best square faced driver???

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not too expensive.....
I was just wondering what some of you guys thought were good square faced drivers. My swingspeeed is just under 100 mph and i already play a draw. That's why I am looking for a neutral driver that isn't too expensive. Thanks guys


  • Croonie15Croonie15 Members Posts: 528 ✭✭
    Bridgestone 460 is Dead square to open. At a great price as well. I picked up mine with a diamana 63x at 500.00 that's a great price for that combo. The NV though is like 350 i think. Certainly look into it.

  • xjustice09xxjustice09x Members Posts: 193
    The bridgestone J33R 460 would be my choice too. It goes for 300 with an Aldila NV stock.
  • Golfin4WeezerGolfin4Weezer Members Posts: 173
    The Adams Redline 460d is a great driver for the price. The face is very square. you can get it in a Pro Launch or NV too.
  • mhccapmhccap Members Posts: 197
    i have seen the bridgestone retailing for $299 standard with the nv all over. How does this driver launch? high? low? compare to the r7? compare to the 580xd tp? or compare to anything else???
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    My b-stone 460 launches just a bit lower than my TM 580 tour issued driver with the same shafts. I personally do not have a problem getting the ball airborne with it. From what I remember about hitting the R7 it launches about the same as it for me. I love my new b-stone 460. All of my drivers have been 9.5°....even the r7 I tested. If you already hit the ball low then you might want to go up in loft with the b-stone.
  • mr_duffermr_duffer Brimmer Members Posts: 868 ✭✭
    My G2 is the squarest "retail" driver I've ever seen. Although I hear the J33R 460 (have not seen yet) is square to open. This may be my next driver.
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    any of the bridgestones. The 460's are a good deal but the 420's are ridiculously cheap so either way you are getting a deal on a sweet square face driver
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    Try some of the older TOUR Taylor Made drivers. I picked up a TOUR Taylor Made 540XD for only $125. Straight-faced and long!
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    Cleveland Launcher Ti460....very square, forgiving and deep. Can be had on eBay for less than $200
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    thanks a lot for your input guys!
  • slicer365slicer365 Members Posts: 1,750
    Ping G5 is the best out there for you specs. You gotta try it. I can't believe how I never looked at the Ping. I was **** bent to get a Callaway or TaylorMade, but then I hit the G5. I suggest the NV shaft. Do yourself a favor and go buy a Ping.

    Forget TaylorMade and/or Callaway. You'll thank me.
  • drewboydrewboy Members Posts: 18
    I'm with Slicer. Didn't even want to try Ping(was set on TM or Comp), was convinced I wouldn't like it but the more I swung in store the better it got. Took it to the range this morning and this thing wants to go straight! The feeling is much better than my 580XD. Smooth swings went straight every time. Can't wait to play some rounds. Not sure but I seemed to be carrying it further than my 580.
  • stickmanstickman Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,981
    tourstage x-drive 435 is dead on but expensive $1000 with shaft upgrade.
  • SCameron009SCameron009 ¡~WRX~! Members Posts: 1,784 ✭✭
    The Cleveland Comp is very square as long as you don't get a 10.5, the 9.5's are pretty much dead square (atleast mine is), and the 8.5 that I owned looked square to a little open, also look into the 905S and T, you can find heads if you look through them that are square to open.

    Both of these heads are last years models that are going down in price rapidly due to the 2006 releases, so I would defenitely give them a look image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' />

    - Bryan
  • VTHOKIESVTHOKIES Members Posts: 443
    Don't blast me but I demo'd the Ping G5 about a week ago and the thing I did not like was that it seemed 1* or more closed to my eye. I bought an R7 TP and it sits dead square or slightly open. I am looking for a Bridgestone J33R 460 because I have heard how square to open it sits up. I am getting ready to send my R7TP to Joe to have him install either the Fuji MW 64 or Diamana Red 73. I just need to pick a shaft for me.
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    TM510 TP's are pretty cheap now and set up square. Even the Ignites set up square. What is your price range?
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