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What would you recommend
Hi Guys... Here's the deal. After a 30 year hiatus my dad talked me into playing a round of golf and I'm hooked again. Now I need some equipment. One thing I've learned in the intervening 30 years is that good equipment can make a world of difference for the atheletic player (of any sport). So what do I do? I've been collecting some (throwaway) clubs for a buck a peice down at the Goodwill close-out center. But I really need a good driver. When I left the game, persimon was king. Now the choices are overwhelming.

Should I plow my limited budget (the wife really doesn't understand why this should be a priority for us and I can't in good conscience convince her that it is) into a decent driver and continue collecting peicemeal the other sticks or should I just buy the (nice looking) Wilson complete set of clubs down at costco, that I really don't know much about except that they look nice, and be done with it? If I do that, am I going be sorry soon find myself lusting after say hybrids? What to do.. what to do... Any advice? What would you do?


  • abewleyabewley Members Posts: 3,174
    you can find great inexpensive clubs.

    close out models from the past years... barely used on here or ebay..
  • hermeshermes Members Posts: 527 since golf season is over and starting very very soon here..........i'd say look will find some really really good deals out there........for example.......adams idea a1 hybrid iron set for under 200........BRAND i'm not sure how good of a golfer you are when you left and how good of a golfer now but take a look at that set or others...............

    DO SOME RESEARCH..........look in local pawn shop.....used sporting equipment'll eventually find a set that will meet your need and budget...........

    unless you're like me who said i would't spend anymore than 300 total.........well........the irons alone went way over the 300 mark and on top of that, i purchasd a second set of irons......check around.....
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    Check out the used club section in your local golf store. You can find some good deals there.

    Best thing to do is to go after the closeouts from last year's models. If you want a basic tintanium driver, nothing fancy, check out the Callaway Big Bertha. They are on clearance all over for $99.00

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • slicer365slicer365 Members Posts: 1,750
    Right now the best deal for an awesome driver is the TaylorMade r580xd (440 cc). You can buy it for around $175-190 at Sport's Authority (formerly Oshman's), saw one at Academy, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy etc...

    TaylorMade and Callaway have some great clubs from a few years back, such as the X-14 ($399) & X-16 ($499) from Callaway and the original OS by TaylorMade ($499), I'd suggest you buy a set of used irons and you might even get a better deal. Tommy Armour is making a comeback as well, they have some good equipment for good deals.

    Go to your local pro shop and see if anybody has traded some clubs in, you can get some great deals there. E-bay is a great tool.

    The best thing to do is buy everything used, most anything you buy is regripped or as good as new or at least very playable, the irons and drivers are cleaned and polished. If your wife has issues with you buying new clubs this is the best way to go.
  • nmgolfernmgolfer Members Posts: 3
    Great advice.... Thanks Guys
  • Orlimar1Orlimar1 Just a Range Ball in a box of Titleists!! Members Posts: 1,643 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Don't forget to check out used Adams equipment. It's good quality gear that can be had CHEAP. image/beach.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' /> Welcome back to the game.
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    Technology is much different, balls spin less, driver heads impart less spin on the ball, etc.

    Start off with a driver that has 10° minimum of loft, and something with a higher launching style of shaft, where ever you buy it from, a helpful salesman should be able to help you there. Gone are the days of 7-9 degree drivers, except for all the stubborn internet crowd. image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' />

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