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Clubs for dad
I would like to buy my father a new set of irons for Christmas but I am not sure what will work best for him. He is 61 years old and has a 20 handicap. It seems each year it gets a little harder for him to get the ball airborne with his 5 6, 7 and 8 irons.

Does anyone have any advise about what clubs to get that would be very easy to hit and improve his mishits and also increase his trajectory with a high ball flight.

I have looked at the Genex 3DX, Nike slingshots, Taylormade XD, or the Ping G2 or G5's. Price is not a problem for me and I am looking for something to make his game better.

Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas to you!


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    my vote would be for the mizuno mx-900's. they are almost like hybrids in the long irons so your dad should not have any trouble gettin the ball in the air. also they are forged and provide a lot more feel than some of the other sets you mentioned. all in all a great overall set that you might want to take a look at.
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    Check out the Callaway X-16's or the Adams Idea sets. I know Adams has an almost full hybrid set out. I believe the Idea O/S. This should benefit him greatly in terms of forgiveness.

    Also, the Taylor Made HT's are another option. They are on clearance now at alot of retailers including Edwin Watts.

    Happy Holidays!

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    I would vote for the MX-900s or the Adam's Idea sets since the long irons are hybrid like and easier to get into the air. I would also recommend getting ones with graphite shafts in regular or senior flex.
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    Any irons he likes to look at............WITH GRAPHITE!.........Seriously! There are lots of good steel shafts, new lightweight and those with tip soft action. Nippon NS Pro 850's and 950's are reviving games for alot of seniors. Fuji is starting to get hot on their graphite iron shafts, if you have the inclination to spend lots on equipment. True Temper has come out with the DG SL shaft, Rifle with their TFR's, Aldila has several graphite shafts for irons, as does UST, Penley too.

    Get your dad a few sessions of lessons, and then get him a new set of irons that he likes to look at. Usually guys who are a 20 handicap aren't that interested in the game enough to practice it, and their inability to "get it up" stems from trying to pick the ball up, rather than driving through the ball. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' /> Be sure and get him irons with ample offset and quite a bit of bounce too.
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    Get dad a new set of Ping G5's. Ping is one of the few companies that is more concerned with making quality golf clubs rather than out-marketing the competition. They have great customer service and their clubs hold their value better and longer than other companies. Mizuno and Taylor Made have good clubs, but will change their models two or three times before Ping will make one change. The G5 irons are extremely forgiving, get the ball up quickly, and wear better than the other ones you have mentioned.
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    The Callaway Fusions are a great set. My dad's 53, SS with driver in the 85-90 range, hits his 5 iron about a 150. Set him up with some Fusions and his iron play is unreal. His 6 iron is his club from 150 now, he's hitting more greens, and having no trouble getting the ball in the air.
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