What reamer to use for .370 hosel - 3/8" or what?



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    pmcuk wrote:

    ronsc1985 wrote:

    Don't make this more complicated then it is. A .370 reamer is actually a 9.4 mm reamer. Just get a 9.4 mm straight taper reamer and go to it.

    Indeed - the "complicated" stuff came from me assuming that my reamer was a straight flute since it didn't say otherwise. I've been looking for suppliers here in the UK and they commonly stock tapered reamers for "straight through holes". So I'm hunting down a straight flute one that will ream out the remaining 10mm of stock. Gamola only have drill bits. When I find a supplier I'll post the details for those in the UK.

    I enjoy a bit of hobby engineering and using tools so this has been educational.

    try Diamond Golf in UK


    they have a 9.4 drill in the 2017 catologue

    you could get a reamer from Machine Mart maybe?
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    You can also get them from Golfworks:


    And they ship internationally or you can get them from their overseas distributors:

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