Amazon Deals - Official Thread

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After reading through the Deal or No Deal thread, and seeing at least 10 different threads regarding all the crazy deals that can be had on amazon, I just thought why not include all those into one big topic that people can read and search through, and post their deals that they may see for others to score big on.

Not to take away anything from our other great thread regarding the "Daily Deals" as that is a great resource, but we can easily just consolidate all the Amazon topics and posts here as there are a TON.

When posting an Amazon deal, it would be great if you could include Hand/Flex/Loft and all the specs possible for that deal, because 99% of the time it's only one club that is a super discount.

Ps. For anyone wondering where all these deals are, it's pretty easy. Scroll down until you see the percentage off on your left hand side and pick your poison. The super good deals are usually under 70% off or more, but even 50% off can have some good ones. Also it may take some digging to find some steals, but it could be worth your time. If you don't have the time, just pop back here as I'm sure it'll be posted, so you better act fast!

Anyways, to start it off.. One that has been in my saved for later for all us lefties..

Nike Japan Golf Method Mod 60 putter. Left Hand/35 inches is $87.56.


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