Bridgestone j33r 460 - HELP !!

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Picking the right loft ?
I am considering purchasing a new Bridgestone j33r 460, but am having trouble determining what loft. From what I have read, this driver has a relative low launch compared to others. Some of my more recent drivers have been 510TP 9.5, 983k 9.5, and current G2 8.5. I guess my question is, in comparison to the other drivers, what has everyones experience been? Would the j33r 10.5 be equivilant to 510tp 9.5, etc. I would love to demo this club, but just can't seem to find anyone that carry it. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


Just for reference, with the G2 (nv65 stiff 45") here are my stats:

ss 100-103

ball speed 146-152

launch 10-11

sping 2100-2400

smooth tempo, some where in the gray area between a hitter & swinger (leaning towards a hitter)


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    ...i'd say the j33r 460 10.5* is very comparable to the 9.5* 510tp. if anything, it is lower launching. with the right shaft, the bridgestone is a monster driver...
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    the J33R in the 420 is a lower launch, but the 460 launches much higher with less spin than the smaller head. I hit the 460 with the 10.5* and 9.5* on a launch monitor at a Bridgestone demo day. I thought I might go up to the 10.5 but it was too high. the 9.5* was perfect for my 100 mph ss. I hit both with the NV 65-S. I have this same shaft in my Mizuno Mp-001 9* and have a quick tempo, so loading this shaft is no problem. the MP-001 9* and the J33R 460 9.5* seem to have pretty equal flight for me(only 460 is longer and more forgiving)
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    I just got mine today. I have a swing speed around 100- 105 on average. I got a 9.5 with an Accra tour 70 installed. The 460 plays pretty true to loft. I think the penetrating trajectory makes it seem like it plays lower than it does. The Accra Tour 70 has a soft tip so it launches pretty high, but it didn't balloon on me at all.

    It depends on you swing, and the shaft you are going to be using. If I was using the NV I might have gotten a 10.5, but I'm loving how the 9.5 is working with the accra.

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