How do you display your putter collection...

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Just wanted to share a few pictures of my new putter display case. Let me know your thoughts. This is my work office where my wife has no say. It took me a while to figure out how to display the putters in a safe way. Please post pictures of your displayed putters. Its nice to look at everyday instead of storing away and not being able to appreciate. In the display I have a three scottys (left) 1 tp mills handmade (middle) and three bettinardis (right).


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    Holy crap that's awesome!!

    Only thing I'd change is the light seems a bit harsh
  • mrrelish1mrrelish1 Members Posts: 121 ✭✭
    The camera did not take a great picture. Looks better than the picture shows.
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    You just gave me an idea. Awesome!!
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    5 stars - nothing else to say.
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    I'm embarrassed image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    Mine are in the closet, between my shirts & slacks, and the lighting sucks, but it is a cedar closet, so it does smell nice image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Beautiful display, thanks for posting!!

    I Love the heel shafted blades!!

    Awesome collection!!

    Welcome to the board MR!!

    Hope that you enjoy it image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Fairways & Greens My Friend,


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    Stuck in a couple of staff bags with the headcovers on....probably like most of us
  • ABgolfer2ABgolfer2 Members Posts: 2,704
    Jimmie48 wrote:

    Stuck in a couple of staff bags with the headcovers on....probably like most of us
    ... add in "under the stairs" and you nailed it.
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    that is great work right there

    My 4 expensive putters are now upstairs in my bedroom hiding in the closet

    I went down into the basement a few weeks and some teenage boys were visiting. These little yahoo's were violating Uncle Cardy's 1st rule of basement visitation ... playing with my clubs in the bar area / man cave. Teenage boys don't like to be told off in front of teenage girls but c'mon dudes, follow the dad's code of conduct or risk being drawn and quartered
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    This is amazing. Great display. This is not the art of putting but putting as art.

    Unfortunately cameras don't see things same as the human eye but I trust that this should look stunning in person.

    What can I say... I have mine at my home studio in a fishing rod stand I bought on sale. not the fanciest display but quite handy and practical. I don't have a collectors item yet.
  • Mikey TownMikey Town Members Posts: 2,475 ✭✭
    That looks fantastic!

    I usually think about building my own putter rack. Then I realize that I'm lazy and I look into buying a putter rack instead. When I find one I want, I proceed to find something else I'd rather spend money on and save the putter rack idea for later. Wash... Rinse... Repeat...
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    Awesome display.

    The only concern I would have is the heat from the light on the middle grips. Those little bulbs throw a ton of heat. Ask me how I know. Hint: jersey cabinets. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    The camera is making the light look really bright. That's not the case. I also used a bronze glass that softens it even more. I will try and update the picture. The lights do throw off some serious heat but seem to be far enough that the grips don't even get warm.

    I put these behind glass and with a lock so no unnecessary touching is going on. The display underneath is open with putters you may touch and putt with. Have some old gamers there. Cant take any chances.
  • shaffeshaffe Members Posts: 2,081 ✭✭
    I don't ... I'm pretty sure my wife can count.
  • T-MACT-MAC Members Posts: 1,958 ✭✭
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    Looks fantastic!

    I may run this idea by the wife and see what she thinks. She's getting tired of me buying more racks and hanging them on the wall.

    Did you just dig it out between the studs and frame it? Looks a little narrower than 16 inches, but that may be because of the framing.
  • avgjoeavgjoe Members Posts: 4,999
  • mrrelish1mrrelish1 Members Posts: 121 ✭✭
    Yes just framed between the studs. Ended up to be 13 1/2 inches. I did not want to start **** with the studs...
  • mrrelish1mrrelish1 Members Posts: 121 ✭✭
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    Thanks for all the nice words...Does anyone display their stuff? Trying to get some more ideas.
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  • gambitgambit Members Posts: 4,184 ✭✭
    Awesome. Love all the 8802s!
  • mrrelish1mrrelish1 Members Posts: 121 ✭✭
    Thanks gambit. I try to stick to only 8802 styles...I am already over my head with my habit.
  • ZHtourissueZHtourissue Members Posts: 104 ✭✭
    Wow. That looks awesome!
  • YenamosYenamos Members Posts: 138 ✭✭
  • jcamn1jcamn1 ClubWRX Posts: 681 ClubWRX
    Some in my trunk, others in my basement and still others on the workbench image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':tongue:' />
  • ballanaballana Members Posts: 371
    Holy brag-post Batman! How awesome does my awesome display case look!?!? image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    Seriously though, great looking display, I think you just gave a lot of people (myself included) an idea! image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • GMoney76GMoney76 Members Posts: 890 ✭✭
    Very nice! I saw the new GE hue lights at best but yesterday and immediately thought how cool that would be with this. Basically endless color options.
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  • mrrelish1mrrelish1 Members Posts: 121 ✭✭
    Definitely gonna try the different colored lights. Thanks for the info Gmoney76.
  • slaveofthegovslaveofthegov PINGophile for life! Members Posts: 256 ✭✭
    glad to see that Made for Tour Napa in Pro Platinum found a great home!!!!
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  • timbo08timbo08 Members Posts: 2,077 ✭✭
    Looks awesome!!! You could change the lights to LED bulbs to avoid the heat issue, they are cool to the touch and dissipate heat in a different manner than a traditional bulb.

    Outside of that I just display mine on one of the stainless steel putter racks that Scott sells. Doesn't look anywhere near as classy or clean as yours, really amazing job and creativity!
  • Leonelaguilar1Leonelaguilar1 Members Posts: 6
    This is really cool, congrats man!

    Can anyone guide me to a post that refers to which putters might be considered as collectible?

  • RonnieoRonnieo Members Posts: 87 ✭✭
    That’s display is top quality, the wife said I can turn the dining room into my putter room but haven’t got around to it yet.
  • bazinozbazinoz Members Posts: 499 ✭✭
    That display in the OP is awesome.

    Jimmie48 wrote:

    Stuck in a couple of staff bags with the headcovers on....probably like most of us

    That was exactly me. But thought I'd look around for a simple stand to use because the head covers keep getting squashed and crumpled using a bag..

    Found that a fishing rod stand from the local boating & camping shop does the trick perfectly.

    Here's my 8802/Napa styles. They've got their own home. The rest (mainly anser styles) are now in the 2nd stand.



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