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DIY Headcover Edition: How to Make Headcovers Using Stuffed Animals

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Convert any stuffed animal into a head cover following these easy steps. It took me about 1.5 hours. If there's anything that comes across as confusing, please feel free to let me know and I can edit the post, trying to explain better. <br />
<br />
ACB90F14-DE9E-40B3-85E5-9BBA7D17BCD9_zpsg6jowike.jpg<br />
<br />
What you'll need:<br />
<br />
    <br />
  • stuffed animal <br />
  • (2) Scissors - plain pair and thread cutting scissors (or seam ripper)<br />
  • A long sock of some sort - I used youth sized soccer socks <br />
  • Needle and thread<br />
  • Quilters- or safety pins<br />
<br />
Step 1: Determine where you want the club to enter on the toy and cut along a seam
    <br />
  • The opening should be slightly larger than the size of the club head it will be covering<br />
  • Remove any stuffing and set aside<br />
  • Be careful about frayed edges and clean up around the incision so you won't have trouble attaching the sock later<br />
<br />
0906AA37-1EC2-464B-AC84-7ECF1EAF3C21_zpsy5te32bo.jpg<br />
2223DA40-258A-4D06-9089-0DA3A495A47C_zpsudsfbbug.jpg<br />
627148A4-F0EF-406A-9305-12DDFB995442_zpsatayvv1c.jpg<br />
<br />
STEP 2: Cut the sock along a stitch line in the mid foot or end near the toe
    <br />
  • I prefer to have the cut be somewhere in the arch because that part of the sock has the strongest but also stretchiest threading.<br />
  • After cutting the sock, burn along the cut line to prevent any fraying down the road.<br />
<br />
E2ECA5B7-F13A-492A-AFCB-36EE240A19F7_zpsej897u76.jpg<br />
17B44289-4EE5-4DBF-931C-07FE258DC046_zpsvvljj61s.jpg<br />
24330BBE-7BC9-43A7-A4B5-56E6BB0E8C80_zpsqjyhlidy.jpg<br />
<br />
<br />
Before proceeding to the next step prepare your needle & thread to begin the transplant.<br />
<br />
STEP 3: Ready the sock
    <br />
  • This step can be pretty tricky so it is broken down into parts<br />
  • The reason for removing the stuffing is make this part easier<br />
    <br />
  1. Turn the sock inside out<br />
  2. From the cut line in the foot of the sock, roll it back over just past where the ankle would be<br />
  3. Slide the toy inside from the top of the sock (as if you were putting it on), leading with the hole you made in the animal earlier for the club - you are going to want that hole to come out the other end where you rolled the sock over<br />
<br />
DD98DEE9-1657-4654-9B03-25FA87C4485F_zpsz9hrvmys.jpg<br />
BB1F1B75-B144-411B-B901-BDA88F3ED11F_zpsnrjlayao.jpg<br />
DD91BD79-BB73-4B5D-BAF5-257A6A030B16_zps5veknxnb.jpg<br />
<br />
It should look like this, align the hole and the sock so that they are level. Use straight pins to hold the two together as you are making a supporting lead edge. This is where you're gonna start stitching -along where you have pinned and then you can remove them <br />
<br />
75CBE1A9-04EB-4431-BF49-6C19A18285C3_zps1h0ydasq.jpg<br />
4E73113D-41E9-4D6C-BBA1-D88A00E1284D_zpsuc2qodh8.jpg<br />
<br />
STEP 4: Stitch the sock to the stuffed animal
    <br />
  • I used a hidden stitch pattern (straight through and turn back and repeat) and then would loop over the top and enter the same hole I just used for added strength. Let me be frank for a second: I am a guy and so are most WRXers, so I had never touched a needle and thread before this and was clueless on how to even stitch. I did a little research on youtube lol. I think the stitch pattern I used was called a looping cross hatch, but I will translate is into manstructions the best I can. <br />
  • Push the needle away from you thru both the sock and the stuffed animal<br />
  • Advance a little bit from your last exit point <br />
  • Do a 180 with the needle and do the same thing as before just bringing the needle back towards you <br />
  • Making an "X" loop the needle and thread over where you just stitched to the first entry hole <br />
  • It is not necessary to pull the thread super tight because it will actually shrink the size of the hole for the club so just pull it taut <br />
<br />
When you're finished with this step it should look like <br />
<br />
3725C469-D557-483F-8D37-9A65FCEF69B7_zps1dt4nj1q.jpg<br />
34F3E175-1672-4D83-B410-9091BB7C6EC1_zpsttptwbor.jpg<br />
<br />
Next pull the sock so you turn it back right side out freeing your stuffed animal and you'll see a head cover start to take its shape<br />
<br />
913E9DBE-2040-41A2-9B8A-DBB4CC8F1F87_zpssxep4bay.jpg<br />
CBE28BDC-4B7B-4667-9D29-08BB58CF18A9_zpsqtebt95b.jpg<br />
4A3A9E30-CBD0-419F-ACD0-A23D98351A62_zps8gpfplsg.jpg<br />
<br />
STEP 5: Replace the stuffing (use trial and error)<br />
    <br />
  • Stick your arm down into the head cover and grab the end of the sock where you made the cut earlier and pull it out and altogether roll the sock down so you can easily replace the stuffing <br />
<br />
CD681EA4-4F90-4F29-9B5A-D72BCBA070DF_zpso3thqtwl.jpg<br />
3F86C557-C629-462A-BD00-AAD849409995_zpsg3ttg4c7.jpg<br />
<br />
Once you have decided on the amount of stuffing, next roll the sock up the stuffed animal, isolating the foot end of the sock with your cut line. Stitch it closed so any stuffing will forever stay put and not fall out. Then, simultaneously stick your arm up into the stuffed to and push the foot end of the sock up in there as you pull the sock back down w/ your other arm. Then you're ready to put it on your club!<br />
<br />
42112B17-48A2-421C-B114-6EE6ADCC8AD1_zpsr3hxjoar.jpg<br />
<br />
917EDBC0-1E5D-44FC-AC1B-212BFA319C2F_zpsgcrpfabz.jpg<br />
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    Great idea! I'm going to try it. The wife and I were in the teddy bear craze a couple decades ago.
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    Great play by play. Thanks for taking the time to post this up.
  • ocburg17ocburg17 Members  1292WRX Points: 46Handicap: 9.6Posts: 1,292 Platinum Tees
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    Can't see the photos at work, but very similar to how my wife made Leo.... <br />
    <br />
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    Not gonna lie man, I was LMAO the whole time I was reading this. Great job!
  • DumpL1ingzDumpL1ingz Members  208WRX Points: 57Posts: 208 Fairways
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    LOL, love this. Great Job!
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    Haha this is great, awesome thread!
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  • PigemsPigems Members  10890WRX Points: 228Handicap: 8.8Posts: 10,890 Titanium Tees
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    Awesome job man!! Thanks for sharing <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
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    Next week.... what you can do with a potato
  • fore_lifefore_life Swung too hard, hit it too pure. Members  10641WRX Points: 393Handicap: 2Posts: 10,641 Titanium Tees
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    This is awesome! Gonna start digging through my kids rooms right now.
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    LoL my daughter would crap if she saw her build a bear kitty on my driver. And by crap I mean have a meltdown.
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    Poor Fonzy <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/huh.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':huh:' />
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  • TexasInAlaskaGolfTexasInAlaskaGolf Las Cruces, NMMembers  937WRX Points: 66Handicap: 5.5Posts: 937 Golden Tee
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    I may have to buy a Yoshi doll or two and try this out. Great write up.
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    Fozzy, show us on this other stuffed doll where the bad man touched you.
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