How did you get started?

Hey fellow juniors, I am wondering how you all got started in the game of golf.Did you take lessons? Did your mom or dad introduce the game to you?

My friends got me into the game about a year and a half ago and ever since I couldnt stop.I play to about a 15 and have never taken a lesson.No one else in my family plays so they dont know anything about the game. How did you get started

BTW: Im 13


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    It was about march and my birthday was coming up in april and I was turning 11. We were in my classroom before class was going to start and 2 of my friends were talking about golf and I had never really been interested except going to the driving range with my dad and using his clubs that were 25 years old. He didn't golf anymore cause he didn't really have the time. So my friends were talking about it and it sounded like a lot of fun. So for my birthday I had got a set of clubs for 50 dollars. And I got my dad back into it and we usually go and play a round on sunday during the summer. I pretty much taught myself the swing and what not. I have got tips here and there but never any lessons. I will be going into my 4th season this spring and can't wait. And I play just about everday.
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    My dad got me started when I was about 2 years old. I started playing tournaments when I was 8. I have lessons every now and then but practice is the best way to learn.

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    About 4 or 5 years ago when I was around 11 years old (I'm 15 now), I just picked up an old sand wedge out of the garage and started chipping around the yard. I continued to just chip around the yard, hit 20 yard shots until I was content with what I did that day. My parents got my my first set that Christmas, it was a Knight Junior set that had a 3-Wood, 5, 7, and 9 iron, with a putter. The first time I ever played on a golf course was when I was 12, and that was with my grandma at a little muni course, (I obviously played of the womens tees, but the yardage was 5,002 yards - I still have the scorecard), and I shot a 114, which was pretty darn good for the first time I had ever stepped foot on a golf course. After that I was hooked. I started playing more and more and then for my 12th Christmas my parents got a family membership (because my mom wanted to learn, and my father wanted to get back into it) to a pretty nice public course, which included playing privelages at two other courses. This was when I really started getting serious, I graduated from junior clubs to ladies clubs, and shortened fitted mens clubs, and I played my first tournaments that next summer. I haven't given up any dedication over the years, and actually it has progressed into an obsession. I would have never thought I would have gotten as good as I have just in 2 or 3 years of playing, but it was that message of 'Never Give Up' that kept me going. I just wanted to pass on to some of the younger members a peice of wisdom that I have gained over the years. Even though to you go through some tough times, you want to get better and better, it just takes time, some youngsters progress faster than others, and some it takes a lot more to get better. Use the vision of better players, your age or your fathers age, not to decieve and put you down, but as a means of 'I will get there one day' and learn from them.

    Have a good new year everyone, and I hope that all my brothers in the north will survive these next four months!!

    Later, Bryan
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    My dad bought me a plastic kids set when i was 3. Ever since i was hooked/
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    I was playing a baseball tournament in Florida and our game got rained out. One of the kids on our team played and coach told us not to golf, so we went to the driving range. Takled for about an hour hit one, then another, and another. Since then I can't seem to stop.
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    When i was 9 my mum asked me what i wanted for my birthday and she said why not try something for a change, so as my dad played golf i asked for a set of clubs. I got a half set of boom boom clubs image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> and since that i have been lowering my handicap and it is now 9 and i am 15. I hope to get down to 5 this summer.

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    live 100 metres from course[pitch balls from my garden onto 17th green] so decided to try it out when i was bout 5 yrs old
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