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My clubs are...and my car is a...



  • joker21joker21 Members  432WRX Points: 76Posts: 432 Greens
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    Titleist clubs. Details ins sig. <br />
    <br />
    Drive 06 Tacoma to work<br />
    99 4Runner on weekends and to golf. It was free.
    Taylormade M5 9*
    Taylormade M5 15*
    Mizuno CLK 19* & 22* & 25*
    Mizuno JPX 900F 6-PW
    Titleist Vokey SM6 50* & 54* & 58*
    Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2
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  • ThirteenGreenThirteenGreen Members  95WRX Points: 0Posts: 95
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    Cleveland classic driver<br />
    RBZ stage 2 three wood and hybrid<br />
    3-PW Wilson pro staff (they are cheap and I have had them since I was 17 but they work)<br />
    Spaulding SW<br />
    Cheap putter <br />
    <br />
    2015 Ram 1500 is my main vehicle, we also have a 2013 Ford Fiesta that the wife uses to commute to work.
  • rgk5rgk5 rgk5(OLB) Members  3876WRX Points: 467Handicap: 6Posts: 3,876 Titanium Tees
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    Clubs listed below.<br />
    <br />
    Cars, a 2011 Toyota RAV4 V-6, and a 2009 Acura CXS.
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    Cobra F9 9.5* D, VA Composites Raijin 44 F2
       Cobra F8 14.5 * , VA Composites Raijin 44  F2
    Cobra F8+ 18.5* , Tensei Blue A
    Titleist 917 7 wood, 22.75*, Diamana Red A

    TXG Custom, Mizuno JPX 919 Hotmetal 6-pw, "B" heads, 2* up, + 1/2", UST Recoil E460 R
    Cobra MIM 50*, Accra 60i R
    Ping Glide 1.0 54.5*, Accra 90i R
    Ping Eye 2+ SW/LW, 57.5*, Accra 90i R
    Taylor Made TP Red Chaska, 35"
  • Payton1020Payton1020 Cincinnati, OhioMembers  2122WRX Points: 189Handicap: 12.5Posts: 2,122 Platinum Tees
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    Driver- G25<br />
    4w- G25<br />
    Hyb- G25<br />
    4 - LW- Innovex Type S GDT<br />
    Putter- original Rife 2 bar mallet<br />
    <br />
    I drive a 2004 Ford F-150 FX4 Super cab with 110k miles on it.<br />
    <br />
    I'm a commoner.<br />
    <br />
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    COBRA Fly Z, Fly Z+, LTD Black
    ADAMS Super S 15* & 18* Matrix HD Radix SVI
    WILSON STAFF 20° Fybrid RS UST Mamiya VTS
    GOLFSMITH P2 4-PW, GW, SW, LW True Temper Formula 1 stepless

    ODYSSEY Tri-Ball SRT

    OGIO Grom 14 way stand bag
  • kwcsportskwcsports Nova Scotia, CanadaMembers  837WRX Points: 149Handicap: 11Posts: 837 Golden Tee
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    G30 Driver<br />
    Adams 3 wood<br />
    Adams Hybrid<br />
    G20 irons<br />
    Nike wedge<br />
    Ghost Spider putter<br />
    <br />
    Cars= 2014 Civic, 2015 Fit
    Ping G10 Driver- Matrix White Tie
    Callaway X Hot 3W- Project X
    Callaway X Hot 4H- Project X
    Lynx Parallax 5-SW- Nippon NS Pro 950GH
    Ping Eye 2 SW- DG S300
    Nike VR Forged LW- DG S300
    Ray Cook Blue Goose
  • kiw1982kiw1982 Williamsburg, VAMembers  1238WRX Points: 161Handicap: 7Posts: 1,238 Platinum Tees
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    Honda Accord and Odyssey. <br />
    <br />
    Cobra                    F9 9.0 Driver w/HZRDUS Smoke 60 6.0
    Titleist                   TS2 16.5 Wood w/HZRDUS Smoke 70 6.0
    Ping                       G410 19 Hybrid w/Tensei Blue 80 stiff
    Titleist                   818 H2 23 Hybrid w/Tensei Blue 80 stiff
    Mizuno                  MP-32 5-P Iron set w/DG S300
    Ping                       Glide 2.0 52/56/60 Wedges w/AWT 2.0
    Nike                       EverClear E11 Putter 
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • C_radC_rad QuebecMembers  2771WRX Points: 133Handicap: 7Posts: 2,771 Titanium Tees
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    Like that thread. <br />
    <br />
    Clubs= 915 d2, 915f,<br />
    Ping i25 19 and 22<br />
    Bridgestone j15 cb<br />
    Cleveland 588 forged 50/54/58<br />
    Lajosi dd201<br />
    <br />
    My car; honda civic 2002. Never been a car guy. It get me from a to b.
    Titleist 915 d2
    Titleist 917 f2 18*

    PIng i25 hybrid 22* pwr 90

    project x L.Z 5.5:
    Bridgestone J15 cb 5-pw
    Nike engage 52 square,
    56 toe sweep
    60 dual sole

    Lajosi Dd201

    A dream bag
  • MyShortGameSucksMyShortGameSucks His doesn't.... Members  1400WRX Points: 137Handicap: 3Posts: 1,400 Platinum Tees
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    Primarily Titleist clubs as per signature.<br />
    <br />
    2009 BMW 335 xi. - For me the best mix of handling, power, all weather safety and comfort. I tested Audi S4, MB 350 and Infiniti G37 and the BMW was the clear winner. Will be looking for something new in the next year or so and unsure which way to go. I believe the competition has upped there game in recent years...
    Titleist TS3 9.5 deg, Hazardus Smoke 60
    Titleist TS3 15 deg, Hazardus Smoke 70
    Titleist 818h1 19 deg, Fuji Atmos
    Titleist 818h1 23 deg Fuji Atmos
    Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro 5-PW, Nippon Modus 105x
    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged GW, Nippon Modus 105x
    Mizuno S18, 54 deg  Nippon Modus 120s
    Titleist Vokey SM6 60 deg K, Nippon Modus 120s
    SC Golo 5 / SC Notchback
    Titleist AVX
  • No_Catchy_NicknameNo_Catchy_Nickname Kyushu,_JapanMembers  6289WRX Points: 1,544Handicap: mePosts: 6,289 Titanium Tees
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    Clubs in sig, car is a Honda Freed Spike (gets four golf bags in the boot with room to spare). So Japanese car and Japanese irons. <br />
    <br />
    However, right now my daughter's Anpanman tricycle is the meanest set of wheels in my family. She fair blisters along on that thing.
    Driver: Ping G400 Tour 65S
    4w: TaylorMade R9 stock Fujikura Motore X flex
    7w TaylorMade V-steel, Quadra Fire Express RB 6SX
    Hybrid: RomaRo iBrid 23* Attas EZ 85S
    Irons (4i-PW): Mizuno MP4 Attas 115X 4-PW (+0.5")
    Wedges: Cleveland RTX4 Forged 52* and 58*, DGS400 (both at 35.5")
    Putter: Mac Jack Nicklaus Muirfield/Taylormade TPA XVIII/Wilson 8802

    Old stuff: Tons of persimmon and older irons. 
  • bryanwmilburnbryanwmilburn Members  1511WRX Points: 63Posts: 1,511 Platinum Tees
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    Titleist 915 d3<br />
    RBZ Stage 2 3 wood<br />
    Titleist 915 18 hybrid<br />
    Mizuno MP 5 (7-PW) MP 25 (6-4) MP H5 (3) combo<br />
    Mizuno MP t5 52-58<br />
    Good old $20 Snake eyes putter <br />
    <br />
    I drive a 2015 Dodge Ram Crew Cab with the 5.7 Hemi. Love both my clubs and my truck!
    Driver: Ping G410 LST 9 w/ Graphite Design Purple Ice 85X @ 44"
    3 wood: TaylorMade RBZ Tour 3 wood 14.5 with Mitsubishi Tensei White Pro 75X
    Hybrid: TaylorMade Rescue 11 19 degrees with Alidila RIP 85X
    Irons: Mizuno MP20 HMB 3, MMC 5-6, MB 7-PW w/ KBS C Taper 130X
    Wedges: Cobra King Black 50-56 w/ KBS C-Taper S, TaylorMade Hi-Toe 62
    Putter: TBD
    Ball: Snell MTBX
  • homergolfhomergolf Bay Village, OHMembers  1707WRX Points: 128Handicap: 14Posts: 1,707 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #42
    car: '15 Buick Regal (neighbor's family owns the dealership)<br />
    clubs: listed below<br />
    <br />
    TS2 driver, 9.5, set at 10.25
    Epic Flash 3-wood, 15
    Epic Flash Heavenwood, 20
    G410 4h, 22
    AP3, 5-48*
    SM6 54, 10
    SM6 60, 8
    SC GoLo 3, 33"

    ...for now
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • niscur24niscur24 Members  1515WRX Points: 203Posts: 1,515 Platinum Tees
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    "Current" TM Bag is Below (backup bags in my WITB)<br />
    <br />
    Truck: 2013 F150 FX2 Black Edition<br />
    Car: 2015 Lexus ES350<br />
    Toy: 1991 Nissan 240sx LS2 powered
    DRIVER: F9 TL 10.5 Atmos Black 7x
    FAIRWAY: Cobra F8+ 3/4 &/or 5/6 Tour Blue 85
    HYBRIDS:  Cobra F8 2H Element EarthX &/or Cobra F9 4H PX6.5
    IRONS: I210 5-PW LZ 6.0
    WEDGES: Stealth 2.0 50/54/58 LZ 6.0
    PUTTER: Some form of a Scotty, Betti, Toulon, Spider

  • scottc25scottc25 Members  707WRX Points: 109Handicap: 4Posts: 707 Golden Tee
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    Clubs in sig.<br />
    <br />
    I drive a 2014 Scion FR-S. Why I have no idea. Looked good when I bought it and I wanted a sportier car for a change. Now realize it was a horrible decision only because it really doesn't carry 3 people. We have to take the wife's Lexus IS350 F Sport when we go anywhere with my son.
  • KjBowenKjBowen Rhode IslandMembers  5185WRX Points: 161Handicap: 5.8Posts: 5,185 BST Banned
    Joined:  #45
    I'm taylormade everything.. check sign<br />
    <br />
    Car - Lincoln LS Sport
    Driver - TaylorMade M2 2017 - 9.5°
    Fairway - TaylorMade RBZ 3 wood - 15°
    Hybrid - TaylorMade RBZ Tour - 18.5°
    Irons - Taylormade R9 TP - 2 - PW / GW
    Wedges - Mack Daddy PM Grind 58°
    Putter - Cameron Newport 2 custom
  • toolmantoolman Members  1194WRX Points: 60Handicap: 5Posts: 1,194 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  edited Jan 27, 2016 #46
    Fun post!<br />
    <br />
    Older ping clubs<br />
    <br />
    2011 Hyundai Genesis 4.8<br />
    2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
    COBRA One Length HYBRID 19*
    COBRA FORGED One Length 4-7 $-Taper
    WITB Link
  • Alex1975Alex1975 Members  283WRX Points: 0Posts: 283
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    Clubs are mostly Miura<br />
    <br />
    Car is Ford Focus ST3<br />
    <br />
    Reason: It was the fastest car I could get the wife and child in and still fitted into the UK Tax(benefit in kind) bracket I was prepared to suck up for a company car. Its awesome!! As are the clubs!
    Taylormade M1 8.75° - Accra FX 260 - M4
    Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815hy 17° - Veylix Rome 988
    Srixon ZU45 2 Iron - N S Pro Modus³ Tour 125S
    Miura PP 9003 SN 4-PW - N S Pro Modus³ Tour 125S
    Miura Y Grind 50° & 60° - N S Pro Modus³ 125 Wedge
    Miura K Grind 55° - N S Pro Modus³ 125 Wedge
    Edel E2 Custom - 35"
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  • Whiskey_fireWhiskey_fire Members  1090WRX Points: 197Posts: 1,090 Platinum Tees
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    Clubs are in sig. 2014 ram 1500 sport hemi
    Titleist TS3, 9.5, KKDC 60
    Titleist TS2, 15, AD DI 8
    Titleist 818h2,19,  AD DI 105
     Titleist AP2 4-pw, Project X 
    Titleist Vokey 52,56, Project X 
    Taylormade HiToe 60, KBS $taper Black
    Scotty Cameron Studio Style GSS Newport 2
  • BMCBMC Members  3923WRX Points: 919Handicap: YESPosts: 3,923 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #49
    Old clubs, older car.<br />
    <br />
    Titleist 755s<br />
    <br />
    1995 Toyota Celica GT Convertible (showroom condition) / 2001 Ford Ranger Edge
    PING Rapture(OG) 10.5 driver
    PING Rapture 3 wood
    Cobra Pro hybrids 18 & 23
    Callaway '18 MB irons
    Callaway 56 SW
    Cleveland Classic #2 putter
  • nickham10nickham10 Members  328WRX Points: 50Posts: 328 Greens
    Joined:  #50
    Titleist 913D2 driver, Ping G30 hybrid, Srixon Z545 irons, Mizuno wedges, Odyssey or Ping putter.<br />
    2013 Chevy Silverado LTZ
    Ping G400 Max 9.5*
    Taylormade M4 15*
    Ping G 3 Hybrid 19*
    Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal 4-GW
    Cleveland CBX 56*
    Odyssey O-Works 2 Ball
  • NismottgtrNismottgtr Members  170WRX Points: 55Posts: 170 Fairways
    Joined:  #51
    My clubs are worth more then my car.<br />
    Jpx 850 driver,5w,22hy<br />
    Mp64 3-pw<br />
    Mp33 3-pw<br />
    Mp4 8-pw<br />
    MP H5 2-4<br />
    T5 50,55,60<br />
    Mxm #7, Mp T106, Bettinardi BC3<br />
    <br />
    2001 Toyota Tacoma 250,000 miles<br />
    Bumper falling off rust everywhere I love it <br />
    Driver - JPX 900 9.5
    Fairway - Mp 650 15
    Irons - MP H4 2-3
    - Mp 64 4-7
    - Mp 4 8-pw
    Wedges -MP T7 54 + 60
    Putter - Mp T106
  • Hot Rod 71Hot Rod 71 #TheWRX ClubWRX, BST Volunteer Mods  8978WRX Points: 330Handicap: lowPosts: 8,978 ClubWRX
    Joined:  #52
    Clubs are in my signature below.<br />
    <br />
    2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited. Plenty of room for clubs, and plenty of room for friends on road trips.....and the 4 wheel drive comes in handy in the winter.
    Cobra King F9 9.5* - Fujikura Atmos Black TS 6X
    Cobra King F9 15* - Fujikura Atmos Blue TS 7X
    Callaway Apex 19* - Diamana S+ 80X
    PXG 0311T 4-P - DGTI AMT S400
    Titleist SM7 50, 56, 60 - DGTI S400
    Scotty Cameron Studio Custom Newport 2
    Snell Black
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • wolfie64wolfie64 Members  126WRX Points: 0Handicap: 4Posts: 126
    Joined:  #53
    All bridgestone and titleist. All ford super duty
    Bridgestone j715 9.5
    Cleveland Classic XL 15.5 Proforce V2 X 76g
    Titleist 915 FD 18 X100 130g
    Titleist 816 H2 21* X100
    Bridgestone J15 MB 4-PW KBS C Taper S 120g
    Bridgestone J15 53 KBS C Taper S 120g
    Cleveland 588 RTG 58
    Scotty Cameron Circa '62 No. 2
  • ago33ago33 Members  2199WRX Points: 146Posts: 2,199 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #54
    Ping G30LS<br />
    <br />
    TEE CB pro fairway and hybrids<br />
    <br />
    Apex pro 14 irons<br />
    <br />
    Vokey SM4 wedges<br />
    <br />
    Bettinardi putter<br />
    <br />
    Car: 2007 BMW 328xi, 70k miles and planning on riding it to the ground. Cars are a waste of lots of money
    Cobra F9 Speedback 9.................................Mitsubishi PO 70 TX
    Tour Edge CBX 13.5.......................................Rombax P95 X
    Tour Edge CBX 18..........................................Rombax P95 X
    Mizuno MP-18 FliHi 4,5................................DGTIX100
    Mizuno MP-25 6-9........................................DGTIX100
    Callaway MD Forged 46, 50, 56, 60........DGTIS400
    Scotty Cameron 5.5M...................................Grip Master
  • HoffTTMHoffTTM Members  2141WRX Points: 110Handicap: 9.9Posts: 2,141 Platinum Tees
    Joined:  #55
    Clubs as below, car is a 2007 Skoda Fabia. The car I learnt in, does over the speed limit, hasn't broken whatsoever, fits flatpack furniture and is cheap to tax & insure.
    Ping i20 9.5* Project X Black 6.0
    Taylormade R15 15* Fujikura FUEL 70 S
    Adams Pro Dhy 18* Aldila Tour Blue 80S
    John Letters Tour Black Master Model 4-PW S300
    John Letters Tour Black 52*,56*,60* DG Spinner
    Odyssey Metal X Milled #1, 34.5"
  • TTURaiderTTURaider Members  222WRX Points: 85Handicap: 5.5Posts: 222 Fairways
    Joined:  #56
    I play Titleist clubs, details in sig. I just finished a refresh of the whole bag, and just got married, so the plan is to keep this setup for awhile.<br />
    <br />
    I currently drive a 2012 F-150 FX4, 110k miles. Besides golf I also enjoy hunting, fishing, and shooting, so I have the truck to carry around all my gear to wherever I'm going. It's also is great for golf trips - seats up to 5 and all the clubs and luggage go in the bed under the bedcover where it can all be locked up.
    Taylormade M2 9.5 - Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange 70 TX
    Taylormade M1 15 - Fujikura Rombax P95X
    Taylormade M1 19 - Fujikura Rombax P95X
    Taylormade P790 UDI 2i - PX 6.5
    Taylormade P750 3-PW - DG X100
    Titleist SM6 54.10S, 60.08M - DG S400
    Byron Morgan DH89

    The Grint Username: kreddell
  • MacklessdaddyMacklessdaddy Members  545WRX Points: 124Posts: 545 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #57
    Clubs in sig<br />
    <br />
    2014 Accord,daughter needed a car to get to college so I gave her my Sonata and bought the Accord
    Ping G 10.5 Kuro Kage
    Ping G 3W
    Ping G 3 and 4 Hybrid Tour 90
    Ping G410 PX LZ 6.0
    Cleveland CBX 54 58
    Bridgestone TD-03 
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • drvrwdgedrvrwdge Members  2684WRX Points: 285Handicap: +.7Posts: 2,684 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Jan 27, 2016 #58
    Clubs are in sig, Golfsmith Pro Grind Blades (s55's on way), SM5's I25 Driver, Bio Cell + 3/4w, Tm Tp Rescue '11.<br />
    <br />
    Vehicle is a '12 Tacoma Crew Cab Off Road Package 4x4. Buying a truck is probably the best move I have ever made. Wanted a big luxury sedan but with all the fishing, golfing, football, softball, tennis etc I do and play the truck was the correct decision. Also just purchasing a house last year the truck comes in handy with hauling trash, mulch, sod, sofas, tables etc..... No longer to I have to rent or borrow a truck to complete a house project.<br />
    <br />
    Plus I swear, the Tacomas are in such high demand with limited inventory it's worth more now than when I purchased it.... Out of all the research I've done they hold their resale value more than any other average consumer vehicle I have seen.
    Taylormade SIM 10.5 Fujikura Ventus Black 6x
    Taylormade M6 Tensei Pro Orange V3 70TX
    Ping G410 19* Hybrid Tensei PO 100TX
    Revolving door
    Honma TW W4 52/56/60 Modus 125 Wedge
    Ping Sigma 2 Tyne Steath, Stealth shaft. PP58 Black Cord
    Snell MTB X
    Ping Hoofer Multicam
  • BigmeanBigmean Everything is Relative Members  4970WRX Points: 459Handicap: JDMPosts: 4,970 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #59
    Interesting thread.<br />
    <br />
    Clubs are a tad off the jdm deep end with miura irons, ryoma driver, buchi wedges etc. you get the idea.<br />
    <br />
    Current car is a Mazda CX-5, the first new car I have ever had. Frankly, I didn't really car about it. It is for work and was bought under premise that I no longer needed a truck and the gas mileage is stupid (made sense at time). Basically it was the nicest and cheapest smaller vehicle that fit the purpose and I am constantly told it is a girl car. My own wife said I should hang a v***** from the rear bumper, like how guys hang nuts from real trucks hahaha.<br />
    <br />
    I am a practical person with high self esteem so I am not overly concerned. My brother just got a new tundra though, and that and gas now sort made me wish I gota truck. We run toyotas into the ground, like 200k then re up. I am still not convinced the mazdaratti will be so reliable.<br />
    <br />
    Wife also has a q50, so now that I think about it I am all in with japanese cars and clubs.
    Ryoma Maxima 9.5*/Quadra Fire Express
    913F 15*/Tour AD MT7
    Roddio 21* hybrid/Tour AD DI75
    Miura 1957 small blades/Nippon 1150 tours
    Wilson Staff V4 tour modus 130
    Mizuno MP-14/DG300-raw finish
    Buchi 50/56. RomaRo 59
    Gold's Factory custom original flat-stick amongst a couple dozen others.
  • KKOROKKORO Members  23WRX Points: 0Handicap: 14Posts: 23
    Joined:  edited Jan 27, 2016 #60
    MacGregor Tourney Irons and Woods (new version from Golfsmith) - Because I'm just getting back into golf and wanted something cheap. I had, and still don't have, a clue what the new tech offers. I'll buy some better clubs when I get a clue. Although, I'm playing better with these clubs than I thought I would.<br />
    <br />
    2003 Toyota Tacoma - Because I needed something bullet proof to do chores around the property. When you consider the mileage, I think it's one of the least expensive vehicles I've owned.<br />
    <br />
    20011 Toyota Prius - Because, at the time I bought it, gas was near $4.00 a gallon and I was driving 6,000 miles a month doing consulting work. Saved about $400 a month in gas at the time.<br />
    <br />
    Did I mention, in both cases -- clubs and vehicles -- I'm cheap.<br />
    <br />
    Later,<br />
    <br />
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  • EmthreeEmthree M3+3 now Members  858WRX Points: 1Handicap: +1.1Posts: 858 Bunkers
    Joined:  #61
    Sig meet avatar. <br />
    <br />
    I suppose the correlation here is that BMW and Titleist are both sponsors of the European Tour and i don't live that far from Wentworth ...... just missing the Rolex!
    910D3 8.5* PX 8A4 7.0
    910F 17* PX 8A4 7.0
    AP2 (714) 3-PW PX 7.0
    Cleveland 588 Forged 50*/54*/60* PX 5.5
    SC Newport2 Pro Platinum

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