Scott Piercy WITB: shot at the 2016 Safeway Open



  • Joe85Joe85 Posts: 3,834 ✭✭
    MattyO1984 wrote:

    I was going to put some lead tape on my clubs but couldn't because Piercy has exhausted global supplies!


    Have to be some of the ugliest irons I have ever seen.
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  • dharris3dharris3 Members Posts: 33
    I’m lost... bag says Michael Thompson?
  • dharris3 wrote:
    I’m lost... bag says Michael Thompson?

    Definitely Scott Piercy. See all that **** lead tape? Now where can I get some **** bait?
  • griffenmerrillgriffenmerrill Members Posts: 15
    I didn’t really take SP for a lead tape sort of guy. Especially on almost every club. I have a little out on the toe of my hybrid to combat the snap hooks.
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