Tour Equipment for Junior PLEASE.
Hello anyone,

I am a 16 yr old junior golfer who is in desperate need of tour equipment. Now don't think that I am some rich kid that won't get stuff from mommy and daddy. I have been playing the same HENRY-Griffits blades and woods since I was 13 and have grown at least 6 inches since. My situation is that I can either play in top events and get recognition, or buy clubs and forget the events, I am in somewhat of a pickle. So the question is, Can anyone please help me out or refer me to someone that can possibly donate some equipment? I know that this stuff will not magically take me to the top, but my stuff is greatly affecting my swing and posture. I am the hardest working junior I have ever met(I.E. practice all day and stay at the range until 11 p.m. in the summer), i swing in my basement all day and have the game to go far(I Shoot consistently even or under right now). I have already saved up to play in 6 AJGA events, The Westfield PGA, and The Optimist International Championship. I work hard and practice even harder, but my biggest downfall is MONEY. I understand that I cannot simply play the clubs, then be the best, but I do have the game and work ethic. My swing is near perfect and consistently around 115 and approaches 125 with my better drives. If anyone doubts me, I play at Spook Rock golf course(public) in Suffern, NY. My parents just had to borrow money from my grandparents to get by. This is my junior year at high school and I feel as of this is my last chance to shine. I know that there are a lot of pros on this forum that can easily obtain tour equipment and I know exactly what I want/need in terms of brand and specs. I know just as much as anyone about tour stuff and can greatly benefit from it. I have been researching tour equipment for the past three years online and on ebay, so I know my stuff pretty well. In light of the holiday spirit I know the The LORD will enlighten someone to help out my situation. Merry Christmas and God Bless!!


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    try contacting a company to see if they help you out. if i were you i wouldn't worry about getting "tour issue" stuff, i'd just get the best possible clubs for my game. maybe someone can help you out here, i'm not sure if anyone is willing to give any of their stuff away but who knows. most of my old or stuff i never used goes to my caddy, if you want PM me & i'll give you his email, maybe he'll hook you up. good luck
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    Just a thought, but maybe you should showcase your talent to some of the local area shops and or merchants for a sponsorship. Have you tried to get a job at any of the local courses or shops?

    Something in the form of will work for tour clubs image/cheesy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' />

    Good luck in your quest.
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    One word is all that's needed...

    "wow." image/rolleyes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':dntknw:' />
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    First it would be nice to know your name...sorry but if you are publicly asking for FREE equipment please dont hide your identity for anyone wishing to confirm whatever they want to confirm about yourself. You also should contact club manufacturers...I'm assuming you are already on maybe a high school golf team and maybe your coach can work some deal out with a manufacturer. As homstyle mentioned I wouldn't worry to much about "tour" equipment either.. work hard, study = golf scholarship= sponsership = free equipment.

    Think about caddying..mowing lawns..cart boy..whatever for $$$. I hope I dont come off being to harsh ? A better first post would have been to introduce yourself and maybe ask fellow juniors what they do for money to buy clubs.
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    Alright, thanks guys. I know the first post was weird, but I am a little desperate. And my name is Kade(pronounced like K with aid at the end). I know I don't necessarily need TOUR clubs, but I feel that it would be easier to obtain them in that there are many tour pros here. And I can pay somewhat for them(around $500).THANKS GUYS. Hope I didn't come off strange and offend anyone. And italianstallion, don't mock me, you don't know me and you are not in my situation(I mean that in the least offensive way possible).
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    WARNING: this announcement is not intended to make the author, italianstallion, the meanest guy here. He is not trying to make enimies. He would just like to say what he likes and feels. He asks that nobody take offense to the following paragraphs.

    Platapus, it's okay. I'm your age too, I was in your situation. Let me say this, and please don't take any offense (not trying to make enimies or be the tool of the boards). Here's what I did. My parents got me a full set (driver, woods, irons, putter, bag) from Dicks a few years back when I just started to play, net worth of about $120. Over the years, i got small jobs like mowing lawns and doing housework. I got my driver at a golf show for under $200. Then I saved up again. Bought my putter for $50. My parents got me the 22* hybrid, and I won the 19* hybrid from the Golf Channel. The irons were bought with more money I had stashed away. The fairway wood and wedges are coming as my Christmas gifts.

    I'm not rich my any means. My parents buy me a few things because I never ask for anything else, and the gifts for under the tree are the only things I will get this year. Don't take the following the wrong way, but clubs just don't magically fall from the sky. As with everything in life, you need to work for it. I don't know if you have a job or not, but if not, getting one would be a good start. Another thing that may sound childish to everyone on the boards it to pick up any money you find. See a penny, pick it up. See 2 quarters in a vending machine? Pick them up. Even the Trumpster picks up a penny on the ground. From my Freshman year to the end of last year, I found and saved a total of $85.36 in my school, which isn't childish by any means. These monies will be used later on to help pay for the cost of a new driver.

    I posted that original message because it just sounded like a childish plea to me. I worked hard for what I have, and honestly, to see someone else my age plea for something makes me pretty upset. Platapus (again, don't take this the wrong way) you need to work hard in life to get what you want. Nobody will hand you a good job without showing you're worthy, nobody will hand you the keys to a house because you are homeless, nobody will give you a car because you take the bus. This may sound harsh, I know, but it's a lesson better learned now than later. I really hope you and everyone else understands what I'm trying to say. If people want to give you stuff, that's fine, i don't care. But, I guess what I'm really trying to say here is that later in your life, maybe even within the next year or two, you're going to notice that people aren't just going to give you stuff, you have to work for it.

    If you do work hard, disreagard what I just said.

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    have you checked used golf stores like second swing and stuff?? they might not have tour issue stuff but if your looking you could find a decnet set rather cheap from a few years ago that would still suit you better than what you have now. you talk like you have a good game so you could find yourself a cheap mizuno blade or later for around 200 bucks, an older th r 500 series driver for about 100 bucks and go from there.

    just my .02
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    I understand where you are coming from even though i am not necessarily in the same situation. My parents are not wealthy but they do as much as they can. I caddied on the weekendss all summer for the past two summers and have made a couple grand doing it. I save my money and dont waste it on petty things that i really have no use for. I am thankful that my parents pay for my tournaments as much as they can. I always offer to put money towards it but like most parents they say no. My parent sbought me some of my clbs but as i have grown and/or just wanted new ones i have saved my money andtraded inold stuff to get new stuff.....right now tour issue isnt important. Take a look at my sig....then go to a 2Gofl or second swing golf and find a set thats not too expensive and works for you. for 300 bucks u can get mizuno pro's which are gerat irons. take a look around do ur research.

    Hope this helps,

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    p.s. welcome aboard!
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    Thanks for your replys guys. I actually do have a job at a hardware store and most of my money earned is given to my parents. I have applied to be a caddy and have gotten turned down. I have saved roughly $500 for clubs and am attempting to make something out of it. Lets understand that I know what hard work is and I have gone through some serious stuff that has made me stronger. Like I have said before, I have the game and work ethic, but M.I.A.M.I.(money is a major issue). I appreciate all of your words and hope something can come out of all of this.THANKS.
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    I'm going to shut this down...eventhough it has not got very ugly, there still is all the potential. The best thing you can do now Kade since you have ~$500 and know exactly what you want is start putting up some want to buy ads in the classifieds. It is true alot of us my have something close to what you need collecting dust in the garage and may sell it to you for a song.



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