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    Question...Got the NX7 Pro for my son for Christmas....messing around with it and wanted to know if there was a way to turn off the decimal point reading?

    I can with my Bushnell...don't really need a 152.6 reading.


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    First off I will say their customer service is top notch. Each time I had an issue they had me send it back for repairs and/or replacement. Now the bad part, I am on my 3rd one since April. Each one starts out working fine and then after a few weeks all I get is hash marks or something crazy like 4.6 yards. Unit has never been dropped or mis-handled and I've had the other 2 guys I play with every week try it as well several times and they have the same issue. Cleaned the lenses, changed the battery and same thing. Finally had enough and bought a Nikon Coolshot Pro, couldn't be happier to be done with this issue.

    Obviously from all the positive post on here it is a good unit / value. That's what made me purchase it initially. But for whatever reason just didn't work out for me.


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    So what is the consensus on the NX9 HD? I been looking at rangefinders and just trying to find the best deal on one before the spring.

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    I honestly wasn't a huge fan...Their customer service is better than any company I have ever seen. Aside from that, the unit itself...I didn't like the MODE button being so close to the SHOOT button (i always was unintentionally pressing the mode button which changes from slope to non slope (and when you hold down mode it changes to meters). Also, it doesn't work in light fog conditions (i always play early and sometimes its a tad foggy, but other rangefinders would normally work). Needless to say, I sent mine back and went with the Bushnell V4 shift and love it so far.

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    I might have put this on the wrong thread but 🤷‍♂️

    Thanks for the feedback

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    Not sure if anyone mentioned this..

    They will mail you free battery.. I think it's on their site..

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    I wish performance in fog was better

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    Yeah, main reason I returned mine. Wasn't even that foggy (I could see the pin very clearly from 200 out) and it still wouldn't work

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    I received the NX7 Pro Slope as a Christmas gift. This is my first rangefinder. I was always hesitant using one, because my hands are never real steady. I tried friend's in the past, but stuck with the GPS devices. Needless to say I was both excited and hesitant. There is small group of us who go to Myrtle Beach for a few rounds between Christmas and New Year's every year. This year the weather was awesome and got 5 rounds in. The did get 4" of rain Sunday night, so Monday was wet and foggy. I must say I was very impressed with the device. I had to shot pins 2 or 3 times to very I had the right yardage. This was a user issue, not the rangefinder. 2 of my playing partners had different Bushnell devices. We were consistently within 2 yards of each other. After a couple rounds, I found it very each to steady and get consistent yardages from up to 285 out. I had no difficulty getting yardages in the foggy conditions on Monday. I even asked the other guys if that would be an issue. The one guy said it could be an issue, but you have to be pretty far out. I considered using the GPS, but decided to give it a try. Had not issues. I did use the other players as well just to compare. The Bushnell were a little bigger and heavier. They use a circle vs a cross. I thought both were very equal. Time will tell if the Precision is as durable over time. I think the Precision NX7 is a great affordable option for those who don't want to sink a ton of money into a device. I also like the free battery replacement and the fact they give you trade in value if you want to upgrade your device. Needless to say, so far I like it.

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    I have a season behind me with an NX7 and it's been pretty good. I do have to wave it over the flag a little more sometimes than my previous Leupold but the price was right. Happy so far.


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    My only complaint with the NX7 Pro is the decimal point in the view finder and there is no way to get rid of it. I would even pay a few bucks to send it back and have them download new software but they said no. Will be looking elsewhere for a new unit.

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    All I have to say is that their Customer Service is top notch.

    This device has been top notch also. After using numerous rangefinders, the NX7 is spot on for me every time.... even with coffee infused shaky hands.

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    Received my replacement. Customer Service way above comparable companies. Thanks.

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    I totally agree that the numbers to the right of the decimal point are meaningless, and it does kind of bother me a bit, because a company with the name Precision Pro should understand the meaning of "precision." Not to mention that, with my game, knowing distances to 0.1 yard is like measuring with a micrometer, and then cutting with an ax.

    But that minor annoyance is more than compensated for by good performance, great customer service and great overall value.

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    Big shout out to the precision pro folks at the Cincinnati golf expo yesterday. They had a nice booth and were giving out really nice towels if you mentioned you owned one of their products. Nice to see a local golf company making an impact in the game.

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    Agreed. I spent time with them as well but they didn’t offer me up a towel. Great group of guys.

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