Just got a pretty good deal at a Pawn Shop!

BLADEBLADE Members Posts: 172
Not the deal of the century, but certainly something I can make a few hundred bucks on....

My buddy called me at told me that at a Pawn Shop down the street from my work they had a like new set of 2005 TM Rac Lt's, Callaway 454 with Grafalloy Blue Pro Launch, Callaway Fusion 3 and 5 wood with stock NVS shafts, Titleist 54* Wedge, and new Taylor Made carry bag.....all the clubs were hit MAYBE 1 time...with some of the irons never hit.....$500. I bought it.

I figure I can sell the irons for about $300, the bag is already sold for $75 to a guy from my work, sell the driver for $100-$150, and sell the wedge for $25-$50...and I've already got my $500 back....I can then consider keeping the Fusion 3 and 5 wood....FOR FREE! Or sell and profit.

Like I said, not the deal of the century by any means...but a good one!



  • Orlimar1Orlimar1 Just a Range Ball in a box of Titleists!! Members Posts: 1,643 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Man I love hearing about deals like that. On Ebay one time a golf shop put up a Pelz 64* X wedge and a 60* L wedge with buy it nows of $30. I couldn't click on the link fast enough. I ended up selling the X wedge for about $110.

    Deals like that sometimes give me some breathing room with the wife. image/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' />
  • PGMladyPGMlady Golf Professional Members Posts: 294
    Cheaps deals are great. It never hurts to research and find it at a better price!
  • papichulostevepapichulosteve Members Posts: 1,722 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    sounds like someone got desperate for cash....or had their bag stolen. either way you made out like a bandit. good deals all around man, i'd keep the fairways for a while and sell em later cuz its gonna be all profit anyways
  • BLADEBLADE Members Posts: 172
    I'll just tell myself that someone got desperate for cash...wouldn't want to profit from stolen sticks! I'm excited to try the Fairway Woods, though...cause I love the Fusion driver!

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