Jean Philip Cornellier WITB shot at 2015 Travelers

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  • 50jay50jay J Lambert IG: @teammorebirdies Members Posts: 590 ✭✭
    Play well this week! This can be a life changer!
  • scottymc4061scottymc4061 Members Posts: 37
    A tour player without a circle t?????
  • Golfer_1993Golfer_1993 Members Posts: 602 ✭✭

    A tour player without a circle t?????

    A mini-tour player. But I'm guessing he might get a new shiny one this week.
  • Aces-6Aces-6 Marshals, BST Volunteer Mods Posts: 3,031 mod

    A tour player without a circle t?????

    Pretty sure the 915's and the Vokey's are retail as well.
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  • Danny YoungDanny Young Members Posts: 460 ✭✭
    Love the head shape on that Scotty.

    Play well this week it could be massive for him.
  • scottymc4061scottymc4061 Members Posts: 37
    It's not even the matching cover!!!!!! I guess it's function over fancy!!!!!
  • Regul8rRegul8r RG Members Posts: 102
    Another Titleist bag....yawn. Yes Titleist great equipment, but yawn.
  • FarstFarst Members Posts: 208
    I love this bag and yeah those are otr sm5's
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  • scottymc4061scottymc4061 Members Posts: 37
    I think I saw that guy in my local watts!!!!!
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