How do you usually travel on the golf course?

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With Dan (Goose) asking me whether I have a carry bag other than just my staff bag, I began to wonder that maybe things are different over in the states. I usually use my staff bag with a pull buggy when I play in a competition whether it is just a club competition or a big event. When I'm practicing or it's raining or if there is not enough space in the car, I'll use the carry bag but still on a pull buggy. I hardly ever carry my bag unless I'm on the range, at the practice green, at the short-game area or just feel like saving the money from the pull buggy. I look forward to your replies.



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    I know what its like in Australia with very few people carrying there bag. Most of the clubs comps i play in I will carry my bag unless its really hot and i want to carry heaps of water. Im usually the only player there with the bag on my back.

    When i go away to play in a big event there is usually more carry bags but most of them will still be on a pull buggy.

    I think most juniors these days like the carry bag because its easy to put in the car because you dont need to worry about a buggy and its also alot easier to take down the practice fairway and for the quick 9 holes.
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    I always walk if I can. I started using the Sun Mountain Speed Cart this year and couldn't be happier with it. All of the advantages of walking and I don't get near as tired especially on hot days in the summer.
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    I always use a stand/carry bag. I have a Cleveland Staff Bag that I just throw my clubs in during the winter, but it will never see a course. I enjoy walking, so I do it. Sure if I am going to go squeeze in a quick nine holes right before it gets dark, I will just throw my carry bag on the back of a cart and whip around.

    Cheers, Bryan
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    Since my club won't let juniors rent or drive carts. I always walk and carry my bag unless it's very hot. I do have 2 cheap pull carts but I just don't like using them for some reason.
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    always use electric trolley cos back problems and its kinda like havin a caddy[a bad one!}
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