What putter did you just buy ?



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    Ping Sigma G


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    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Driver: Cobra Fly-Z[/font]
    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]5 Wood: Ping G400 17.5*[/font]
    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Hybrid: PING G 400 22*[/font]
    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Irons: PING G400 5-UW[/font]
    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Wedges: Cleveland CBX ,54,58[/font]
    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Putter: Ping Sigma G Kushin 34"[/font]
    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif]Ball: Chrome Soft (Truvis)[/font]
  • Gobears16Gobears16 Members Posts: 59 ✭✭
    SeeMore DB4 35” .... can’t wait to roll it tonight.
  • BeardedberkBeardedberk Members Posts: 60 ClubWRX
    Struggling with the Nike Converge as it seemed to either absolutely fly off the face or do nothing.

    Picked up a spider tour platinum and liking it so far
    [font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Mizuno ST180 10.5 Tensei Blue Regular Shaft
    Mizuno ST180 Fairway 15 & 18 Tensei Blue Regular Shaft
    Mizuno CLK 21 Fujikura Speedster Evo HB Regular Shaft
    Mizuno MP-5 S300
    Callaway Mack Daddy 3 52/11 Black W Grind & 58/10 PM Grind

    Taylormade Spider Tour Platinum 34" Putter
    Mizuno Pro Cart Bag
    Wilson Staff DX2 Balls
  • jjrpilotjjrpilot Posts: 334 ✭✭
    I'm waiting for a vintage LH BeCu Ping Anser 2. Found one for 53 bucks shipped... image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • jh19jh19 Members Posts: 2,027 ✭✭
    Scotty Cameron Buttonback Newport w/ Cinco De Mayo cover from a good friend!
    Sub Zero 9.5* AD BB
    PXG 0341 15* AD MJ
    PXG 0317 19* Altus
    710 AP2 4-PW C-taper
    SM6 Copper 54*, 60*
    Scotty Cameron Rat
  • Twism86Twism86 Posts: 377 ✭✭
    TM AeroBurner 9.5*
    TM SpeedBlades 4-PW
    Odyssey White Hot RX #1
    A bunch of random wedges
  • RonnieoRonnieo Posts: 87 ✭✭
    Just picked up a murdered out Ping Vault Voss and then just for kicks picked up a Toulon Garage Rochester. I have a sickness.
  • Ronnieo wrote:
    Just picked up a murdered out Ping Vault Voss and then just for kicks picked up a Toulon Garage Rochester. I have a sickness.

    Post a pic of the Voss, I’m thinking of getting one for a second putter.
  • Got a Method Origin b2-01 a few weeks back and just ordered a Byron 007 yesterday.
    Cobra King LTD PX HZRDUS Yellow
    TM Rescue 09TP Voodoo
    Cleveland 588MT 3/4/5, 588TT 6-PW DGS300
    Cleveland RTX CB 48 - CG16 54 - TM XFT 60
    Byron Morgan 007
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    LOVE that murdered Voss!!! Who did the work?
    PING G400 9* | Tour 65 Stiff
    PING G 3W | Grafalloy ProLaunce Blue Supercharged Stiff
    PING G30 5W | Tour 85 Regular
    Cleveland HiBore XLS 4 Hybrid
    PING G400 5-UW | Nippon Modus3 105 Stiff
    PING Glide 2.0 54* ES
    PING Glide 2.0 58* ES
    PING Glide 60* TS
    PING Vault VOSS
  • Damenace613Damenace613 Sunny San DiegoClubWRX Posts: 608 ClubWRX
    Recently picked up a Toulon Indianapolis with the heavy weights (45g in the wings), but it will be dropped off at Callaway next week so they can top blast the silver portion. Everything is great except the unbearable glare on the initial run of the Indy's; I know that the top blast finish is the new "norm" for the putters being manufactured now. Sean Toulon was extremely responsive and I was able to easily schedule a dropoff to get the putter worked on to reduce the glare.
    TaylorMade M2 2016 Fujikura Ventus (Testing)
    TaylorMade M1 2017 3HL
    Cobra F6 Baffler
    TaylorMade RSi2 B Version 4-PW Modus3 Tour 120
    TaylorMade PSi AW C-Taper 105
    Cleveland RTX 3.0 54*
    Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 60*
    TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

  • rexwrxrexwrx Members Posts: 877 ✭✭
    This sledgehammer cut down to 32.5"

    Greatness so far

  • RonnieoRonnieo Posts: 87 ✭✭
    paydon9 wrote:

    LOVE that murdered Voss!!! Who did the work?

    I did it myself, took about 2 hours.
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    Cleveland Smart Square Blade! (Trying something different!)
    Titleist 915D3 9.5*, Diamana S+ Blue 60, R, @11*
    Titleist 915F 15* Diamana S+ Blue 70, R
    Titleist 915H 20* Diamana S+ Blue 70, R
    Titleist 716 AP1 4-W52, Kuro Kage Tini 65, S
    Cleveland CBX, 56*/12, Rotex Graphite Wedge Flex
    Cleveland Smart Square Blade
  • DoyouevenbladeDoyouevenblade Posts: 157 ✭✭
    Just picked up a 34" Toulon Atlanta
  • Mike_CMike_C Members Posts: 1,423 ✭✭
    I need help. I just bought a nice condition Scotty GoLo 5r. This is my 4th purchase of the year....... I will figure this putting thing out someway.
    2017 9.5 M2 Tour AD DI 7X
    Srixon Z F85 15* HZRDUS 75 Yellow 6.0
    Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrid 18* Fujikura Speeder 865 S
    Srixon U85 23* Recoil F5
    Srixon Z945 5-PW Recoil Proto 95 F5
    Cleveland RTX4 50 Mid Recoil 95 F5
    Callaway MD 4 56/10 S Recoil 125 F5
    Callaway MD 4 60/12 W Recoil Proto 125 F5
    Never Compromise Dinero  Baron 
    Srixon Z Star
  • C-radC-rad Members Posts: 2,585 ✭✭
    Ronnieo wrote:
    My garage Toulon.
    this is exactly what i am looking for. Beautiful putter
    Titleist 915 d2
    Titleist 917 f2 18*

    PIng i25 hybrid 22* pwr 90

    project x L.Z 5.5:
    Bridgestone J15 cb 5-pw
    Nike engage 52 square,
    56 toe sweep
    60 dual sole

    Lajosi Dd201

    A dream bag
  • cliffhangercliffhanger ClubWRX Posts: 1,725 ClubWRX
    Back to Cameron

    Full set of TM's from PGA Superstore in Orlando. (love those guys!)
    Driver: M6 with Tour AD IZ 6 playing at 45 inches
    3Wood: M6 with ProForce V2 70 playing at 43 inches
    Hybrid: M6 with KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 95
    4-PW: P760 with KBS Tour (all 2 deg flat)
    HiToe Wedges: 52 (bent to 51), 56 (Bent to 57), 64 (bent to 63) (all bent 2 deg flat)
    Mullen 2 TP putter (34 inches)
    Undecided TP or TPx ball (testing to follow outdoors with Trackman and on GC Quad indoors)

  • larryd3larryd3 Members Posts: 573 ✭✭
    Just purchased an Evnroll er8. Really great feeling putter.
    TM M4
    Epic 15*
    816 H1 19*
    816 H1 24*
    PXG 0311 5-pw
    50* SM7 F
    54* SM6 M
    58* SM7 S
    PXG Operator H
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    Taylormade M5 Driver Tensei 60 S
    Taylormade M5 3 Wood Tensei 65 S
    Cobra F8 19* Hybrid Rogue 75 S
    Mizuno MP Fli Hi Cut Muscle 4 iron, S300
    Mizuno JPX 850 Forged 5-G XP115 S
    Mizuno Black Ox Raw 55/8 and S5 satin 60/10 DG Wedge
    Odyssey White Ice #7
  • dxdgenertdxdgenert Dirtiest player in the game MinnesotaMembers Posts: 1,532 ✭✭
    2016 Bettinardi BB1F (not my photo, hasn’t shipped)

    PING G400 MAX w/ Alta CB
    Cobra KING F7 fairway w/ Fujikura Pro 65
    Cobra KING F7 hybrid w/ Fujikura Pro 75H
    Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Utility 4 Iron
    Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 5-GW
    Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Blue Tour Grind 56* and 60*
    One of several milled putters
  • Jstdoit95Jstdoit95 jstdoit95 Members Posts: 188
    Just got a ping sigma g h type..and it dethroned my Newport immediately
  • jh19jh19 Members Posts: 2,027 ✭✭
    Tour Rat 1 in chromatic bronze!
    Sub Zero 9.5* AD BB
    PXG 0341 15* AD MJ
    PXG 0317 19* Altus
    710 AP2 4-PW C-taper
    SM6 Copper 54*, 60*
    Scotty Cameron Rat
  • j-robj-rob Members Posts: 1,078
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    Carbon Custom Ringo 1/4

    Cure CX1

    Cameron Select Newport 3

    What can I say? It’s a disease!
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    Odyssey PT10 Limited Edition
  • p3gap3ga Members Posts: 647 ✭✭
    p3ga wrote:

    p3ga wrote:

    Just picked up a Cleveland Huntington Beach #6 - face balanced, center shaft. I don't know what Lamkin grip is on this thing stock, but it's magic, putterhead releases wonderfully.

    First combo like this for me since my original Odyssey 2 ball which I putted oh so well with.

    What the **** have I've been thinking for the last 15 years?

    I give it three weeks......

    Four weeks & still going strong!

    Well, the honeymoon ended; the putter is currently in time-out with a few of it's brethren.

    I seemed to be manipulating the hands / arms on the backstroke, trying to maintain a SBST stroke - result being an erratic forestroke. Kind of a two-way miss with the putter, a true train wreck.

    This is not a knock on the Cleveland putters - in fact, the #6's replacement is a #10 Cleveland, albeit one inch shorter. Pretty similar to the NC Sub 30 / 30 putter that I used for a few seasons before moving on to something else.

    Let's see if this one makes it past Labor Day...

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    His hair was perfect

    - Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London

    All the clubs I've ever owned.
  • stoneydukesstoneydukes ClubWRX Posts: 294 ClubWRX
    Odyssey O-Works 1W S Black. Put a SS GT grip with a 50g counterweight in it. Just rolled on carpet so far. Will go up against my Platinum Spider double bend that has performed really well for me. Just wanted to try this style out for S&Gs.
    Cobra F9 10.5 Avalanche HZRDUS Smoke 60S
    Cobra F7 3-4 15.5* Fujikura Pro 65S
    Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli Hi 3 Recoil 95 F4
    Mizuno MP18 MMC 4-PW NS Pro 1150GH S
    Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 50, 54, 60
    EvnRoll ER2
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