Tell-Tale Signs of Fake Epons -- or the Contact at Epon for help



  • freehbfreehb Members Posts: 839
    Uithey look legit to me...
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  • myphed1myphed1 Members Posts: 251 ✭✭
    Any set of newer Epon's on ebay for less than $1000 are probably not real. I bought a set of 303's, 4-GW on ebay. Out of the 8 clubs 2 were real and the others fake. The font, serial number stamping are what I noticed were different between the clubs. I sent pictures to William at novogolf and he and an epon rep both said the suspected iron heads were fake. Thankfully I was able to send them back and get my money back. Won't be doing that again!
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  • dunndunn Members Posts: 6,361 ✭✭
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    I've seen miura and eons on ebay for $500-700 for brand new sets and description seemed very vague

    They're are fakes out there, and yes it is very hard to get ahold of Epon.....

  • ThayneilThayneil Members Posts: 523 ✭✭
    Nessism wrote:

    Who in their right mind would counterfeit a club that only sells a few hundred sets a year?

    i have seen fake Epons.they look and play exactly the same except they are cast and polished except forged at ENdo

    I guess they use the actual clubheads as models for the casting

    I guess Epon sell way more than a few hundred sets,especially in Asia
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