Best Cleveland iron set ever made? Opinions please



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    Now I'm flirting with the idea of scooping up a set of 588P's or older cleveland blades for dirt cheap and waiting til xmas to treat my self to the newer 588's. If I'm not careful I'll end up with a mostly cleveland bag. I recently reintroduced the original cleveland launcher 3 wood with the gold shaft. It's the best shaft I've played in a fairway so far. I'm not much of a shaft ho though. I have a list I'd like to try,but I'm a cheap SOB!

    Off topic, but does anyone know what current shaft has a similar profile to that original launcher gold shaft? Has anyone gamed that launcher driver in that shaft? The profile fits my swing so well. It seems to play stiffer to flex, specially at the tip.
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    Ta5's are awesome irons. I've got a set with release shafts put back..they'll be my old man set when I need the help.
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    TA1 gun metal


    Highly underrated, very **** irons!
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    TA2 for me. It was my first non SGI iron. I miss them from time to time.
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    588CB's are about as soft at impact as anything. Almost as forgivinfg as AP2 or MP 53's too. Available for us lefties,I've owned three different sets. Wish I could find another set of CG-16 "P" stamps too.
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    Llefty wrote:

    588CB's are about as soft at impact as anything. Almost as forgivinfg as AP2 or MP 53's too. Available for us lefties,I've owned three different sets. Wish I could find another set of CG-16 "P" stamps too.

    CG16's look an awful lot like AP2's to me
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    My gunmetal TA5's were awesome. I kept them pristine, I wd40'd them after every round. They looked brand new at 11 years old. I replaced them with a set of CG16's in black pearl. They are also great irons, But the ta5's will always be the best to me. They were in such good shape, I got $180 for them when they sold on eBay.
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    I've had an all Cleveland bag top to bottom a few times. They honestly make great gear that doesn't get much love so it's cheap. My fav's in order.

    Cg16 p stamp


    Cg7 c stamp
    Bio Cell
    F6 baffler
    T7/eye2XG Lob
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    I loved the look of the Ta3 form forged but truth be told the Ta7 suited my game better.

    I thought the Ta series was their best series of irons.

    Combine them with the launcher woods ( the ones with the gold shafts ) and some Cleveland wedges of your choice and you have a great set of clubs .
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    TA3 gunnys - loved these and won my college matches with a lefty x100 set.....ahh the memories. Had 4 sets over time TRULY loved these
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    Does aynone know anything about these? Cleveland Tour Action, 588P. I just got them @$;2.99/club at Goodwill, 5 through pitching wedge

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    CG1 Tour Micro Milled MB or split set

    If we're taking orders, black pearl, lol

    The 588's are as sweet as any modern blade out there-

    Have a great week😎

    My Best,

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    OG TA3's would be that club for me.

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    1st generation TA3's were probably my favorite irons I've ever owned. Traded for GM TA5's but too much offset, especially in the lower irons.
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    Another vote for TA7s. Had both the steel and gunmetal versions. Very forgiving clubs, almost point and shoot.
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    I loved the TA-2, just hated how fast the faces wore out. Knocked my i3 blades out of my bag for a season then started to lose their chrome and were out.
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    TA5, obviously.
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    Joe85 wrote:

    Does aynone know anything about these? Cleveland Tour Action, 588P. I just got them @$;2.99/club at Goodwill, 5 through pitching wedge
    Joe85 wrote:

    Does aynone know anything about these? Cleveland Tour Action, 588P. I just got them @$;2.99/club at Goodwill, 5 through pitching wedge

    These were my first set of cleveland irons got them new 20 + years ago loved them. Playing the CBS 588 for the last 5 years ...going to upgrade to the 765 or the 565 srixon irons..under rated irons...IMHO
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    The TA-7 Tours (one with less offset). I had my only hole in 1 with them. And I'm an idiot for trading them off...
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    Old thread, but I'll weigh in anyway. For me it was hands down the 588 forged CB's from a couple of years ago. I tried the blades as well ,but preferred the full cavity set. Endo forged and in my opinion, they still stack up to everything out today.
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    Srixon (asian specs)

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    dog flog wrote:

    TA5 - The first set I bought for myself and my first time in a simulator. Most importantly, the first set that fit like an old shoe right out of the box. Without fear of hyperbole, I'd say I went from hacker to golfer with that set. We made that journey together and became as close as Phil and Bones over the years. It's true for me, I'll never forget my first great fit.
    Me as well, TA-5 in Gunmetal. I still would play them if I had them. It fit my game perfect and I threw up some of my better shots/scores. They fit perfect for me.....sure miss them. Wish more manufacturers' would come out with gunmetal irons.
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    CG2's were money.
  • rkinsm03rkinsm03 Members Posts: 5
    My CG2's are still money, but my brother talked me into keeping a full bag in North Carolina at his house, so a new-to-me-never-played set of 588 MB/CB combos now live at home . . . 5 irons for comparison.

    I'm unsurprised at the significant similarities between these two designs. The 588 is only slightly smaller in a couple of areas, but ultimately a forged and improved version of the awesome cast CG2. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment here.

  • ChipNRunChipNRun Members Posts: 1,220 ✭✭

    CG16 Tour issue. Feel is superb

    It was this one or my X20 Tours, which narrowly won out.

    A close second was the 588 MT irons, but I decided to reshaft the X20 Tours instead.
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    ** Wedges: 46°and 48°are competing for bag space.
  • Sir edward of putternutSir edward of putternut DARTH SMUG Members Posts: 1,365 ✭✭
    588s. If i wasnt such a stupid **** theyd be all i game. God i hate myself
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  • DixieDDixieD Members Posts: 158
    588 CB or MB. Absolute perfection.
  • soflasofla Members Posts: 1,654 ✭✭
    For us mid handicappers - TA7
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    I've been a Cleveland fan-golfer for a number of years. Personally, I've always felt that their irons, woods, and putters were severely underrated in comparisons to their wedges as that is what really put them on the map way back when... I've hit irons from the TA1/TA3/TA5/TA7 and the various CG lines. The TA5s and TA7s were about automatic as a club could be without factoring in swing variables. In recent years have gamed their 588MT irons, the 588CB, and an old set of CG1 CMM blades. They all perform depending on what you are looking for. I actually prefer the CG1 CMM irons over the 588 CBs but my preference is almost negligible as both sets provide plenty of feedback and feel great.
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    So many great Cleveland irons. Always dirt cheap on the resale market. The best Cleveland irons have always been as good (if not better) than the other OEM's. They just don't get any street cred.

    Loved the TA2/CG2's. Great players cavity backs.

    Been playing the CG7 Tours for about six years and can't find any reason to switch. As good as anything out there IMHO.

    If I had the funds, I would love to get some CG7 Tour Concepts, the CG16 P Stamps, or the 588 TC's. Such great players irons.
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