Yes! Diana

dorfbleedorfblee Custom member titleMembers Posts: 833
anyone try it?
Just wondering if anyone has tried out the Yes! Diana putter- the Anser style with adjustable head weights.


  • kkherekkhere Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,138
    i'd like to know as well. This putter looks great and is really the only yes i would consider buying
  • karjarkarjar Members Posts: 219
    I got one in September. Slant neck on it, not plumbers. No sightline, but put my own on it. Putting the weights in is great. I beleive with aluminum it is 320 gr, with the bronze in is 335 gr, with tungsten in is 350 grams (this may not be exact, put it tells you with the weights when you buy it). I go 350 with it cut to 33.5 inches. On fast greens I will go to a lighter weight.

    As far as role, well it roles it great like all YES putters. I have a custom Slighter, that battles with this putter, I like the look and feel of the slighter, but I sure like the results of the Dianna. Great putter.
  • i tried one and with all yes putters the roll off the face was amazing. i went on a streak of making 15 12 footers in a row. With the ability to change weights you can customize it from day to day. Thinking of putting one in the bag.
  • MR.PINCHYMR.PINCHY Members Posts: 722
    Great feeling putter, although the weighing system really DID NOT WORK for anyone who tried with me...

    i love slant necks, and those are great putters.

    btw, this putter is at a pretty good price, like 150 CDN approx. 110? USD...

    sounds good to me...
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