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Scotty Cameron 2015 GoLo Putters

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  • zakkozuchowskizakkozuchowski GolfWRX Editor  1162Members Posts: 1,162
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    Story to come, but here's our first batch of fresh photos.
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  • doglover72doglover72  1062Members Posts: 1,062
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    So so ugly

    Like metal crabs, as someone said in another thread
  • Thunder DanThunder Dan  1261Members Posts: 1,261
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    The GOLO 3 is a huge misstep from the Del Mar of decent times. Hopefully it's for technology because it certainly isn't for looks. I love my Del Mar, but couldn't ever see myself picking up a GOLO 3 based on looks alone
  • blairdblaird Biloxi, MS 2205Members Posts: 2,205
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    Im very interested in the 6. Have been wanting something similar to the old circa VI for a while now.
  • Jimmie48Jimmie48  1125Members Posts: 1,125
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    My God he ruined the Del Mar....I never thought that would ever happen but it did. Whats next a Napa with stripes and inserts? Boooo
  • toprtopr  1969Members Posts: 1,969
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    Ascetically a HUGE step backwards.
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  • scratchswingerscratchswinger  16332Members Posts: 16,332
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    Those all look great.
  • altess27altess27 Northern MN Southpaw  838Members Posts: 838
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    There has to be a reason behind the insert, I'm curious to hear what it's all about.
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  • valdezrlvaldezrl  365Members Posts: 365
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    I will have to wait to see it in person, but the GoLo 3 looks pretty good to me from address position. I think the Del Mar is a classic shape, but this one just seems to fit my eye by the photos at least.
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  • MedsonMedson  2389Members Posts: 2,389
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    From head shape perspective, the only one I'll game is GoLo 5R because it actually looks like the current GoLo 5.

    There have been some discussion on TCC on the new wrap-around insert, but nobody knows why Scotty did it.
  • PuppetmasterPuppetmaster  15051Members Posts: 15,051
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    GoNo for me. The face insert is fine, it's the visible insert on the flange that looks out of place. I liked the previous lines a lot better.
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  • KonkliferKonklifer Thinkin' of a master plan...  7974Members Posts: 7,974
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    Scotty just phoning it in and cashing checks right now. Cha-ching!
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  • DrudershDrudersh  2968ClubWRX Posts: 2,968
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    Well these are just turrible, turrible I say.....
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  • Mikey TownMikey Town  2475Members Posts: 2,475
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    I'm just happy to see some different fonts in use... Are we finally a step closer to changing up the old "3 bombs in the cavity" design?!
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  • Take_Me_HomeTake_Me_Home  203Members Posts: 203
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    To me, the Golo 5 is more in the Futura X5 line than in the GoLo line
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  • mgholdamgholda Tour Issues Indianapolis, IN 750Members Posts: 750
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    I see a GoLo 6 in my future!
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  • JazzmastafishJazzmastafish All Orange Everything  712Members Posts: 712
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    altess27 wrote:

    There has to be a reason behind the insert, I'm curious to hear what it's all about.

    The insert is aluminum which allows more weight to the perimeter increasing MOI. Must have gotten some data from the squareback/fastback with inserts that said it works and he wen't all out.

    These are pretty ugly though, especially the home plate shaped one (the 5R isn't too bad but I can't believe the round one wouldn't just be the 5 and the homeplate would be something else...). I hope it increases the resale value of my original GoLo. LOL. In fact, just realized, whoever hates this design, you can call it GoLoL.
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  • googoomasgoogoomas  142Members Posts: 142
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    Way better than my original GoLo Select...
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  • thatboygaulethatboygaule IG- RichardGaule  1637Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,637
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    Look like a bit of a throwback to the Red X tbh
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  • getitclosegetitclose  507Members Posts: 507
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    That 6 is awesome. Wish it was a plumbers neck though
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  • newportbeachnewportbeach  3576Members Posts: 3,576
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    I actually think they look decent which seems to be against the thrust of the sentiment here. I like the finish on them which looks just like the chromatic bronze finish.
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  • playgolf111playgolf111  359Members Posts: 359
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    I like the Golo 6.

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  • KDMullinsKDMullins  3396Members Posts: 3,396
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    Interesting to hear all the criticism of the mallets. The 2015 mallets (including the X5 & X5R from late 2014) are the best looking Cameron mallets I've seen by a long shot.
  • Ace UnderhillAce Underhill  667Members Posts: 667
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    Golo 5 looks good, but not a fan of the "GO LO" face stamp. Would prefer "Scotty Cameron", etc.
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  • mixxedbagmixxedbag  482Members Posts: 482
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    Not a popular opinion I guess, but these are the most unique, badass looking OTR Scotty's in recent memory. The milled insert looks so sweet, just finally something more unique from Scotty.

    Big thumbs up from me, glad to have the #6 headshape back, and I will likely be gaming a 5R.
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  • jholzjholz  1588Members Posts: 1,588
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    Tough crowd. I don't think any of them look that bad. The new angular look to some models is different, but the rest don't seem to be much of a departure from recent Scotty offerings. If they put it in the hole for you, I am sure all of us would be willing to look at them.
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  • Pert1862Pert1862 Jersey 2839Members Posts: 2,839
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    Studio select was still my favorite. Clean straight forward flatsticks.
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  • Leftee-11Leftee-11 Leftee-11  4Members Posts: 4
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    From the GOLO stamp on the face to the font use to print everything on it, this looks hideous. Absolutely Hideous! Scotty looked like he rushed these out the door and put zero thought behind it. Sad to say but these are as bad as the Detour's....
  • WVPWVP  2898Members Posts: 2,898
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    I really like the current Golo 3, this one not so much.
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  • Golfer_1993Golfer_1993  612Members Posts: 612
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    Please Golo6 left-handed, please please please!! image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> image/scotty.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':scotty:' />

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