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Hey everybody! ok, well i'm an 8 handicap, and currently play the nickent 3dx line of irons. The main reason is that i am using regular flex shafts and i need stiff shafts. The best part of my game is my short game, this being the main reason I have an 8 handicap. My driving is fairly short but very accurate and consistent. The weakest part of my game is my irons right now. Which are decent, just not what i would like them to be. I am looking at gettine one of the following: mizuno mx 23, mizuno mp 60, taylormade r7, or ping i5. and am also considering goin 3-7 in the mx23 and 8-p in the mp 60. what would be your suggestions for me? thanks for the help.


  • golfernut78golfernut78 BOOMER SOONER Members Posts: 3,448
    i think those are all good options. the pings are a solid choice and can't go wrong with the fitting process. mizuno is great too. the mx-23 is definetly a forgiving club and will help get the ball airborne. the mx-60 might be a little much if you struggle, however, they could be great for you. i am not a great player, but i can't hit "game improvement" irons. i can not hit irons with a big sole or oversize head. i just struggle with them. the r7 i am a little skeptical about because of there strong lofts. i know with all the weight in the sole that they create a high launch angle so it should balance out, but less loft is less forgiving. another option would be to look at the nike pro combos either the os or maybe the 2004 version which are more forgiving than the tour model. also thenike nds have to be the most overlooked club set this year. they are great cavity backs that are easy to hit as well.

    i play the pro combos and they are great for my game. easy to hit. clean, simple looking clubs. a players club in that the ball can be worked. as i've said to many people i've grown into these irons.

    before you go out getting new irons because you want a stiff shaft make sure to get properly fitted for the shaft you need. i don't mean have the minimum wage kid at golfsmith, but a instructor or club maker. i made the mistake of listening to the kid at edwin watts and will be replacing my rifle 6.0 shafts with a 5.5 or maybe s300. also get fitted for club length and lie.
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    I'd go with the Ping i5. Think of the old Eye 2 and then add today's technology.

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