Your opinion on the Cameron authentication

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Is the COA sophisticated?
Hey, I would like to share my thoughts on the Cameron authentication program respectively the COA. There are a couple of questions that come to my mind:

- how can I tell that the COA I receive with a putter really belongs to that putter besides from the pictures?

There may be more than one putter with the same looks or from a specific series.

- why is there no more specific information on the putter details like shaft, grip, weight, lenght, lie, etc.?

One could alter all these specs afterwards and refer to the COA and claim it was authentic.

- what prevents a putter from being authenticated twice?

- what happens to putters in the database that were authenticated one day, then probably sold and put thru

the custom shop (stamped, sightlines added) and then finally again authenticated? I mean what about the

first COA? The putter authenticated back then is now history but still in the database, right?

Please comment on my statements and share your view of things. In my opinion the authentication program is not properly developed, yet!
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