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Looking for opinions on best clubs for junior girls or boys around 8 years old. Seems like a lot of sets are designed for 8 and under and really short, or 9 and over and really long. And wondering about the quality given prices range from $100 to $300 for maybe 5 clubs with a bag.
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    Look for a set that has a titanium driver rather than aluminum. Literally about 20 yards longer and can mean a lot playing par 3s or par 3 courses. Go on eBay and buy some undersized junior grips, Winn makes them. Buy the longer set and have them cut. Can always lengthen again with a plug or old shaft cut.
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    US Kids Tour Series, PING Moxie and Taylormade Phenom are all good options.

    U.S. Kids clubs go by height at 3" increments so you should be able to find something great through an authorized retailer.
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    From what I've seen sizing is so more important than the clubs at that age.
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    Ping Moxie is what my son used. Fantastic jr set! Worth the $'s...
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    I just went through this with my two boys (ages 8 and 6) as they're just starting out in golf.

    US Kids golf has a number of different sizes and it's really easy to have your kid measured. Just go to a local pro shop and see what they have.

    You can also find used clubs readily on your local Craigslist or Buy & Sell. Takes the sting out of a new set and leaves more money for gold.
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    US Kids Tour Series, PING Moxie and Taylormade Phenom are all good options.

    U.S. Kids clubs go by height at 3" increments so you should be able to find something great through an authorized retailer.

    Agree with above

    Go with US Kids -- as I did -- Instructor suggested US Kids, not OEM brands as the US Kids clubs are properly weighted for kids -- makes the game easier, ball gets in air, kids like game...
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    My experience from teaching at golf camps that most of the better junior players I have taught have used US kids golf, Us kids golf tour until they out grow them to adult clubs.

    That being said I took golf 20 years ago with blades and persimmon clubs bought from a thrift store lol
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    VT Max Velocity by Mike Flynn. My 8 year old started with US Kids but has since moved to these and immediately gained distance and a higher ball flight. Everything Mike does is via email so send an inquiry to [email protected] and he'll shoot back an email with what he needs to customize a set for your son. It's the closest you're going to get to a custom fitting for a junior.

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    I have a full set of tour series US kids for 54 in. i need to sell.
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    OEM's are toys. The Ping Moxie, Taylormade Phenom, Callaways, etc. are all toys. Pure Garbage in my opinion. Same thing goes for Tour Edge, Ram, Tommy Armour.

    Buy US Kids or VT Max from Mike Flynn. When you go to big time Junior tournaments, these are the two brands most of the kids are using. They are really good clubs and they fit the kids.
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    I would recommend US kids also..

    My son uses US Kids 63 this year.. He will be upgrading to adult set probably after this year..
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    I have 2 sets of the US Kids Tour series 51 including the bag if you are interested.

    As they have been well used I would sell for 140 including shipping.


    3 wood



    All in good shape but well used. My son competed in the World Champs with them a couple of weeks ago.
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    As some have suggested, go with either US kids or Flynn Golf. I think the clubs at Flynn are a little better and they are all custom. You can get different colored shafts and grips which your child will like. The shafts that Flynn uses are real graphite and are made by UST. I will say that the Flynn clubs tend to be a little heavier than US kids.
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    I purchased a set of irons and wedges from Flynn a few months ago for my 7 year old daughter. She was using USKIDs 51 Ultralights before. Thought the US Kids Tour Series were a bit too heavy, so went with Flynn as I was told they are between Ultralights and Tour Series. Flynn does not have website and will only communicate via email, which is a bit odd but it did work. My daughter did not hit the irons well, but she loved the wedges, especially the gap and lob wedges, which you can only get from US Kids in the Tour Series. Long story short, we decided to play Ultralight irons/woods/driver with Flynn wedges PW, SW, GW and LW at US Kid's world championships. My daughter's wedge play was fantastic and she finished top 10. Going to try and move her into heavier Flynn irons during offseason. Word of advice though, Flynn offers no returns on any of his clubs, so you are stuck with them if you don't like. Also the matching pink shafts and grips are a huge plus for girls!

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