Some Pics of Studio B

scotsmanscotsman Members Posts: 61
After visiting Studio B last week I would highly recommend anyone to stop by the Studio to get fitted up. I have been playing a BB10 for about a year and after hearing about the Studio I had to make a trip down to Chicago to get fitted up. My experience is very similarly too many others on this board. Paul put me on the camera which showed how my putter sat and how the ball rolled off my putter. It was awesome seeing your putter stroke in slow motion on the 40inch flat screen. What Paul and I saw was that my ball was skidding out for about 6inches before it started to roll. After this Paul worked his magic on my putter by changing its loft, so that the ball started to roll after about 2inches. After getting my putter fitted up I feel much more confident about my ability to hit put and I am looking forward to playing some golf.

Luckily I also brought my camera with me here are some shots of the studio:

Loving the Bettinardi,

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