Stock Head Cover or Aftermarket



  • Mix of stock and aftermarket.

    Theft is definitely not an issue at my course, often on hot days, I've left the windows open on my car for the whole round and dinner afterwards. Occasionally, people leave their push carts lying around near various tee boxes for hours as well, and will swing by after the round and pick them up (older members sometimes switch from walking to riding part way through the round). Chalk it up to the benefits of playing at full private course I guess.
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    I have a zoo in my bag. John Daly lion hangs out on the driver, an elephant on the 3 wood, and a giraffe on my 5 wood. The putter has a pink Black Clover cover. I have hand knit covers that I use if I am walking a hilly course and don't want to deal with the covers.

    I was hesitant at first of having so many, but when I got married my wife bought me the giraffe which is my nickname for my step daughter. So...that one must be in. After the birth of my son, the elephant gained a spot because he was 11lbs (and I am a Bama fan).

    The first time I saw someone with a similar menagerie I found out he was the former club champion. Good enough for me, so now I have reminders of my kids when I head to the course.
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    I'm using generic 'leather' head covers for my woods, but I keep my Scotty Cameron head cover on my X7M
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    I love AME headcovers. I have them on my woods and hybrid. I also use them on my mallet putters. Their new boxer mallet cover is outstanding.
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    I've got some older Back 9 Varsity headcovers. Gotta keep things stealthy...
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    mostly aftermarket. I like to have fun with it.
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    I use aftermarket covers for my bag. If you are worried about thieves, I suggest keeping your rain cover on your bag.
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    Just ordered a leather driver cover and 2 knitted wood covers from Stitch (in the sale) - main reason is I have gone all G400 and with a driver, 2 fairways and 2 hybrids it all got a bit samey and difficult to identify clubs. Never thought of the theft element however I can see that being an added benefit. Im sticking with the stock hybrid covers
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    I'm a handicap golfer in my 50's. Any opinions I have about golf equipment or professional golfers or the game in general should be taken as seriously as you would the opinions of a random guy in the fourball ahead of you who just shot 92 but is usually better than that.
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    I use headcovers I find at cool courses I have played. Driver cover is from Royal Dornoch, 3 wood is from St Andrews, putter cover is from Pinehurst. My hybrid just has a crappy white knit headcover I found somewhere.
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    I use a mix of club-matching OEM and universal OEM... I have the King F8 cover on my driver, universal black/grey Cobra sock covers on my Fairways, and the King F7 cover on my hybrid. When I was all F7 I had the white/silver ladies F7 covers on my driver & hybrid, and I may go back to them when I find a good deal on a ladies F8 cover... though I am enjoying the murdered-out look at the moment, even if it is with OEM covers. If Cobra had made the F8 cover in black w/ silver carbon instead of grey w/ black carbon, I would have been a very happy camper.
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    Jimmy Mac wrote:

    I have a full bag of Iliac covers. Of course, the irony being some of the cover cost as much as the clubs they're hiding. Can't win.

    Waited about two years, but agree, each cover is probably equal to the value of head underneath...and I can thank (especially latest release from Titleist (917) being worst wood headcovers to date from most likely any OEM...)
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    I generally used factory head covers, unless they are really ugly. The head cover for my TM RBZ stage 2 3-hybrid is the ugliest headcover ever made. It's also yellow, which I can't stand (I've always hated that color for some reason).... so the 3H wears a really cool Sunfish pirate headcover, which I love dearly! If I ever get a different headcover, it will still wear the pirate hat!
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    Well, I've made another change to completely generic unbranded covers... PU Leather style on the Driver and 5w, knit poms on the 3w and hybrid.

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    Neither? Mine is "Customized Stock"

    It's a TM stock cover where I scraped off all the rotting black rubberized coating so it's now just the gray base cloth material. The cover is then topped off with a sewn on cloth patch of the "C" from the Colorado state flag.
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  • Aftermarket. So many good ones that are easier to put in and provide better protection
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    Right now itʻs an old TM sock cover i found in the garage. It covers the expensive after market shaft on my new Ping G400. The cover that came with it is nice, just doesnʻt cover the shaft. I get some odd looks when i take the cover off. lol
  • Jordan SpeethJordan Speeth ClubWRX Posts: 1,084 ClubWRX
    Definitely aftermarket. I've got an knit Olympic Club driver cover, Sunfish leather 3W, 4,5 Hybrid, and a Walker Cup Mallet putter cover from LACC.

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    I ALWAYS use aftermarket. A nice set of matched leathers or socks looks so much cleaner than the free advertising you give the club manufacturer.

    Plus, I see no need to advertise to the wife that I just bought a new club ... image/busted2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':busted2:' />
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  • jwhite86jwhite86 ClubWRX Posts: 429 ClubWRX
    All aftermarket... except for the putter... usually just beat up the club cameron cover for the year and bring out something special for a nicer course
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    It's really the only practical use I've found for Crown Royal whiskey bags. Got 'em in several colors. The Black on the driver, the regular CR purple on the 3-wood, and the Rye (white) bag on my hybrid. Usually good for a laugh at the very least when I get paired with strangers.
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    I use both. Being a lefty I'm at a advantage because no one wants to steal left handed clubs. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
    Welcome to where dumb opinions are better than no opinion. :)

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    Loving rose and fire.
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    I bought some Stitch headcovers a few years ago before they got so expensive. Now I’m worried about them getting stolen like my clubs!
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