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Last 6 major winners used 2 wedge setups. Time for a rule change?



  • justwellsyjustwellsy  972Members Posts: 972
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    I started with a 56 and 60 2 wedge setup when I was young (real young) and bagged a 2 and 3 iron. When I turned 15 or so I ditched the 2 iron and added a 52 degree wedge. At about 25 I reworked my sedge setup to what I still play today... 50, 54, 60. Now, I struggle with reworking them to one of two setups. First off, I really miss my 3 iron, which I ditched for a 2-hybrid. I'd like to replace the 2 hybrid with a crossover type club and add back in a 3-iron for those shots I need to carry 220-225 in the air (which is becoming more and more common with mid-length par 5s and long par 3s). BUUUUT, I have also thought of going to a 52, 58, 64 wedge setup. This would allow for the 64 to simply be used as a short game wedge and never hit full shots. The 58 I can carry almost exactly 100 yards with ease and I hit the 52 about 120 yards. The main problem with this is that I hit my 46 degree pitching wedge about 150 yards without much effort, which creates a 30 yard gap in a huge scoring range for me (120-150).

    I think the most likely answer for me is to consider what the OP has stated and go back to a 2 wedge setup. I'm not sure I can give up the 60 degree for a 58, but I'll have to hit it more. The other wedge in my bag seems likely to be a 52 instead of a 54, unless I bent my PW a degree or two weak. I never realized how big of dilemma this was until I saw this post... thanks! hahahahaha
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  • dlygrissedlygrisse Kansas 13708Members Posts: 13,708
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    Guys, this is pretty simple.

    Pick the highest lofted club you like using around the greens, whether it is 56,58,60 whatever. Then fill the gap between that club and you highest lofted set club in 4-6 degree increments. Whether that is 2 wedges or 4 wedges it doesn't matter what it says on the bottom of the club. We are all different in our needs thats why they make lots of options.
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  • CBECH22CBECH22  321Members Posts: 321
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    Thinking about trying a 3 wedge setup (PW, 52, 60). I just realized I rarely use my 56 degree. I could get a lot of help by having a driving iron and also a hybrid to help play longer shots with different shapes as I dont hit the ball very long. Anyone use a 3 wedge setup now days?

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  • JoeFrigoJoeFrigo  192Members Posts: 192
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    reading this forum has really opened my eyes. I currently have 46*pw, 50, 54, 58. My 50 is used 80% of the time for full swings. Sometimes if I'm about 40-50 yards short but with plenty of green to work with ill use this to pitch with. Ive made more of an effort to use my 54 for every shot around the green. 58 I rarely use, primarily sand shots or if I have a tight pin. Since ive focused on practicing with my 54 for all shots around the green it got me thinking there's no need for 4 wedges and im gonna switch it up...at least for my game. Focusing on 1 club to chip/pitch with has definitely made a huge difference for me

    Im probably going to sell my 50,54 and instead get a 52. Can still use it for full swings but again just focus on my 52 to use for everything under 100 yards


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  • MelloYelloMelloYello Upstate, SC 3666Members Posts: 3,666
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    The only thing I know for sure is that it doesn't matter.

    What matters is whether or not you're good with the wedges you have.

    I think we see fewer wedges on tour because those guys can (and are required to) hit a lot of longer shots we aren't. So they need a balanced bag. Not only do they need 3 or more wedges but they need 3 or more long clubs: fairways, hybrids, irons, etc.

    I'm more consistent with my smaller swings so wedges are the best part of my game. I am good enough to appreciate the different between my 52, 56 and 60. It serves me no benefit to waste spots in the bag carrying clubs I don't hit well (or often).

    I'm not an inherently good fairway metal player for instance. But I'm reasonably good with the one 4w that I have which serves me fine. It seems doubtful that I'd become a better by splitting that one club into two separate clubs.

    Maybe I would, but again, to the original question about wedges. Just focus on getting dialed in with what you have. That's what matters.

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  • FlyingLaw1FlyingLaw1 MO 880Members Posts: 880
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    I have 4 wedges and have no intent on changing that. Especially true given how strong most modern PWs are... I use mine essentially how I would have used a 9 iron in the past. One could argue that I essentially only have 3 wedges (GW, 54, 58) with my PW being a "wedge" in name only.

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  • J13J13 Dad golf  15882Members Posts: 15,882
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    Pro's can hit 3/4 shots LIGHTYEARS better than we can because they practice/play 6 or 7 days a week. With that said, I have a 50,54,60 but my 50* is a full shot club so it's like having another PW. My 54 and 60 are the real wedges that hit different shots especially around the green and out of the sand.

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  • GolfingfanaticGolfingfanatic  3267Members Posts: 3,267
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    For me personally, 47/54/60 has been the way to go the last couple of seasons. I feel like it makes decisions from 100 yards and in a little easier.

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  • driveandputtmachinedriveandputtmachine 4 wedges or 2 iron? That is the question!  1272Members Posts: 1,272
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    I basically have a 50* PW (my last set was 49) and a 55 and a 60 wedge, so by my count that is three. According to what is stamped on my irons I have 4 wedges, since my GW is 50 and my PW is 46 now.

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  • ddettsddetts Roy McAvoy Sioux Falls, SD 1816ClubWRX Posts: 1,816
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    46/52/58 here - I've always been a three wedge guy (or two if we're not couting PW/10i). For awhile, in my younger years, I played PW/56/60 which was of course influenced by TW's setup. I then moved to 54/58 to close the gap between my PW and GW. Finally about 5 years ago went to 52/58 to have even increments between PW/GW/LW.


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  • swing thoughtsswing thoughts  271Members Posts: 271
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    I carry two wedges. I hit my 52* about 110. So if I need to hit it 100, I give it about 3/4. 80 yards, I give it a little less, etc. The only reason I even have a 58 or 60 is for when I need a lot of loft, which I'm realizing is almost never. Some people say having 4 wedges simplifies things for them. For me, having 2 simplifies things.

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  • buckeyeflbuckeyefl  6092Members Posts: 6,092
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    Don't over think it.

  • buckeyeflbuckeyefl  6092Members Posts: 6,092
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    On -, @Itsjustagame said:

    BigHook25 wrote:

    coho10 wrote:

    Itsjustagame wrote:

    When you practice as much as these guys do you can reliably alter distance, trajectory, spin with only 2 wedges. Doesn't work for me.

    Exactly this....I don't have the time to practice so I need every club I can get!

    I hardly practice, but find it easier to just use two wedges. I don't see the need for small gaps from 50-60 degrees, a 5 to 6 degree gap is fine. The less wedges the less you think about it or think about hitting shots you probably can't.

    If I need the precision of 3-4 degree gaps from 150-200 yards then I certainly need it inside 100 yards where the majority of shots are hit.

    You don't need and most people can't utilize those "precision" gaps and no you don't need it inside of 100. What is needed is skill, not perfect "precision" gaps. Golf actually takes practice. ( Not directed at you but at the mentality and how people obsess over it)

  • QManyQMany #TheWRX  9148ClubWRX Posts: 9,148
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    Tiger Woods plays very weak lofts.

    45* 9i, 49* PW, SW, LW setup is very close to the today's customary 46 PW, 50 GW, 54-56 SW, 58-60 LW.

    Currently in #TheWRX...

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  • kiwihackerkiwihacker  739Members Posts: 739
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    I started off years ago with the typical 52/56/60 combo but dropped the 60 as it tended to cost me more shots than it saved me and I had no confidence with it. So I played 47/52/56 for years. I tried 47/52/58 but didn't find I gained much playing the 58 vs the 56.

    Recently I have dropped my 4 iron and I'm playing 47/50/54/58 so back to 4 wedges. I find the 50 fills the distance gap on full shots better and I'm really enjoying the versatility of the 54 around the green. From the bunker I like having the 54 for long carries and the 58 when I am short sided. Enjoying the versatility of this setup and not missing the 4i too much. Just need to swing easy on those 170m approach shots with the 23 hybrid. I can hit this thing 200m if I nail it but I need to learn to 'rinky' it like Mark Crossfield. LOL

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  • HubijerkHubijerk  834Members Posts: 834
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    A lot of you guys questioning the gapping are leaving something out, bounce and grinds. I have a 50, a 52 bent to 54, and a 58 in my bag, and sometimes I'll pull my 3w and add a 64 depending on the course. The 50 is used mostly like a 2nd pitching wedge for fullish shots from the fairway or rough. The 52 is bent to lessen offset and give me more bounce than I would otherwise get from the stock 54. This gives me a high bounce option for various chips and pitches and an option should I encounter really fluffy sand. The higher bounce also tends to launch the ball a little lower with a stronger flight. The 58 is pretty much you're standard mid bounce lob wedge and I'll use that for most shots around the green.

    If anything PGA tour players can get away with one less wedge because they have less variables in course conditions, especially sand. I don't know about you but I have wildly varying turf and sand conditions from one course to another. Tour players are also are better at controlling their leave distance so they are not trying to hit a 70 yard 1/2ish wedge... They will position themselves at a known swing distance that they have hit a million times. I could get away with just a 52 and 58 if I didn't need to cover a wide range of course conditions.

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  • granata10granata10 Michigan 516Members Posts: 516
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    I switched to 4 wedge setup a few years ago and won't switch back. I go 46 - 50 (both are i210s and almost purely a full swing clubs) 54-58 (Glide 2.0 54* has 12* of bounce and the 58* has 6* of bounce). Typically my 54* is for low chips or courses that are softer / slower and 58* is for higher shots and firmer faster courses. This has worked for me but everyone is a little different, for me I think this works is when I started playing golf the PW was 48-50*, essentially what my gap wedge is.

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  • Krt22Krt22 East Bay 8201Members Posts: 8,201
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    My stock PW is a 135-140. For all intents and purposes its a 10 iron. So two clubs to cover 135 and in is a tall ask for a weekend hacker like myself. My go range for par 5s stops at 260ish or so, so having an extra club to fill the the 200+ yard range wont do me much good.

    Pros on the other hand play much longer courses, if they prescribe to the SG approach know there are more strokes to be gained in longer approaches. They also have much more mechanically sound swings, which makes 1/2 and 3/4 wedge shots much easier to execute. Your average amateur has some swing flaws, well those flaws require compensations, so 1/2 and 3/4 shots become more difficult to execute reliably when you have less time to get all of your compensations timed.

  • Millhill88Millhill88  516Members Posts: 516
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    Periodically I play 5 wedges. I'll take the Ut out and add 50*. The PW and AW in my set are so long, I have a 25 yard gap between my AW and next wedge.

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    Hybrid: Srixon H65
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  • cmatthews77cmatthews77 AL 879Members Posts: 879
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    Everyone is obviously different with what they need but here are the things I’d look at...

    1. Loft of PW. Do you have a super strong PW (45 or stronger) or a 46 or 47 PW. With the super strong PWs you almost have to have a 50 degree gap wedge for full shots thus almost requiring 3 wedge setup. With a more traditional PW a 2 additional wedge setup is EXTREMELY doable (52/58 being most popular and common)

    2. What is your style? Are you a feel player? In other words are you comfortable being able to do multiple things with a single wedge? Changing the ball position, where your hands are (leaning the shaft), opening it up, etc. all make it easier to do more with fewer wedges. If you’re more robotic in your style then you may need more wedges.

    I can go either way. I’m fine with my 52/58 setup. I do miss my 54 wedge though just because there was so many things I could do with that wedge (I can do most of them with the 52).

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  • puttingmattputtingmatt puttingmatt Summer/ Michigan-- Winter/ Florida 5287Members Posts: 5,287
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    I play 46* wedge, 52* gap , &56* sand. Between adjusting lofts and different swing lengths I find all the versatility with this set up.


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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • MPSgolfsMPSgolfs  76Members Posts: 76
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    I go 46 50 54 58, but at some point I hope to move to 46 52 58 and add a strong 3 wood. I'm definitely a better wedge player than long game player, and I think I'd rather have more options with stock shots at the top of the bag then the other way around. From 125 and in, I'm good at various feel and partial shots. Sometimes, around the green, I confuse myself with too many options. I think I'd like to simplify: the 52 for most chips and low pitches, the 58 for anything lofted.

  • JAMH03JAMH03  979Members Posts: 979
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    2 wedges? Will definitely work for some . Though the odds are against it being the best solution for most.

    Fastest most economical way to improve might be:

    • Adopt Pelz's recommendations with your current 52º 56º 60º wedges

    • Work on 10:30 swing and 9:00 swings

    Resulting in 6 distances from approx 55-100 yards

    You'd have to read Pelz's Shortgame bible on chapter on how to hit distance wedges. It works. Then it would take you approximately 200 balls and you would be probably 1-2 strokes better per round.

    There's no getting around the fact that it takes some work to gain these skills but it doesn't have to be drudgery.




  • DoyouevenbladeDoyouevenblade  215Members Posts: 215
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    I went from 3 wedges, to 2 and back to 3... I found myself struggling knocking down my PW (46) enough to have reliable birdie chances from 120-105yrds out. I could get my 52 MAYBE 115, more 105-110 but into any slight wind this gap got even worse.

    These are valuable scoring yardages imho and a 50 fills it perfectly.

    Does it suck not having that 220yrd carry club into par5 yes... But if I can't run up my 3 iron or have enough room for error trying to take something off my 4W. Is going for it in 2 the smartest play?

  • Nard_SNard_S  3638Members Posts: 3,638
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    100 yards in, one club for every shot, save putt.

  • ukgolferukgolfer  49Members Posts: 49
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    I would say this all depends on player and course. E.g I am a 7 hcap who carries driver 250. So I don't think I would miss a wedge for partial shots.

    Par 3:
    Don't play any under wedge length.
    Par 4:
    Can reach all in two. Only have a partial shot if had to chip out.
    Par 5:
    May leave partial wedge shot if I decide to go for it and end up way short.

    So for myself, 2 versus 3 wedges is all about green side options. Currently play 3 but often think about going back to 2.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • jah7838jah7838  1119Members Posts: 1,119
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    I base my wedges off of my 45* PW. I go 49*, 53*, and a 58*. My 45* and 49* are used for 3/4-full shots 99% of the time from 100-125 yards. PW is 115-125 yards, and the GW is 100-115 yards. The 53* is used for 85-100 yards, and the LW is used for 85 yards and under.

    All of this is assuming there is no tree directly in front of me when trying to hit a shot those desired distances. I use my 58* for just about every shot around the green, except for long bump and runs, and long bunker shots just because I only practice with my 58* due to limited practice time. It works for me, and I usually don't have to think too much when it comes to deciding which club to hit.

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    Fairway: Cobra F6 Baffler set to 16.5* with Motore Speeder 8.3 Stiff
    Hybrids: 19* Adams XTD Super Hybrid VTS 100s, 23* Adams Super 9031 S300
    Irons: 4 iron PTx Pro with RIP Tour 115s,  5-PW Ben Hoga PTx Pro DGTI S400 (4 iron isn't in the bag very often)
    Wedges: 48* bent to 49* Hogan TK wedge, 52* bent to 53* Mid and 56* bent to 58* RTX 4. All wedges have DGTI S400
    Putter: Kingston KP1 Carbon Oil Can Finish
  • nsxguynsxguy Just anudder user Florida 6082Members Posts: 6,082
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    With my GIs, I have a 44*PW, so I filled in the top end with 50GAP, 56SW and 64LW for a long time.

    Fairly PW-122 yards, 50-105, 56-90 and 64-65

    Perhaps I'm playing too short courses lately but I've found myself with WAY too many shots right in the 95 and 110 range (ol' Murphy's Law strikes again LOL) where I don't have a full swing. I generally have a tough time "taking a little off" a full swing and when I "step on" a shorter club to hit the yardage it seldom turns out very well.

    Net-net I've take out my 4 hybrid (~182) and will take something off the 3 hybrid (~190) if I must as I find MANY more scoring opportunities from closer to the hole than further away.

    So, like

    On -, @Millhill88 I now have 5 wedges in the bag and so far (about 4 rounds) am very pleased with the results.

    So now it's PW-122, 48-110, 52-100 56-90, & 64-65.

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    Ping G20, 5-PW, DGS300
    Ping Glide Forged 48*, 52* 56*, 60* DGS300
    Taylormade Tour Spider Black (Today - always subject to change LOL)
    Titleist AVX
  • PepperturboPepperturbo Midwest and Southwest 16118Members Posts: 16,118
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    Since taking up the game only 52* & 58* wedges. I can make any shot with those two wedges, but upon occasion might manipulate a PW or 9i. It's been my belief, practice and seeing needed shot mechanics are more important than a third wedge that you don't have the time to practice with.

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    Titleist T-MB 17* 2 iron, Steelfiber i95cw "S"
    Titleist 620 CB/MB 3i-PW, Steelfiber i110cw "S"
    SM6 F-52*, Steelfiber i110cw "R"
    SM6 M-58*, DG-S200
    SC California Monterey

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • AB1981AB1981  28Members Posts: 28
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    I think I have probably tried every combination over the years. For me I seem to do best using 60 for everything 100yds and in and something 48-50 for 130ish and 54-56 around 115. With the lofts of most current pitching wedges I might could get by with a set PW 52,58-60 but the really sawed off 52 gets pretty dicey on firm greens.


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