Pick the winner! WRX's 2014 Custom Putter Showcase!

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You have just stumbled into putter heaven, a land where no one cares about making putts. There's only one thing that truly matters here: how awesome looking is the club?

We sent out a challenge to some of the industry's top boutique putter makers and told them to dream big. No rules, just design the coolest custom putter anyone has ever seen before. Easy enough, right?

The Participants

So we're putting the vote to you, the reader, to decide which company churned out the best design. To help you out, we'll provide the project name, the designer, the technology and what went into designing each putter. Of course, there are also a ton of of photos.

We've highlighted the specifics of each putter project in a front page story. Click here to read more!

Note: Each of these putters will be returned to their designers. We would have (really) loved to hold onto them, but it would be wrong to keep them from their rightful owners.



Kingston Putters


Byron Golf Design


SeeMore Putter Company

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  • shakeyshakey OvenWRX 1 Members Posts: 5,739 ✭✭
    It's nothing super crazy, but the Kingston looks really, really good.
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  • WaterboyWaterboy #TheWRX Members Posts: 1,304 ✭✭
    I like the seemore. I've always liked the plumbers neck but have always had issues with alignment. This seems like it would take care of that.
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  • TheMoneyShotTheMoneyShot ***FIGJAM/Twirl of Doom*** Members Posts: 30,613 ✭✭
    I kind of like the Seemore private reserve!
  • mackepamackepa #TheWRX Members Posts: 3,600 ✭✭
    Machine looks awesome, the one I'd most likely put into play would be the Kingston though.
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  • cwmonroe87cwmonroe87 Members Posts: 77
    Love the Seemore
  • misplacedtexan83misplacedtexan83 Members Posts: 15,317 ✭✭
    Machine looks good but the different color flanges bothers me. I love the patina look of the Seemore and the little "diving board" is a very subtle way of ensuring your aligment is good!
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  • Z-ManZ-Man Members Posts: 1,322
    The Byron is the clear winner...
  • tdog4tdog4 tdog4 TexasMembers Posts: 626 ✭✭
    Byron for me. Very nice.
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  • Black Label JohnnyBlack Label Johnny Members Posts: 757
    Machine hands down. Those are F'n ****!
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  • pumbaa071pumbaa071 Members Posts: 94
    If it is just looks MACHINE! Ohh My!
  • lunnylunny Time to Maxfli Members Posts: 580
    Kingston nailed it! KCCO
  • OneTime16OneTime16 Members Posts: 629
    Machine on coolest but I'd game all 3 of the other ones. Probably Kingston, seemore, then Byron.
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  • harold bainesharold baines Members Posts: 3,509
    the best one is any putter without a lame reference to a website on the bottom of it
  • Pure745Pure745 CPC #15 Members Posts: 11,487 ✭✭
    E) None of the Above
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  • scratchswingerscratchswinger Members Posts: 16,268 ✭✭
    Pure745 wrote:

    E) None of the Above

    Hahahaha.... I was having a hard time picking a winner. Your post makes sense....
  • OneTime16OneTime16 Members Posts: 629
    Pure745 wrote:
    E) None of the Above

    Cobra LTD 9.5*D Project X HZRDUS 6.5 75g
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  • Mikey TownMikey Town Members Posts: 2,475 ✭✭
    All the putters are great in their own right... It's hard to pick a winner.

    Regardless, I need to know how I can get my hands on a "The Roll Abides" grip... or two!
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  • Justin_EllisJustin_Ellis Members Posts: 829 ✭✭
    I like what seemore has done I just worry about that alignment aid breaking off.
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  • akrite4akrite4 Big Jack Members Posts: 146
    I like the Kingston.
  • JaylasvegasJaylasvegas Members Posts: 2,408
    I voted for the SeeMore, The Seemore has that classic Anser shape but with some technology built into it and that amazing finish really makes it stand out.
  • yoder9339yoder9339 ClubWRX Posts: 278 ✭✭
    Love the SeeMore diving board! I would be interested in purchasing one. PM me SeeMore!
  • PigemsPigems Members Posts: 10,888 ✭✭
    I'd go with the Kingston
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  • CKalmaCKalma Members Posts: 452 ✭✭
    Love the Kingston putter.
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  • rtraudtrtraudt Members Posts: 1,777 ✭✭
    edited Aug 28, 2014 #26
    I'll have to go with the Machine...sadly, everything that I love about Byron putters seems to be missing in this one! Where are the signs that this is a one-off, hand-crafted with attention to detail beauty that everything else they put out has???

    That being said, that SeeMore is one small detail away from being something that I'd love to game...the sight line! Take it off and I'm in, love the RST tech and the way they've implemented it on this putter. Love the finish on that thing too.
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  • shortgame85shortgame85 Members Posts: 749 ✭✭
    I am a mallet man. The Machine does it for me. I vote for the Machine.
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  • deckdeck Off The Deck Members Posts: 3,849 ✭✭
    Having to pick one I would go with the seemore and remove the tag
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  • SatelliteGuySatelliteGuy Just hit the flippin' ball Members Posts: 4,487
    Pure745 wrote:

    E) None of the Above


    Didn't have one to my taste...but Byron's mallet had a pretty distinct look.... Not bad.
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  • SatelliteGuySatelliteGuy Just hit the flippin' ball Members Posts: 4,487
    Getting more people in the mix would have been tremendous... Great stuff though Fellas... Definately a neat thread comin!
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  • bruindukebruinduke Charter Members Posts: 830 ✭✭
    All sick putters, but the seemore really blends novelty, function, and artistry.
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