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Need driver to replace my 2007-2008? Tp burner

SpecimenSpecimen Members Posts: 8

I I'm trying to replace my old and trusty tp burner. I love this driver and really don't need to replace it. I have been on a quest the last few months trying to replace it. Tested a lot of drivers over the past couple years and could not find anything that gave me better numbers.

My swing speed has slowed a little over the past year do to a shoulder injury... Went from around 112 to around 104 ish. Have always used a x shaft to keep it from going left hard. Shoulder is healing up and do think my swing speed will come up a little over the next few months. However, at 51 yrs old... Do not think it will get back above 110. Handicap 4.6

Current tp burner has the upgraded Diamana 65. Flex x. Tp head is about 1 to 2 degrees open. Paid around $675 for it back in 2007. Love the feel and sound of this driver. Still hit it well. Just figure it is getting old and eventually, will need to replace it.

As I said earlier... Tried a lot of drivers and did not get better or even as good as numbers as my TP....until recently. First I got better numbers... (About 15 more yards on the simulator at local custom builder) with the Titliest 915 d3. So I purchased one with the upgraded rogue 125 shaft... Custom builder recommended stiff, tipped 1" then trimmed to my preferred length of 44.5. Club came in from Titliest with a x flex trimmed 1". This was too stiff. Builder let me keep club while he got the correct shaft. While I was waiting... I purchased a titliest 915 3 wood with the rogue 125 shaft. Absolutely love this club... Best 3 wood I have ever owned! Hit it so well that I figured the 125 x flex would work in the driver. Called custom builder and that is what he got for me. Tried it for a couple weeks and just did not hit it well. Did not like the feel, sound or performance. Went back to the custom builder.. Told him I did not mind paying more money.. Just had no love for the 915 driver. Hit a few other drivers / shaft combos and found one that worked well on the simulator. Custom builder swapped it out for the titliest... No Extra Charge! How's that for customer service. Ok so the next club was.....

Next club I tried was the Ping G30 ls. Got it with a upgraded Graphite Design bb-6 x flex. Again I got great numbers with this club on the simulator. Even on a trackman at our clubs driving range... 287 carry when hit well... 265 carry when hit not so well. Just seemed to spray it a little... Mostly do to the way the club head feels at the top of my backswing. Club head feels so big that sometimes it just feels out of position at the top. This makes me change my swing plan either cutting it right or hooking it left. I never have this problem with my TP Burner. Also still sounded pingy!

Had custom builder put hot melt in the head. He added 6 ounces to the bottom back. That helped it sound better. When I hit this driver well it flies a long way... But still no love... Not like my TP. If it wasn't for the weird head feelings sometime at the top, I think I could get used to the feel and make this club work. I know... Might be a swing problem... Not a club problem.

Purchased a Rogue silver 50 x 125 msi from this site last week thinking the lighter weight shaft might help... I think it did help a little with the club feel at the top... But I do not get the good numbers like I do with the bb-6. That shaft is for sale if anyone is interested. Purchased from Will Peoples for $600 from another member on this site. I paid $375. Would love to get my money back. It's the real deal with etched graphics.

Looking for any advice on what I should do... Keep hitting my old driver? Keep looking? Or quit my whining and learn how to hit the Ping? Has anyone else had similar issues getting used to these bigger / newer heads? Wish I could find a driver that performs like the titliest or ping... But feels and sounds like my TP! Sorry about the long post.



  • jp5612jp5612 Members Posts: 195
    edited March 2015
    I love my G30. It replaced the SLDR in my bag. However, I am not a huge believer in getting used to a club. If I can't hit it well off the bat, I don't wamt to play around with it. If I were looking to replace the G30, the first clubs I would look at would be the R15 or the new BBA 815. The 430 R15, or the double diamond, might fit your eye better, but I am sure there would be a trade-off in forgiveness. But what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. FYI, the 2007 Burner TP was one of the best clubs of the past 10 years for me. Should never have gotten rid of mine. image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' /> Good luck in your search.
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  • MedicMedic Members, Advanced Members Posts: 9,411 ✭✭
    Do yourself a favor and give a Bio Cell + a try.

    I NEVER would have believed how it has helped this 53-year-old. Great strikes fly hot off of the face and even mishits are long. For some the color schemes throw the deal out. But for me that unique nature has led to my driver being just like my swing - individualized and something that works.

    I purchased with Red Tie in it but changed shafts to a Grafalloy and cannot believe the consistency. Best of all these drivers can be had for a song now with the new line coming out.
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  • SpecimenSpecimen Members Posts: 8
    Thanks guys... I think I will continue to look for another driver. Playing tomorrow and have the TP back in the bag. My 15 year old son has the G30 with a regular shaft. Maybe he will grow into the one I have now if I don't sell it. Probably won't sell it because I'm a club hoarder... Have about 7 sets of irons under the bed in our quest bedroom. Are there any smaller head drivers that get the same distance as the new titlist and pings?
  • Whiskey_BusinessWhiskey_Business Members Posts: 32
  • QegureziQegurezi Advanced Members Posts: 3,799 ✭✭
    Grab yourself a cheap JS and be patient finding the right shaft.
  • dmartindmartin Advanced Members Posts: 83
    edited March 2015
    Re-shaft with stiff my friend... Re-shaft !!!

    or check the net
  • cobragolf2929cobragolf2929 Advanced Members Posts: 481 ✭✭
    A lot of the newer drivers will feel a lot different than your burner TP. Try a 12 or 14 degree SLDR S. Great feel and will give you some added distance.
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