Bushnell Neo XS Issues

Hi guys & gals

Well here is an issue I'm hoping someone has had before and could help out with.

So last week I played a course and noticed that that distances were way out on my watch so before I played it again today I decided to update on my mac laptop. So when this took place I kept getting an error to try another usb port so I did then it told me not to remove cable whIle sync was in progress which I wasn't, after a while I gave up and went to the course.

I started the watch put it in golf mode and low be hold I got a message saying no local courses found it had wiped them all from my watch!!!

Does anyone know how to fix this??

Thanks guys


  • Stuart_GStuart_G New HampshireMembers Posts: 23,844 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    You might get lucky and find someone here who has had the same experience but sounds like a fairly unique problem. It's the first I've heard of anything like it happening. Why don't you just call Bushnell's technical support? They are much more likely to be able to help you out with this type of problem.
  • dlnljldlnljl Members Posts: 159 ✭✭
    Contact Bushnell they will help you. When I got the XS I sent them an email about updating the firmware.and they replied that there was no updates needed. The updating of the XS was when you found a course that was not in it, or an error in a course and they would have to be contacted to setup the correction and the update for you.

    Good Luck

    I have had no problems with thankfully so far
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    As others have said, call Bushnell. They will help you and make it right.

    If the course has been reconfigured recently it may need to be remapped first before loading an update. They are very responsive and fast with mapping updates.
  • R_JgolferR_Jgolfer Members Posts: 2
    The problem here is I live in New Zealand and there is no New Zealand number to call.

    I have sent a email but it could be a few days before I hear back I was just hoping someone may have struck this before. This is my 3rd bushnell watch that I've had issues with.

    I have read all these things online about issues with bushnell operating on apple product also
  • HDTVMANHDTVMAN HDTVMAN Members Posts: 38 ✭✭
    I have a NEO XS and have had no issues, except sometimes hazards do not show up. But this is the information from the course, not the watch.

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  • 113208113208 Members Posts: 1

    Gps would not connect with satellite setting time or finding course

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