Do the new balls benefit the short hitters?

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Remember the 90-100 and even 110's?
just a quick question to long ball hitters. I've been a long driver for my entire golfing experience and competed in the Remax in 1999. Is is me or do the lower compression balls we're playing these days travel less with high swing speeds? ProV's are 80 and V1's are 85. I remember buying Maxfli Silver Max at 110 compression (showing my age). What I've found is that these balls may travel farther for lower swing speeds, but don't really help the higher swing speeds. Sure the monster drives on tour are coming at high swing speeds, but in the past, the lower swing speed player used a lower compression ball to allow him to compress it. The higher your swing speed, the higher compression you'd use to maximize distance. Slower swing speeds couldn't compress a 100 compression ball and resulted in lost distance.

I realize the driver clubhead designs and everything about them has changed, but didn't this all start out with the discovery that the Precept Lady (which got hard to find during this time) was playing longer for some people, which in turn led to the release of the ProV's?

I still have some Maxfli Revolution 100's. I find that I'll get better distance from them than ProV's. But recent injuries to my right shoulder (ruptured biceps tendon) have slowed my swing down. Haven't had it metered in a while, but I also just turned 56.

so what's the answer?

Long Drivers, step up!


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    I think that it has much more to do with the spin and much less the compression. I think that you may spin those old Maxfli 100 compressions a lot less than the ProV1's, resulting in a lower overall spin and more carry. A distance type ball nowadays will do the same - spin less and carry farther. Try some TopFlite D2's and compare to your Maxfli's. My guess is that they would be VERY similar in terms of distance but the TopFlites might be more consistent all around.
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