How are those Ping Ti putters?

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With the colored necks?
I've found one close to me, but I'm wondering what people think of these before pulling the trigger. Looking at the Ti 2 hosel. How do they feel? I like the thought of no alignment which is why I'm asking.
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    These putters were introduced some time ago; 5 years or more. I do not believe they can be ordered through PING at this time. The original price on these were rather expensive - approximately $250 usd. These days they are going for much less on Ebay. I saw these putters in a golf shop near me for $80 brand new.

    You asked about feel. The feel with these putters in my estimation was great...although the overall weight of the putter was light. The Ti hosel with the "rubber" inserts were designed to provide the golfer the correct sound when the golf ball was struck and thus in theory better feel. The feel is much better than many of today's putters with inserts on the putter face.

    I would still be using this putter today...if like many of my putters, wedges, irons, driver, etc... they were returned to me after they were loaned out.
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    They are crazy light, the machining on the face is very cool, but the anodized

    hozel was ugly. ....... Not the best PING offering IMHO image/stop.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':tongue:' />
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    They were at best "okay" in my ratings. Ping has much better offerings in the Jas line or even the Specify's. The only thing I liked in the Ti was that one of them I had was face balanced. Something that is also offered in the Specify line.
  • I keep going back to my Ti 2 (the one with the green hosel). I picked it up on eBay a couple of years ago brand new for around $60. I'm a total putter junkie, and it has kept my camerons, etc. dusty for a while. Feel and distance control are unbelievable, and the solid, square topline makes for a very confident look at address. They're a great bargain IMHO. --GCU
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    Best stock headcover EVER came on the originals! It was a hard plastic shell that we nicknames "The Helmet"! LOL
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