to see these show up as readily gettable at certain adams accounts.

    Lol you mean your Adams account?
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    sweet looking club. just got a adams pro hybrid in the mail the other day, looks great, cant wait to hit it?
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    So is this the 'Pro Tour' DHy? I was reading the Adams thread yesterday, and I could've sworn the said something about a DHy Pro Tour (not just the Pro which we can all get).
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    Adams makes some outstanding looking hybrids. Oh, and they perform pretty well also.
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    Looks very interesting, in a good way. A slimmer DHY with no weight port, lower offset, etc. And further blurring the lines between a hybrid, iron-hybrid, iron-hybrid-hybrid.... image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
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    looks Great...bring them to market on a limited basis.
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    aiwallace4 wrote:

    Look awful

    Tell us how you really feel...
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    aiwallace4 wrote:

    Look awful
    compared to what? as hybrids go, those are ****
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    These things are a a beast! Wanting to pick one up real bad.
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    Very clean, I haven't been a fan of Adams 2014 offerings so far. This one would be a winner though.
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    Wish i could get one of those. Great stick.
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    Is this replacing the 23* TI?
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