HX Hot Bite Shorter then tour balls?

codered657codered657 Members Posts: 55
just read the golf magazine article to find that with a 90 mph swing speed (close to mine), the HX hot bite is shorter even than most tour balls. infact it is the shortest ball of the callaway line (none of which are particularly long based on the article). can anyone confirm this? im still looking for a ball with a good amount of greenside spin without giving up too much distance in the $20-$30 range.


  • SoftFade_GaSoftFade_Ga Members Posts: 465
    Code look at the WIlson Zip and TopFlite Gamer. I just bought a box of the TF and they fill great with the putter. i will play them tomorrow and let you know how they perform.

    Also based on the article most of the balls are really close off the tee. I prefer spin around the greens also since thats were I get save my rounds. The tee for me is not an issue with a SS around 103 and most of the courses I play are around 6500yds
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