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Ebay seller ksouth9



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    Yeah its been pretty clear for a long time that they back out of a sale if the auction doesn't get as high as they want. Normally this would be murder on your feedback score and subsequent selling abilities, but they do high enough volume that the rules basically don't apply to them. They already have 84 negative/neutral feedback this year with lots of people reporting the same "oversold" experience. Its clearly a calculated move by them since they move enough inventory to absorb bad feedback and therefore eBay doesn't care.

    Globalgolf is another example of a "legit" seller that breaks rules that they get away with due to volume. You are not allowed to list the same item twice, it is a clear eBay TOS violation, but they have been doing it for years. One version with BIN and free shipping and a duplicate with no BIN, a lower starting price, and a standard shipping cost. Just a sneaky tactic to potentially rope a couple people unaware of the BIN auction in to a bidding war that drives the price higher. Non BIN listings also cost less, so if that version of the listing sells then they pay a smaller fee.

    All just your normal double standards for the big money earners.

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    But they are so kind they sent me two sleeves of Bridgestone E6’s, yellow no less(!), for my trouble. It’s funny because if they would at least wait a few days it wouldn’t be so obvious but they just keep listing multiples of the same items and claim they ran out when the winning bid is too low for them.

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    As a follow up, my MD4 tacticals from ksouth are certainly real, but by god do I need a wedge lesson.

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    Registered for this Ksouth9 discussion.

    Back playing after longgg time away. 22 yr old Tommy Armour Silverscot MBs needing replacing.

    Yes, I'm a fool for taking it back up. 😉

    Was looking to spend $600 on new irons. Hit some at Carl's Golfland in MI. Liked Callaway. Looked for used Epic Pro 4-A on Ebay. Mostly $599 for good condition. Our friend Ksouth9 had new set of 4-A. Placed bid with $600 cap and won for 570 plus the 17.99 shipping. Clubs shipped. Box comes in as 4-P. Messaged on Ebay and searched internet (finding this forum) for more info on them. It took a few messages back and forth, but they acknowledged the error. But did not have a new Attack/Gap wedge in Epic Pro.

    Same as Warrenfelyzk above, was looking at MD4 Tacticals before I bid on Epics. Asked them to ship me a 52 degree MD4 Tactical for free. They did.

    Won the same auction as above with the matching 56 and 60 olive drab wedges.

    Also just received my case of Truvis balls from them.

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    I've only had one encounter recently and it was fine. I've been in the market for some new irons and had planned on testing some out, but on a whim I saw Ksouth has a new, head in wrapper 5-GW set listed. So, I watching it and the day it was supposed to end, I put in a max bid on Cobra F9s of $420 because I was going to be out of pocket when the auction closed. Given that you can still find them new for $600, I was pretty sure they'd sell in the $450-$475 range.

    But, I ended up winning the auction at $420. Then I started thinking that they'd do the "oversold" thing given that I'd read that on here, but I won the auction on Saturday, they were shipped Monday, and arrived at my door this Wednesday. Wrappers were still on the heads, all the various stickers, etc. were in place, the serial number didn't appear to raise any red flags in Cobra's system, so no complaints on this transaction.


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