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Armlock users: has an armlock putter changed your game

MacogardyMacogardy Advanced Members Posts: 514
Has anyone who switched to an armlock putter really seen big improvements over the short putter.


  • aaronm04aaronm04 Members Posts: 6
    I switched about 3-4 years ago and greatly improved. I used to do the forward press to start my stroke with the short putter. I had a problem with that move opening the face and would miss my putts right.

    I got the Odyssey Arm Lock and never looked back (still use it). I still have a lot of forward press but I don't press forward to start my stroke and that has stabilized the face for me.

    I've also found that Arm Lock style is a LOT like "left hand low" with a standard putter. The principles are very similar in that your left arm is extended and you stabilize your left wrist. The only difference is where your right hand goes, either above (LHL) or below (AL) your left.

    I'm sure there are a ton of used belly putters you can find cheap to try it with.
  • SwitchSwitch Advanced Members Posts: 580
    Yes. Changed 3 years ago. It was not because of poor putting but just putt better that way.
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  • MacogardyMacogardy Advanced Members Posts: 514
    That's great, ordered the 2017 kuchar model 28 yesterday it looks to have less offset and 5 degrees of loft
  • swizbeatzswizbeatz Advanced Members Posts: 5,579 ✭✭
    Macogardy wrote:

    That's great, ordered the 2017 kuchar model 28 yesterday it looks to have less offset and 5 degrees of loft

    Ping/Epon/Scratch/Bettinardi WITB Link
  • GunserottiGunserotti Members Posts: 2
    I have switched and have never putted better! I am using a right-handed counter balanced Futura X model that is 38 inches long, but I am locking with the RIGHT arm. I won this putter but had never really used it, when I started reading about arm locking it was the only putter I had that was long enough to experiment with, but it wasn’t long enough to run up the left arm.

    I immediately started hitting my lines better. I’m 6ft so I have to bend a little more but it really hasn’t been much of a change re: ball position, etc...In fact, one of the reasons I like it is that it looks “normal.” I haven’t really found anything on the internet about arm locking with the right arm. The only thing I notice is that my weight has been off...usually too hard...I think because I’m using my shoulders more and hitting it more centre. I think it will be easily fixed when the summer comes and I can play more. FYI I’m a 5 hdcp.

    If anyone has info on right arm locking I would like to read more as I’m still considering this an experiment.

  • BenzoBenzo Advanced Members Posts: 1,530 ✭✭
    This winter I’ve been messing around a lot with them...(and just built one).

    Really loving it
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  • WdwfreakWdwfreak Golf Pro - Wisconsin Advanced Members Posts: 1,007
    Regular style, no, it changed too much from my regular stroke which wasn't that bad I just struggled with face control a bit sometimes and that's where doing it Glover style has really helped me, start and grip normally in your set up and press it forward until it's locked onto your wrist/forearm and make the stroke. Just need added loft like any arm locking.

    I'd recommend this to anyone who feels they're struggling getting the hang of regular arm lock, I found it to be a happy medium
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