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  • The SaintThe Saint  26WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 26
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    These are one of the nicest irons you'll ever play. image/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' />
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  • Sam-Tee-TimeSam-Tee-Time  1444WRX Points: 108Members Posts: 1,444
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    I just bought a set of the Combos. Here's my review:

    PREFACE: I have written before about the Tourstage Z101's, which are made by Bridgestone/Precept. The Z101's are wonderful irons, with a clean, thin topline, and the tungsten weighting in the long irons to help get a higher ballflight. In short, I felt as if these were the best performing irons I've ever owned or demoed. When the J33 combo irons were introduced, I was eagerly anticipating their release, to see if they could surpass the Z101's.

    APPEARANCE: If you look at them closely, the sole has a "dual grind" with two very distinct grinds, that's supposed to help the sole glide through the grass easier than the Z101's. I have read that this sole was designed with the input of PGA players for more versatility in various lies. Very thin topline, and the clubs look great at address. The rear of the clubface has a very distinct trapezoid 'weight bar' that concentrates weight in the middle of the clubhead. The long irons have a visible tungsten plug in the middle of this trapezoidal area. I did notice that the J33's have some sharp lines and angles, but are complemented nicely by curving sweeps. The soles are fairly thin, which should appeal to better players. In short - these are very visually appealing irons, and probably look more "flowing" than the Z101's, which have a bulkier, boxier look to them.

    FEEL/PERFORMANCE: As with the Z's, the longer irons are supremely easy to hit, with a very nice medium "click" feel to them, as the club impacts the ball. You can really feel the tungsten weights in the longer irons. The Mid-irons felt very workeable, and easy to control. The Short Irons were VERY solid, and reminded me a lot of the feeling of the Mizuno MP-37's. Very crisp, and a very substantial solid feeling to them.

    DISTANCE: Distance control seemed very consistent with these irons, not overly short or long.

    CONTROL: The J33's felt VERY controllable, especially with the long irons. I believe the variable weighting really works, and it felt as if you could feel the ball easily, and control it's trajectory/path.

    SUMMARY: I loved the way they look in all aspects (thin topline, not much offset, etc. etc.), and they are solid performers. Of special note is the sole design, which seems to work very well through the turf.

    Here's some info I received from Bridgestone, when I emailed them asking about the differences between the J33's and the Z101's:

    The information on our website is exactly what is in the catalog. As for any design features that are similar/different, the J33 combo set was designed from the beginning to be a combo set with a very progressive and consistent CG flow from lowest in the 2 iron to highest in the PW. In order to successfully achieve this, we placed 20 gram tungsten inserts in the trailing edge of the long irons. The z101 irons had tungsten inserts, but not as heavy

    J33 Combo Specifications:

    Irons are .355, Taper tip

    Iron Loft Lie Length S/W Offset

    2 19° 59° 39.25" D3 3.5 mm

    3 22° 60° 38.75" D3 3.25 mm

    4 25° 61° 38.25" D3 3.0 mm

    5 28° 62° 37.75" D3 2.75 mm

    6 32° 62.5° 37.25" D3 2.5 mm

    7 36° 63° 36.75" D3 2.25 mm

    8 40° 63.5° 36.25" D3 2.0 mm

    9 44° 64° 35.75" D3 1.75 mm

    PW 48° 64.5° 35.25" D3 1.5 mm


    Here's a closer picture of the Grinds (leading edge, mid-sole, and heel/toe grinds):


    WEDGES: These looked and performed GREAT. I ended up purchasing a set of 56/60 J33 wedges, and are still using them today. The feeling at impact is a little on the crisp side, which reminded me of a Mizuno MP wedge.

    Feel - Very solid feeling, and easy to play speciality shots by opening the face, for little cut flop shots. The feeling at impact is a little on the crisp side, which reminded me of a Mizuno MP wedge. If you look at the sole of Bridgestone wedges, there are some subtle grinds on the leading edge, heel, and toe areas. To me - they really seem to help with versatility around the green. These remind very much of a Vokey wedge in terms of feel.

    Forgiveness - this is not always a factor in wedges, but the Bridgestones REALLY let you know if you've hit a perfect shot (or not). They have a lot of feedback, and you need to put a good swing on them to get the best results.

    Distance control is excellent. I find that I can "dial-in" any yardage I want to, as long as I practice!

    Spin is moderate. These are not super-high spin (ex: Vokey spin milled), nor will balls run off the green. I tend to get "drop-and-stop" performance. Middle of the road here.

    Summary - I demo pretty much everything on the market, and I would put these wedges in the top 5 of my choices. I also have a pair of Mizuno MP's that I like better, but the Bridgestones are admirable wedges, and probably deserve more attention. I'd highly recommend them.
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  • PaybaxPaybax  94WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 94
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    I am in the same boat as well. I have around a 10-12 cap and I am looking to knock a couple of strokes off with these. Well not really but I feel these irons would help my game a lot more as my short irons are great but my long irons could use some work. From 160 and in the muscle backs should help me get some control back that I am losing with my Deep Red II's.

    I will do a review in mid April as I get 7 days off and I going to play golf 5 of those days.

    PS I got 4-PW for $399, the high bid was at $300 but I really wanted them so used "Buy it now"

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  • bradley83bradley83 Flat Stick  303WRX Points: 77Members Posts: 303
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    I’ve been playing the J33 Blades for a month or so now. I must say this is one if not the best blade I’ve ever played. They’re nice and soft, but still provides feedback and very workable. I’m a high ball hitter and was a little wary of the long hosel from address, but the reasoning behind the longer hosel was worth trying. These irons even with the stock S-300 shafts were great for me, my ball flight is better and I can still flight the ball high and not lose distance as before. Most of the irons I’ve owned I had to have reshafted to help my ball flight, but this time no extra cash spent for shafts! I had the Taylor Made 2005 TP’s prior to the J33 B’s and they’re long gone! I think these clubs are solid, beautiful, very playable and much underrated! image/cool.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':drinks:' />


  • PaybaxPaybax  94WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 94
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    Well I shot my lowest round of the year with these new sticks. It was an 81, which I know isnt that great but not bad since I only get out 3 times a month. I didnt even hit these on the range first! They were about 1 club shorter then my Wilson Deep Red II but those were 2* more loft I believe. I think the Deep Reds were 1* stronger than the standard. I am a very high ball hitter and these clubs were perfect for me. A lot of people said these are not good irons for a high ball hitter but I would have to disagree with that. I really like how to heads are heavy for the size compared to my old CB's. It helped me cut through the rough as well as controlling my tempo a lot better. I also love the grinds on these things! I am more of a picker but with my low irons and wedges I like to take out a divit and these things help with that. The size of the divits the grinds allow are perfect and most of the time it didnt even feel like I took out a divit at all. For the first time in my life as well I can suck it back with any irons inside of my 8. The grooves are great and the 330 worked very well. I see no need to get the "s" version as these are great until the hard summer greens arrive.
  • D~RockD~Rock FIGJAM  327WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 327
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    I just purchased these irons today(the cb version) and sold the Cleveland CG2's. Im slowly making my bag a Bridgestone bag. These irons are truely one of the best players irons I have ever hit, Im able to work the ball both ways high & low and they feel so so so smooth. Not to mention that they just flat out look Good!!!!
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  • EmperoryderEmperoryder  502WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 502
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    These irons are straight sexxxxay and dead accurate, but they will spanky you when you fool around. Best irons yet, just wish it was tad bit softer.
  • ashleyashley  4WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 4
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    just got a set of j33b off ebay for 365.00, they are by far the best irons i have ever played and i have had a few sets mp14,apex +,z101s,i2s,962 and tour 300s. These clubs do what you tell them too, soild,soft,and forgiving for blade.If you have a mid to low handcap, i highly recommend you give these a shot.
  • garybuggarybug  1WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1
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    I agree with ashley, she came to florida memorial weekend and I had a chance to hit a few shots with the j33b. I hit the 5 iron hit a draw then a fade, they really do what you tell them to. Hit the 8 iron and it was sweet. Hit the 3 iron, even hit it fat and still had a good result. I love these irons will probably pick up a set eventually.
  • ashleyashley  4WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 4
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    ha! ha! gb
  • ashleyashley  4WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 4
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    image/clapping.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':friends:' />
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  • ballin1ballin1  135WRX Points: 55Members Posts: 135
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    My experience is mixed. Played the cg1s for a while before I switched to the j33bs. They are extremely accurate and they will do what you say. The ballflight is very nice...low and boring. But I definitely lost some distance with these. On mishits (and I mean mishits by a hair), I lose 5-10 yds easy. On flush shots, they are a 1/2 club shorter than my cg1s. And when I say flush, I mean flush, swinging at near 100%. Basically, all the stars aligned.

    All of these things are demanding, but what really bothers me is the weighting of the club. I don't know if its the long hosel or what, but the club is DEFINITELY heavier than other blades, and the weight of the head feels off...sort of clunky feeling in weight. It feels fine at impact, but during the swing, the club feels awkward. It really threw my timing off as the transition from backswing down didn't feel right. It just didn't set easily or properly.
  • ashleyashley  4WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 4
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    I like my clubs on the heavy side so thats not a problem for me,as far as loss of distance i have actually gained distance.Maybe a half a club or more. I have a fast swing so the extra weight helps my tempo.

    j33 460r 10.5 vs proto stiff

    j33 15 nv75 stiff

    tm 200 18 irod stiff

    j33b p-3 s300

    sonartec 52 s300

    titty 60m s300

    yes tracyII

    pinn-exception love it!
  • dispatch096dispatch096 Brandon  793WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 793
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    i absolutely love these irons. They look extremely pretty, the satin is great and th no-offset look really appeals to ones eye. as for performance, unbelievable. i couldnt believe the feeling when i hit them, buttery soft. they go exactly where you aim them and are soooo workable. today, i hit a 155 yard nine irons and spun it back about a foot. i never do that. these are the best blades ive had in a while.
  • elneilioelneilio England 70WRX Points: 55Handicap: 5Members Posts: 70
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    I have had my J33b's for about 6 months now, I got them with project x 5.5's, would normally use 6's but the long hosel makes them tip stiff. They are fantastic clubs for the money and have to be the best looking club!!

    The only complaint is with distance, I am definately not long with these it does not matter if I go for one, hit it down wind or try to give it some height it always goes the same distance. A bit weird!!

    But they have a great flight, feel great are unbelieveably accurate and give great feedback so that makes me stay with them..
  • JakeBarnesJakeBarnes  1126WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1,126
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    I have played J33b's for about two weeks now. I have luckily been able to fit a few rounds in before I officially call an end to the season (unless I can convince the gf that we should go somewhere warm AND that I can bring my clubs with...)

    Preface: Up until this point I have been playing Mizuno MP-33 with S300. Perhaps one of the sweetest feeling clubs I have ever played in my life. The stories of feeling like butter are true. The only caveat I had was the ballflight: my shots were always high. It really didnt affect too much playabilty for me, but it was a point of frustration and always lead to me tinkering with my swing. Eventally, I think I may get them brought down a degree or two.

    Initial Thoughts/Appearance: The J33b have a much more compact head than the MP-33. They took me a bit aback when I initially looked down at them. Regardless, the compact head for whatever reason instills confidence. I like the weighting. The hosel takes a bit of getting used to when you look down, but I think that is the only time I ever really noticed it. Overall, this is a great looking blade. The J33b, along with the MP-33 (and also a nod to the MT Pro M) look like a golf club should look: Simple, yet elegant.

    Performance: I got to play three rounds and hit a few balls on the range with these, however, the last round I played was perhaps the most telling of the club. The ballflight was lower than my MP-33's. I am not sure if that is because of the hosel or just because this is a club that isnt the MP-33... I guess I will have to get a third blade in the mix sometime and compare the three. One thing is for certain about these clubs: when you hit it flush it is sweet. I played on a couple of par 3's today (through the wind and sleet/snow) and I hit a few 4-irons that were long, boring and right on. The irons are very responsive and do exactly what you want them to do. Sadly, during the end of today's round, they were doing whatever they wanted because I couldnt contol/feel my hands.

    A noticeable difference is how the J33b's feel on mishits. I don't know if it was just the cold or not, but I definitely felt it when I missed. I did not lose too much on distance on those mishits though. If any distance was lost, it was usually due to lack of roll due to the wet conditions, wind blowing in my face, and the fact that it was 35 degrees out. I would say that, in my current view, these are as long if not longer than my MP-33s. I gave up playing the power game a while back where I wanted to hit my PW 135-140. I am happy hitting my 7-iron 155-160 and playing a ball-striker/shot-shaping game. These irons do exactly that.

    As for the lower ballflight: It was a nice boring ball-flight that didn't let the wind knock it around. Very evident on the aforementioned par 3's I played. Workability aside, the ball seemed to come in just as nicely on green shots as my MP-33. Still haven't had time, and might not for a while, to just go out and see what they can do.

    Conclusion: These are some great irons, as some others here have attested to. The 1020 Carbon plays soft, but lets you know where you hit the ball on the face. Those in the low-mid handicap range should really give these another look: I know they got mixed reviews, but I think they hold their ground. These irons practically beg for you to become the best ball striker you can be. I am trying to heed the call... and so far, so good.
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  • TinukeTinuke  158WRX Points: 0Handicap: 4.7Members Posts: 158
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    Been a blade player most of my life and owned a few choice sets; '86 Tour Models, MP-33s (2 sets!). '99 Apexes, 50th Anniversary Apexes, Kolocrhomes, VIPs, CG1s and even S-59s. 2 yrs ago I decided to give cavities a chance and went with a set of Nickel ISIs with hard stepped Nippons. I also went to a more conservative game plan and went from a 6 to a 5 so it must have been working. Initially I felt it was the extra distance on miss hits. Meaning if I had three bad approaches, I would end up closer more often thus increasing my up and down chances. That said I felt I made a good choice playing cavities.

    All worked. But I must admit that the ISI clunky feeling only left joy in watching my ball flight. I got the blade bug in my mind when talking to "Downtown Matt Brown" when he told me about an all "blade and persimmon" outing. At that point I was in search for some Tour Models......well that did not work out but my blade quest lead me to J33Bs.... Got em.

    Well what can I say other than they are the softest blades I have ever hit. But what really impressed me was the accuracy and consistency of my shots. To me these are the most consistent swinging sticks I have ever owned. Why? The hostel. It adds about 1" of extra solid metal. The hotel diameter feels thinner which combined with added head weight may help feel. Now don't forget the extra 1" in the hostel. Because the S-300s are tapered shafts they are effectively soft stepped. That said my ball flight was right there with the hardstepped ISIs. Now let's talk distance but first physics.....F (force) = M (mass) x A (acceleration)...j33Bs are D-3s, ISIs are D-2s. The Js are a bit longer maybe 3-5 yards.

    RECAP: Best feeling, same flight, bit mo distance, arrow like accuracy.........In The Bag.

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  • Par ForePar Fore  1294WRX Points: 57Members Posts: 1,294
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    I bought a set last year, I will probably never play them seriously, but man, are they ****!!
  • Joe9977Joe9977  541WRX Points: 1Handicap: 8Banned Posts: 541
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    I found a set at my local Golfer's Warehouse, 3-PW, nice shape but they need grips. I'll probably never regrip and use them, if anyone wants them, PM me...
  • golfgolf77golfgolf77  131WRX Points: 26Handicap: 8Members Posts: 131
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    Anyone still use the J33b's these days? I have a MINTY set that I'm dying to use but I need to regrip, not sure if I want to spend the $$ regripping them. Anyone who still uses them, more feedback would be nice. I have J33 CB's as well as many other Bstones...thanks.
  • golfgolf77golfgolf77  131WRX Points: 26Handicap: 8Members Posts: 131
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    I found a set of VGC Mizuno MP 33's, and I'll be darned, they look just like the J33B's, I wonder if anyone has hit them both? The Bridgestones look better!!!!!!
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  • NYCGolfNutNYCGolfNut  458WRX Points: 159Handicap: 12Members Posts: 458
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    Have become an ardent Bridgestone iron fan after playing the J15 CBS. Just the absolute best out there. But now getting the blade bug again,a ND want to swap out the 8-P with a Bridgestone blade. Probably a bad idea, but that’s part of the fun...

    Has anyone played the J33 blades and the J15 blades, and can comment on the relative feel and performance across the two?


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