Best shot you have ever hit?



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    For "best shot" I think you have to include difficulty, and how well the shot matched up with your intentions. I'll add bonus points for playing a highly-ranked course. So I'll choose this one from this year. I treated myself to 3 rounds at Bandon Dunes, my first time visiting. The first day, I played Pacific Dunes in the morning. With a bit of a breeze behind, I decided to hit driver on the 324 yard (2nd longest tee) dogleg-right 16th to see how close I could get. You can't see the green from the tee, it's blocked by trees, and I make an aggressive swing, trying to hit a high fade. I hit the ball solidly, and it came out exactly as I'd pictured it. I walked ahead, looking for my ball as other folks played theirs. I figured it was short left, or maybe in the deep swale short of the green. Eventually I asked if anyone saw my ball, and one guy said, "look on the green." I thought he might be joking, but there it was, maybe 25 feet past the hole. I am not a long hitter, and I must have gotten quite a nice bounce -- or bounces, as the fairway on that line rolls and ripples. What a mix of a shot as good as I can hit, and a lot of luck. I left the eagle putt 6" short dead on line.

    My ball on the green -- look at the left side.


    As a side note, I guess these kinds of memories are why I have trouble playing safe, smart golf.
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    Indian Hills Golf Course in Riverside.

    The 7th hole is a short par 4. It's semi-driveable, but large pine trees lining the left side and partially blocking the green make landing it on the green difficult. I played short and right and then pitched in from 30 yards for an eagle 2.

    And THEN....

    Tee off on number 8 (which, at the time, was an uphill, dogleg left par-4 of 385 yards due to construction on the course) and I put the ball in the middle of the fairway. Wind is in and from the right. I have 150ish to a front pin, uphill. I hit a perfect 8-iron that rides the wind, turns left, lands behind the hole, and due to the wind spins back INTO THE HOLE! 2nd par-4 eagle in a row. In a skins game. Witnessed by the group waiting on the 9th tee.

    I will never forget that day. :-)
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    Hit into a par 5 green today from about 195 and hit the stick on the roll.

    Ball ended up 10 feet away. Missed eagle��
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    My buddy's cart was about 40 yards in front and way to the left of me. I hit a 3 hybrid and snap hooked it. It sailed right between their golf bags (only about an 8 inch opening) and smashed my buddies windshield. I could not do that again in 100,000 was definitely my best shot ever.
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    3i over a giant tree from 230 to 3 inches for eagle. Like it just barely got over this giant oak tree. was awesome
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    My best two have come on the same par 3 at my home course.

    210 yard par 3 downhill.

    First time, flew the green and my ball ended up above knee high stuck in a bush. Got a wedge on it somehow and made the ten footer for par. Then, last week, I hosel rocketed my 6 iron into the adjacent fairway. To get the the green I had to go over a very tall tree ~100 feet. Opened up the 58* and swung as hard as I could. Ball went up and over, landed and ended at about 12 feet, made that par putt. Was hands down part of what was one of the wonkiest rounds I have had since I've started playing.
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    232 pin Albuquerque NM Arroyo del Oso #15 flushed a Ping Eye 2 3 iron to 3 feet. Tap in Eagle!

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    A 60 foot putt for Eagle on the 16th hole of the last day of my Club Championship. The hole was 560 yards long and I had never hit the green before that. I hit two massive (for me back then) shots just to get it to the front edge. I was in the zone at the time, so I dialed in every break in the putt, made a perfect stroke and it never left the center of the cup.
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    100 yd banana slice lob wedge around a tree to 6 inches (ok fine, I caught it a hair thin).
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    I've had a hole in one and lipped out an albatross. I cherish both, but they are not my "Best Shot"

    (1) July 18, 2017 Muirfield -Gullane, Scotland Hole 15 PAR 4 447 yards

    According to the book, the smarter play is probably a long iron short of the bunkers which protect either side of the left-to-right dog-leg fairway between 250 and 290 yards. The green is known to Members at Muirfield as the Camel’s Back and there are real three-putt possibilities if the approach does not find the right section of the large putting surface.

    That afternoon I was driving the ball remarkably well. I was hitting almost every fairway and controlling the ball both directions. When we came to the tee box my caddie tells me that this hole could be a good driver hole with how well I was stiking it. Only thing to watch was the bunkers middle of the fairway. Pick a side and play to it. Right is a lot tighter, and a worse angle to the green and the left a wider landing and a longer carry had the long fescue outlining the fairway if you miss your mark long. Nevertheless, I pulled the driver and aimed to the left edge of the trap, preparing to play a cut. I wanted to carry the left edge and roll out to 145 from the green. Well... I absolutely hit the best drive of my life! I hit a power fade right off the left corner of the trap. Having hit the ball so well, I completely carried the trap, by a long way. I knew I was going to be in the middle of the fairway, at the time, I was guessing maybe 110 yards out. As we approached the middle of the fairway, I could not find my ball. We looked in the bunker, long, short... everywhere. It wasn't until the caddie coming back the next fairway told us that my ball had reached the green. I was floored. My caddie, myself, my playing partners, we couldn't believe I hit it so long. Upon reaching the green, we found my ball sitting a foot onto the front left portion of putting surface,15ft from the pin. I had so much adrenaline in my body my had was shaking. I lined up my eagle putt confident that I was going to pour it in. I stroked it with the force to hit the ball 25ft, needless to say I missed the 15ft eagle putt BAD. I then proceeded to make my birdie putt, which was almost sheer luck. The ball was hit way too hard, it hit the back of the hole, then jumped over to the front side then miraculously fell backwards into the cup. We all laughed. We calculated my drive to be 443 yards. My Caddie said that he never has heard anyone other than Lee Westwood reach the green off the tee, and this was the best tee shot he personally has ever seen on this hole and maybe the course. Apparently, after Jack Nicklaus drove this green four days in a row in 1966 they installed the fairway bunkers to strength up the hole.

    A drive or a tee shot isn't necessarily a common "best shot you have ever hit", but for me it was context of the shot, the history I can tie it to. My own personal connection to Jack- something that we both did that not many others have....round about way makes it that. Though, he would never know or for that matter care, it is something special to me and for that reason this was my best shot I have ever had.
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    Played D2, was hitting it real well one round, I believe I was even at the time, hit one in the water off the tee, had a hanging lie in the rough for my next, about 215 up hill, should have laid up but hit my 2 hybrid to 1 foot, saved par, it's a shot I've never forgotten
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    Quite a few years ago as a high capper, I was in the rough and had a big oak directly in my line to the pin about 190 out. Of course the hero shot is the only shot in my head at the time and I don’t know how I pulled it off, but I hit a perfect duck hook stinger 4 iron to get it around the tree and up onto the green, rolled hot into the pin and bounced to about 2’ away.

    I will never hit that shot again (on purpose)
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    We play a 3 man scramble with a twist each season. In this one, if the ball you choose to use is not in the fairway then only the guy who hit it there gets to play the next shot. And it continues til the ball is back in the fairway or on the green. It's late in the round (hole 14) and we're very much in contention. Longish par four, dogleg left, very tight with trees both sides and hazard right. Tee shot is essentially out of chute.

    Need less to say I am forced to play my ball from the trees on the left. Overhook the second and and miss left. Get to my ball, shortsided, uphill to fast green running away from a very poor lie. Partner says just get something on the green so we have a putt, try to eliminate double.

    Clipped perfectly and it went in for birdie. Under the circumstances it's the best shot I can remember hitting.
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    The best shot I've ever hit was probably a 175yd fairway bunker shot. Had to carry water with a front pin. Hit a 6 iron about as pure as I possibly could to about 8 inches. My second best would probably be from a tournament on Monday. Par 3 about 165 up hill. Hit a baby fade 7i to 6 inches. I would have liked my first hole in one to have been in a tournament setting. The new set of Titleist irons would have been nice too.
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    Par 5 finishing hole at my local, across a nice pond. Played it safe with a 4i to lay up over it, so I thought....... Absolutely skulled it!! That thing went straight for the pond, skipped a few feet from the opposite bank, flew up and ended 100yrds down the fairway! Longest "drive" of my group. Made par...... Guy who teed off before me said "Well, s***, I should have just done that" image/rofl.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':rofl:' />
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    A bunch of random wedges
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    Hole in one from 205 out.
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    I had pulled my drive a little left on a par 4, clipped the end of a pine tree branch and ended about 5 yards into the 1st cut with about 180 ish or so to middle of the green. Pin was back right.

    I had a beautiful lie sitting nicely on the thick bermuda grass.

    5 yards in front of me and 2 yards right is a massive pine tree.

    20 yards in front of the pine tree and maybe 2 yards at most to the left of my ball, is another massive pine tree and the limbs weren't more than 15 feet from the ground.

    30 yards in front of the green is a creek and spans all the way from the woods and cart path on the right to the lake on the left which runs the length of the left side of the fairway.

    Just past the pine tree on the left, the fairway starts to drop steeply down, maybe 25 feet down to the creek, and then steeply back up to an elevated 2 tier green which slopes back to front. Its protected by a massive sand bunker left. '

    If your approach is 10 yards short of the green, the ball will roll backwards down the hill and end up in the creek. If you go long over the green, then you are chipping or pitching back up on to the green from below, and if its a little long, the ball will roll quickly off the top tier, down the green, down the big slope and end up in the creek

    Its a gorgeous and challenging hole with almost zero room for error except to the bunker, and it's brought me to my knees and made me cry and call my mama on many occasions.

    So I'm faced with 2 options. a perilous long iron shot which required threading the ball through the alley created by the pine trees, over the creek and up the hill far enough for the ball not to roll back into the water....or a sissy out with a wedge and have 160 in for 3rd shot and staring an easy double or worse right in the eye.

    So considering the really good lie which I had, and had just parred the last 3 holes, I smashed the most perfect 4 iron (or any other one for that matter), in the last 45 years that I've been playing golf. Could not have been more perfect and I would challenge Tiger and Mark Crossfield to pull that shot off.

    Ball flew beautifully between the tree trunks, and just under the end of the limbs on the 2nd tree on a perfect trajectory and slightly fades into the green and rolls up 15 ft left, pin high. It was a thang of pure beauty and would be raved about for years on the Golf Channel if they had witnessed it.
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    Man it makes me happy to reminisce about this shot.

    It was during a work scramble with my boss, his boss, and a co-worker.

    On the second par five on the course, our best drive left a 240 yard shot, out of the desert (everyone’s drive went into the desert).

    The hole dog-legs to the right, with a swamp/pond area 15 yards short and right of the green, at the end of the desert area.

    This was in New Mexico, so the wind is pretty much always whipping. That day it was about 10-15 mph, coming from the left.

    The other three guys had no chance of hitting a 240 yd shot, with a 40 yd fade, around the cacti surrounding us.

    So after some safe lay-ups, I pulled my 4 iron and gave it a Sergio-against-the-tree-at-medinah kind of swing.

    It felt like a piece of butter melting into the face of my club, and immediately after the swing, I ran out to the left to watch the ball’s decent.

    For a moment, I thought I was going to make it on the fly, but the last 50 yards must have been a bit gusty, as the ball landed about 10 inches right of the cup.

    The absurd amount of side spin and wind influence on the ball made it hop straight right, where it stopped about 7 feet from the cup.

    They gave me first crack at the eagle putt, but I was a little too amped and hit it through the right edge break.

    Still, a wondrous feeling when I remember how that ball contact felt.
  • b.mattayb.mattay New WRX'er Members Posts: 495 ✭✭
    330 yard par 4 with OB right and wind blowing 30 mph right to left. Started the ball 30 yards out of bounds and let the wind bring it back in, where it landed on the front of green and trickled towards the hole. Ball hit the pin while slowly rolling and came to rest on the back lip of the hole for a 1/4 inch eagle putt!
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    Playing about 7-8 years ago pushed my tee shot in the hazard on a par 5. Dropped and had 240 uphill with a bunker in front. Flushed a 3 wood to 6 feet and made birdie!
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    I have a new one to add. Playing in a scramble this week. After a poor tee shot on a par five we were 299 from the pin with 279 to cover the water if you went at the pin with about a 10 mph breeze at our backs. Our first guy had hit and had advanced the ball to short iron distance. The other three guys were all hotly debating lay up strategies so I just told them I'm going to hit while they figure it out. Grabbed my 3-wood and aimed left of the flag figuring at worst I would flare it out to the right where I'd be safe from the water. Hit one of the best 3 woods of my life. I knew it as soon as I made contact and heard the sound the clubhead made. I hit it exactly on my aim line and easily covered the water landing on the green and the ball rolled up hole high 15 feet left of the cup. We two putted for birdie.

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    Late in a round that wasn’t going the way I wanted, I hit a drive that trickled into a pond 60 yards short of the hole. When I got to it it was only half submerged and I had a stance on dry land so I figured “why not?” Only one hole left so I wouldn’t have to wear wet clothes for long. Played like a bunker shot, it landed just on and rolled out to 6”! About halfway through the roll out I honestly thought it was going in.
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    20 years ago. Wilson Ultra 1 iron off the tee into a headwind on a 235 yd par 3. Pin high and made par. Still have the club but I can't get it airborne anymore. Would use it as a chipper but no room in the bag.
  • -GoldenHawk--GoldenHawk- DJ Members Posts: 907 ✭✭
    Coincidentally, ALL 3 of my best shots were with a 5 iron and I don't even like that club that much haha.

    My first and only hole in one was with a Taylormade R9 5 iron at one of my least favorite courses. I hit a running chunk shot about 170 yards and it took one bounce before the green and rolled right in. Needless to say I shot 84 that round.

    #2 came on my second shot at Elmcrest Country Club (home of Zach Johnson) on hole 2 par 5. Had to hit a high heavy draw to get over trees and water from probably 180-185 and put it within 6 inches... So close to the double eagle!

    #3 came at Sunriver Resort in Bend, OR. From about 200 out I got into a 5 iron a little into the wind on a par 5 and put it to 3 feet on a very undulating green.
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    I can think of several contenders, but a 50 foot greenside bunker shot back in 2005 that I holed by playing away from the hole is very memorable. I aimed the shot due north and only needed to hit a 10 foot explosion shot, because I knew that from there, gravity would take over for the last 40 feet, (which was straight downhill with the ball now rolling due east thanks to gravity creating a 90* turn). I knew it was a good shot as it slowly began to accelerate toward the hole, but I was also wary of a pond located just 7 paces behind the hole in the same direction.

    Had the ball not hit the very center of the cup, and bounced straight up in the air, but then back down into the cup, the ball could have made that pond...the banks were basically shaved with no no 'froghair' rough to stop it.

    While only a Par save, it remains one of my 'highlight' shots some 13-years later! The shot left my playing partners shaking their heads in disbelief! If not my best shot, it was certainly the luckiest for sure! Happened on the 18th hole, so it was my final shot of the day, and a great way to end a rather mediocre round!

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  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,498 ClubWRX
    Saturday I was 105 yards out, in the rough, and stuck it inside two feet and took the birdie, my first time with a birdie on that hole. I was playing good shot, bad shot all day.
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    Chipped in from behind the green on 9 n 18 to win a very large 4/man scramble tournament. The Ex-pro football player in our group was so impressed he said both times " nice shot rook, go get us some beers " s m h

    Hit a 150 yd fairway bunker shot (7 iron) to a foot to catch the 2nd flight in the City Am years ago. And made a down hill right to left breaking putt from 15 ft to win a match play club championship. Took out a couple hot shot college players along the way.

    Havnʻt played another match play event since, retired with a 5-0 record. Most nervous i have ever been on a golf course was playing this event. Donʻt need the drama. 30 years of golf wrappwd up in two paragraphs. lol
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    A par 3 at Mauna Kea, Hi. about 215 yds. You hit over an inlet of ocean and you could hear the waves breaking down below. The group ahead were "well heeled" Japanese players. They waved us up and I struck a 4 iron. It hit about 1/3 of the way to the hole and started rolling and rolling just stopping on the lip of the cup. When we arrived at the green, the players bowed and applauded. I was kind of embarrassed. Nothing like golf in Hawaii.
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    A 64 lob over a tree that was taller than the distance I was from the hole, to within a foot of the pin.
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    I’ve had 2 hole in ones that were perfectly struck 6 irons but my 2 best shots ever were:

    1). I was 14 or 15 and playing this downhill and downwind par 5. For some unknown reason, I became insightful and thought my 3 wood would fly higher and go further. Averaging 220 about then, I hit that 3-wood about 330 yards.

    2). A few years ago, I was at Whistling Straits I playing “Shipwreck”. It was 235 dead into a huge wind. I took driver and hit a low bullet right at the hole. It just missed hitting pin and finished 25 feet past the hole.
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