uPRO....Anyone seen this latest entry in the GPS wars?



  • sambocaesarsambocaesar Members Posts: 36
    Haven't experienced the sticking Red button, yet. Just missing the software, which I got from 9Six4 .

    Finally, got a call back from uPlay .. engineers are working on how best to send me the software ... duh, zip-it and email it to me! Took 4 hrs for return call.


    Size - 4" x 2"

    Thickness - .65"

    Weight - 3.1 oz.

    Screen - 2.2"

    Resolution - 320 x 240

    Battery Life - 10 to 12 hrs

    Charging Time - 2 hrs

    Course Capacity - 50
  • Bombn Bombn ClubWRX Posts: 594
    No red button problems with me either, and I played with it for a few hours.

    Because the device talks back/syncs with their servers, you will have to turn off your firewall to get it to connect. Most firewalls will not allow it to work, even if specifically allowed, because the sync software resides on the unit / a removable device.
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    How's the reception. Have you played around with that yet?
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    Gsco wrote on Jun 11 2008, 04:32 PM:
    How's the reception. Have you played around with that yet?

    Haven't played a round yet, tomorrow definitely image/partytime2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':russian_roulette:' /> Great reception at my house (outside that is!).

    The unit has 24 channel GPS reception (can pick up 24 sats). It uses 3 at a time optimally, if it picks up only 2 it is also accurate, but slower, and can operate on 1 sat but is not considered accurate.
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    9Six4 wrote on Jun 11 2008, 02:59 PM:
    sambocaesar wrote on Jun 11 2008, 12:46 PM:
    It's small .. size of LG Chocolate phone .. can't tell you much else, since I can't even download a course yet. You're supposed to be able to Preview a course without being there (like Car GPS), but have to wait until I can register it. I went through the intro videos .. that's about all.

    Preview mode is fantastic - Just loaded up Torrey Pines! The yardages in "preview mode" are from the tips.

    Hey Sambo and 9six4: Besides Torrey Pines, are any of your local courses video mapped? Can you guys post a decent pic of the screen resolution?


  • GscoGsco Members Posts: 153
    Good. My friend is getting his tomorrow. When it arrives we are heading out to play. I may have yet another device by next week. image/russian_roulette.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':russian_roulette:' />
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    I'm not sure if pictures of the screen would do it justice.

    At the end of the demo video here --> http://www.uprogps.com/how-it-works/ is actually quite accurate of what you see, the flyovers are close to what is show, maybe slightly fuzzier, but really good imagery! You can zoom in and out as well.

    I will try and post up some pictures tonight with a decent camera to give you a realist feel for what it offers.
  • vsmithvsmith Members Posts: 34
    Supposedly the sticking button issue was the reason for the last two week delay, prior to the June 2nd ship date. That's what I was told one morning when I called early and complained that the unit was due to ship out Monday June 2nd but didn't. They said it would go out by Friday which it did. I should receive mine tomorrow so we will see what I get. I have a Skycaddie SG4 so it should be an interesting comparison.
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    Here is my "attempt" at posting pictures. Its very hard to post sharp pictures without flash glare. The actual images are sharper than the pictures imply.

    Size as compared to an Iphone.

  • pnmdpnmd Members Posts: 13 ✭✭
    9six4: Thanks for the pics! The screen resolution is impressive. Post your impressions of usage during a round when you get a chance.
  • myndcraftmyndcraft Members Posts: 425
    WOW, that looks amazing! I really can't wait to hear your on course review. I'm very torn between this and the new Sonocaddie device.
  • vsmithvsmith Members Posts: 34
    Just received mine about an hour ago and guess what...it doesn't work. It comes on then shuts down and sometimes won't come on until keep pulling the battery or what not. When it did come on I could barely touch the case and the screen goes dark with the Upro logo slightly visible. I called them and was told it sounds like a bad unit so they are supposed to call me back and let me know what to do. That really is aggravating when you wait 5 weeks for the thing then it doesn't work. I like the look and size and when it did come on the screen looked good.
  • guinnerguinner Members Posts: 60
    just got mine and can not get the software to pop up to register. Called support and the phone just rang and rang. No message or anything. They don't even list customer support hours on the site. If anyone can help let me know. Thanks.
  • GscoGsco Members Posts: 153
    We could not get ours to show up on the Mac. We did get it to work on the pc. What os are you using?
  • guinnerguinner Members Posts: 60
    MAC leopard. Only PC is have is a work laptop and that has crazy security. I tried it and would even recognize that it was connected to the usb cable.
  • GscoGsco Members Posts: 153
    I have VMware (same as Parallels) on my Mac and tried to connect through that. It said the host device was using it and would not let me connect to it. So the Mac recognizes or sees it, but it will not show the disk image.

    On the pc I did see the program for the Mac, so it is in there. I'm going to play around with it and see if there is something that can be done to bring up the disk image.
  • sambocaesarsambocaesar Members Posts: 36
    On the MAC, for me, it did not autostart. I had to use FINDER to open the contents of the device-drive and dbl-click MacSync. It was extremely slow to load the device-drive and then extremely slow for MacSync to connect, but it did work eventually.
  • GscoGsco Members Posts: 153
    When you say slow, do you mean 10 minutes? I left it hooked for about 4 or 5 and it didn't show in finder.
  • sambocaesarsambocaesar Members Posts: 36
    I would say between 5 and 10 mins for it to show up in FINDER .. I connected it and went back to my office to finish something else .. then came back.
  • GscoGsco Members Posts: 153
    I guess that's good that it showed up. I'll give it 10 to 15 this time.

  • vsmithvsmith Members Posts: 34
    Found the problem with my unit on my own. One of the battery prongs was bent down and not sticking out enough to make contact. Only two of the three prongs were making connection. But I formatted the memory card while fooling with and now the demo and I guess the sync software is no longer on the card. Can someone send this to me if you don't mind? I guess the sync software resides on the sd card? My pc sees the unit but it never goes to the website. My email is [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.
  • guinnerguinner Members Posts: 60
    nothing popping up in Finder for me. hopefully upro's customer service picks the phone up tomorrow.
  • maddog06maddog06 Members Posts: 3
    I sent an email to customer service letting them know of my mac problem (and seems like many others) of not recognizing the device and got this email back shortly afterwords:

    Hey John,

    I want to thank you for taking the time to let us know of your issue. In response we are finding that there are some configurations of Mac that are not recognizing the units. We have caught this and found a fix for it. So there is an option for you. That is to use another computer maybe a friends or a work computer and we will have the update online within the next couple days for you to download. I hope I have answered your question, if you have any more let me know anytime.


    Braedon Armstrong

    Customer Service

    UPlay Interactive Electronics

    2185 Faraday Ave #130

    Carlsbad CA, 92008


    [email protected]


    I responded asking if there was a quick fix I can do or do I have to wait. Will keep ya'll posted.

  • maddog06maddog06 Members Posts: 3
    Ok got this email back:

    I can send you this link and steps to try and fix it. This is not a guarantee fix but it may work. If you have any questions or problems call us between 5:00am-10:00pm pacific time and we will help you through it.


    1. you should download this and save it to your desktop,

    2. unplug the device and plug it back in,

    3. run the file and make sure the destination file is the same as where the uPro is located. Example (the uPro is in the removable storage device E, make sure the destination file is E:\ then click install.

    4. Once this is finished unplug the device and plug it back in and it should work fine.

    If this doesn’t work we need to wait until the update is available or sent you a new card so call us and let us know at 888-358-5788

    It's a .exe file which is typically a PC file and I personally have never been able to figure out how to work it on a mac.... SO maybe someone else knows....

  • GscoGsco Members Posts: 153
    I have two Mac's and it doesn't show on either. That exe file won't work on Mac.
  • sambocaesarsambocaesar Members Posts: 36
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    You need to open it using something like STUFFIT (PCZIP equivalent for Macs). I believe it is freeware download.

    If you don't have it, you may be able to download from

  • GscoGsco Members Posts: 153
    This is an .exe file. It only works on pc's.
  • sambocaesarsambocaesar Members Posts: 36
    The first time I dbl-clicked uSD.exe, the mac says 'cannot open the file' , but it gives me the option to 'choose the program to open it with' .. I went to APPLICATIONS and dbl-clicked on STUFFIT and it unpacked everything to a folder .. I chose 'to my desktop' to test it. Afterwards, it remembers this association ...
  • sambocaesarsambocaesar Members Posts: 36
    Wait at least another month .. who knows, you may see some on eBay from 'p!!sed off' owners who just wanted it to work out the box and were not patient to work things out; that is, if they can't get it to work after 30 days.

    I was going to wait for a year, but I decided to spend my 'economic stimulus rebate' on it to see it in action (which is kinda funny, cause when I told my wife it came in, she says 'Happy Fathers Day', like she bought it for me).

    I figure that if I don't like it after 30 days, for whatever reason, it'll sell quickly on eBay, but I think it will be a keeper .. I like what I see so far. True test comes tomorrow on the course.

    I sold a GolfLogix unit after using it for a month ... didn't really need it for simple yardage, etc. The flyover & preview intrigued me, because it would definitely help for unfamiliar courses. Most courses don't have aerial views on their websites, so I thought that was unique and beneficial.

    My theory is that ... new iPhones will pick up the software and compete with the golf-specific units ... hopefully, drive the prices down.
  • wayne#@wayne#@ Members Posts: 2
    maybe i can help. i got my unit 2 days ago and my mac would not recognize it when plugged in. talked to customer rep and found out that several units were shipped out with NO pc or mac sync software installed. they will not sync at all. on top of that, as someone mentioned, they forgot include the proper sync files for the newest versions of mac os x. the patch mentioned in the zip file above will not work. i talked to a rep last night who said they hoped it would fix the problem but realized that it would not. the person i talked to last night told me the only fix right now was to send me a new SD card which is properly formatted. he said he was going to overnight it last night. i'll update when i get it and see if it works. even with the new card, though i think i'll have to sync and register with a pc, then download the patch for the mac software. lucky i have access to both.
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