Ping i200 Irons: In-Hand Photos

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    Any pictures of the long irons at address? I'm hoping they appear to be slightly less offset than in the past. I love the looks of these. It appears they've got plenty of elastor behind the face to make them drastically more forgiving.
    I change too much to list it. Working on that...
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    What would be Calloway's main competitor to this model, Apex CF 16?
  • Frank-the-tank77Frank-the-tank77 Members Posts: 87
    jhbpa wrote:

    What would be Calloway's main competitor to this model, Apex CF 16?

    I would think would be more towards the apex pro.
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    I agree Techgolfer....I too am looking for the address picture of the long irons. despite the fact that i play ping irons, the offset in the long irons has always bugged me
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    Thanks for the pics but would love comparisons vs ie1 in long and short irons. I did hit the 7 iron yesterday at Dicks yesterday and was not impressed with the feel side by side against my iE1's with C Taper lite's. Could be the smaller grips (standard) or the lack of prosoft inserts in the shafts. Felt firm with Project X (quite lower spin as well) but definitely better with the KBS Tour. Distance was shorter with these than iE1's but it could be the shaft I guess.
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    WOW, thanks for the pics and info.

    Its been a while since I lusted for new irons, but these look so good I may cave.
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    Beautiful irons - these look a no brainer, until you see the Bounce. Far too high for links golf!!
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    Beautiful irons - these look a no brainer, until you see the Bounce. Far too high for links golf!!

    Ping WRX offers a bounce grind on its irons which removes a lot of the bounce.
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    I assume these replace the iE series?
  • Techgolfer1Techgolfer1 Members Posts: 1,549 ✭✭
    Landy wrote:

    I assume these replace the iE series?

    That's correct...
    I change too much to list it. Working on that...
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    "The “hottest i-series iron was the i20s,” according to Jertson, and these irons will perform similarly through the turf."

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    BAL wrote:

    Beautiful irons - these look a no brainer, until you see the Bounce. Far too high for links golf!!

    Ping WRX offers a bounce grind on its irons which removes a lot of the bounce.

    It will take the finish off the sole surely? Can 5 degrees be removed?
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    The fact that these have a similar MOI to the G15 has me very intrigued.

  • mtex22mtex22 ClubWRX Posts: 2,183 ClubWRX
    Wow! These look sweet! Any comparison pics to show the blade length?
  • ram01002ram01002 Members Posts: 1,898 ✭✭
    Understated beauties! Fingers crossed that the finish holds up as well as the s55s!
  • Frank-the-tank77Frank-the-tank77 Members Posts: 87
    Placed my order this morning. 5-Uw black dot power lofts

    Modus 105 Stiff. Can't wait to get these beauties out on the course
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    DNice26 wrote:

    "The “hottest i-series iron was the i20s,” according to Jertson, and these irons will perform similarly through the turf."


    I loved my i20s and stupidity took on and sold them. These look great and that's great news. Just got jpx900s so these won't be in my bag
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    Just like the S55 and i20s had a baby that was powdered in some Glide-wedge-finish-awesomness.

    Those are so good looking, I gotta give them a try! Always liked the i series but those really step the game up a bit!
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    These look awesome.....I know I'm in the minority but it's a shame that Ping doesn't offer the SW and LW in the I series anymore...
  • ForeleftForeleft Members Posts: 2,130 ✭✭
    It just looks like Ping got every element of these right.

    Very excited to order.
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    My Pro has just his Demo set in, so I'm off over to his place tomorrow to try them, will try and report back! image/taunt.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':taunt:' />
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    Nope....good for Ping loyalists, not enough to win Market Share....
  • Frank-the-tank77Frank-the-tank77 Members Posts: 87
    Pictures don't do these irons justice. Just an all around great looking iron!! Cannot wait till mine come in
  • pingman1011pingman1011 Members Posts: 163
    These irons look awesome!!!!

    They are going to look even better in this...Ordered on Friday!!
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    Dis-appointed there is no 'super' power spec option. image/superman2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':superman2:' />
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    Love the sole and bounce. Leading edge too. These clubs should have great turf interaction. The business about the high MOI caught my attention too. Sounds like a great package.
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    I hit one of these the other day. Looks great, nice and simple design, felt good as well. Hard to compare irons anymore for me since i bought my Miuras lol
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    These irons look great.

    I am intrigued by the Power Spec option, since it allows one to increase the loft spread among the irons, allowing one to save a spot in the bag for another club.

    Regarding the Power Spec option, does anybody know whether that option will keep the same bounce and offset numbers as the "regular" i200 options? Normally, strengthening lofts on irons will decrease offset and bounce. I am wondering if the Power Spec i200 irons will simply be bent "regular" i200 irons, or if they will be separately manufactured to have the same bounce and offset specs as the "regular" i200.

    Will the Power Spec i200s be marked in some way to show them as having the "Power Spec" (I hope not, since that would be counter to the nice clean look of the irons).

    I am also assuming that the two options could be combined, into something like 5-9 Power Spec and PW-GW regular, which would have the PW loft at 45* and the GW loft at 50*, giving a loft spread of 25* - 50* in 5-GW
  • Maverick22Maverick22 Members Posts: 169 ✭✭
    Can these irons be ordered with the z-z65 shafts? I assume so.
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