Seemore Putters - Anyone?



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    collindm1 wrote:

    Laahhmm wrote:

    Just got a steal on a Nashville ONEss on the bay. Perfect length & lie and with a rosemark grip too! Really looking forward to testing it against my current scotty 2.6

    let us know who wins out!

    Let us know! that ONEss is a gamer!!
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    Left eye dominant right hand player here, picked up a FGP original off of 2nd swing on a whim after some wrx research last night. Anxious to try, will be here in a few days.
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    My son keeps trying to use my mfgp deep flange and I keep taking it away. I think I'm going to have to get him a seemore of his own.
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    Does anyone happen to know what the toe hang is on the PTM3, and how it compares in size to the Si5?
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    Does anyone happen to know what the toe hang is on the PTM3, and how it compares in size to the Si5?

    It’s about 4:30, very similar to an Anser. Quite a bit smaller than the Si5.
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    The best putter method that have lasted over my Spiders, Machines and anything in between. These guys helped me get a older M1B (Belly putter) and get the lie right for playing it at 30.25" and never looked back. 385gram head with a 10 gram tip weight and its money at this length for my SBST stroke. Had it custom finished at Continental Golf satin black, blue RST, gloss black paint fill and white lines. Love her!







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