Ping iBlade irons: shot at the 2016 Players Championship (In-hand pics of Louis Oosthuizen's irons a

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Here are the new Ping i Blade Irons. These new Ping blades look close to the shape and size of the S55 until you see the cavity.

The topline, sole width, sole camber and bounce look pretty close to the eye. I could not verify the material but I have a hunch it isnt the same as the S55 irons.


Here is the 3,7 and the PW first that came out of Louie Oosthuizen's bag.

3 Iron-

Pics of a set off the Ping Tour Van

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  • Irishgolfer99Irishgolfer99 Members Posts: 92
    They are sweet 😍
  • drpinodrpino NYMarshals Posts: 8,970 mod
    Thanks for these!
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  • KonkliferKonklifer Thinkin' of a master plan... Members Posts: 7,900 ✭✭
    Wish they kept the traditional Ping numbering font on the sole. Other than that, #clean.
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  • tbowles411tbowles411 ClubWRX Posts: 25,227 ✭✭
    I've always loved Ping irons for some reason. I wish I had the game for these. I like them. ALOT.
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  • gmr10dgmr10d Members Posts: 89
    Dude...these are awesome. Can't wait to get actual specs/numbers. But not till late summer, correct?
  • TheMoneyShotTheMoneyShot ***FIGJAM/Twirl of Doom*** Members Posts: 30,716 ✭✭
    These are the kind of irons that could get me bank into Ping. These look really good!
  • TTTTTT Members Posts: 413 ✭✭
    a cleaner S55, looks sharp. Put em on the list
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  • calogecaloge Members Posts: 448 ✭✭
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    Not crazy about the font on the sole, but otherwise, they are gorgeous. They appear ever so slightly wider at the toe part of the sole than the s55. Could be just the pics though

    any comparison shots coming?

    also, anyone putting these in play at Sawgrass?
  • CAJ4AUCAJ4AU Don't Drink and BST ...or eBay either! Members Posts: 1,838 ✭✭
    looking forward to trying these out!
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  • graciedoggygraciedoggy Members Posts: 7
    Really nice looking classy - Iblade gives it the ooppss factor for me being an 8 hdcp I'll stick with the cally XR Pro irons i just ordered - blade -e with help
  • ProStrykerProStryker Zombie Hunter Members Posts: 476 ✭✭
    I'd been debating getting some s55s. May have to wait on these.
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  • BirdieBobBirdieBob PXG Members Posts: 4,127 ✭✭
    Anything special about these?

    Will they get sued by Apple for calling them an iBlade... image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

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  • RonSwansonRonSwanson Honor: if you need it defined, you don’t have it. ClubWRX Posts: 1,679 ClubWRX
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    Definite progression in the shape of the bottom/sole "pad". Seems vertical on the short irons (presumably to keep a neutral/higher center of gravity) then the pad is angled pretty sharply from what I can tell in the photos in the long irons (presumably to lower center of gravity for forgiveness/ease of launch). Toe looks more squared off than the S55 as well. I'm wondering if the tungsten in the toe is being carried over, it's not visible like the S55. I'm sure there is other tech hidden in these as well.
  • jokerusnjokerusn nice shoes Northern NJClubWRX Posts: 4,781 ClubWRX
    I'm in. agreed that the sole numbers are meh but otherwise, purdy!
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  • Bholden52Bholden52 Members Posts: 95 ✭✭
    Well I guess I will cancel that upcoming fitting session for S55's and wait for these
  • Beastmode BrokerBeastmode Broker Canadian AF Members Posts: 6,320 ✭✭
    not bad at all, well done PING
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  • cz13X4cz13X4 Members Posts: 5,682 ✭✭
  • vrnynvrnyn Members Posts: 306 ✭✭
    Those are super clean, very nice!
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  • GolfdoctorGolfdoctor Members Posts: 1,406 ✭✭
    The New iBlades will be made out of 431 SS, like the Glide wedges and Ping i e irons. They decided not to use plating anymore.
  • gmr10dgmr10d Members Posts: 89
    Golfdoctor wrote:

    The New iBlades will be made out of 431 SS, like the Glide wedges and Ping i e irons. They decided not to use plating anymore.

    How do the Glide wedges and Ping i/e irons hold up with that material? Ping irons have always been super durable, and I hope these are too.
  • GamecockGolfGamecockGolf Oh My God, It Even Has A Watermark... Members Posts: 318 ✭✭
    Can anyone confirm that these are not plated? I thought the 431 Glides were plated, so interesting to see if GolfDoctors comment is true.

    Love the durability factor if so!
  • NessismNessism To measure is to know... Members Posts: 18,570 ✭✭
    edited May 9, 2016 #23
    The Glide IS plated. Those irons look plated too, although it's hard to tell from a photo of a club that has never been hit. Hope so anyway.
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  • PuppetmasterPuppetmaster Members Posts: 15,022 ✭✭

    Because now I want them.

    Not sure if I should thank you or curse you, Greg. Awesome pictures as always.
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  • Peanut191Peanut191 Members Posts: 1,865 ✭✭
    Topline looks thinner than the Glides. Are they going to be unveiling a new set of wedges with these as well?
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  • nova6868nova6868 Members Posts: 4,731 ✭✭
    Wow, I really like the minimal look.
  • IvyguyIvyguy Members Posts: 1,483 ✭✭
    Oh.... My.... God....

  • tyrotyro Members Posts: 2,605 ✭✭
    I like the look! Can't wait to try a set!
  • MJL313214MJL313214 Members Posts: 151 ✭✭
    I wonder what shaft offerings they will have with these.

    It would be great if they went the Callaway route with their iron shafts.
  • Circle_PCircle_P Members Posts: 388 ✭✭
    edited May 9, 2016 #31
    Happy Monday! Gonna need these.
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