Purchased clubs, sent payment, seller - Jlangston won't respond or ship clubs



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    Could be, but there are no threads from the OP either, at least not that I can find.

    Edit: my bad, OP did have a WTB thread for a gap wedge.
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    My point is he started a thread because he is brand new and got nervous. New people get nervous when they buy, just like older members get nervous selling to new members. He sent some pm's. The guy checked them and never responded. So the brand new member started a thread to get some help. Could he have left out the name, sure. But i see the logic if youre new - it is hey, has anyone dealt with this guy before, maybe he is a good guy, maybe he takes a week to respond or ship always.

    Could he have been a little more patient, maybe. But what is the reasonable point at which you no longer wait? Does it vary based on amount. Would you be cool if you sent money and didnt hear back for 5 days, 8 days, 20 days? What is the threshold??

    Instead of saying, politely. I wouldnt worry to much about it, give it a few more days. Everyone railed on him for even starting a thread.

    And my other point is, even though it might turn out alright, it irks me to no end when someone reads a pm about an ACTIVE deal and doesnt respond. That is absolutely unacceptable sales behavior, busy or not.
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    Kudos for being the voice of reason and not part of the lynch mob. SMH at some of the responses.

    Locking this up for now.

    OP, contact me or use the "Report" option if you would like to post a response.

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    Do not deal with Jlangston.

    He has ignored multiple PMs. The item has not been delivered.

    OP has filed a dispute with PayPal.
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