If you have hit a hole in one - what was the shot like



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    Both my holes in on the same hole 2 years apart, first one baby fade with a 9 iron to a meter behind the hole and spun back in, and my second which was last week, a perfect draw with a 9 iron and hit the flag about a foot from the bottom and went straight in. Thats my happy place.
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    Playing with two strangers on my 40th birthday last September.

    13th hole at Honey Brook Golf Club (PA) is 158 yards. I hit a 7-iron into the wind after pulling a 6-iron, walking halfway to the tee, and then turning around to get my 7.

    It was the best iron shot I hit all day, on a perfect line, but the hole was tucked behind a mound, just out of view from the tee box. When we got to the green I mistook someone else's ball for mine, and then he looked in the hole and said, "ummm, there's a ball in the hole."

    And that was that. An ace (my first eagle ever!) on my 40th birthday.

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    1. 8 iron on my second last hole of the day about 135m with 5m of draw, released a few feet and rolled in.

    2. 7 iron about 145m bounced short of the hole kicked past and rolled back down the slope into the hole

    3. 5 iron about 155m to a blind pin behind a bunker get up to the hole and see it resting against the flag

    4. 4 iron about 185m draw to a back right pin, landed 20ft short and release and went in, saw it all the way tracked in beautifully and dropped - my favourite of the bunch

    5. 6 iron hit it a bit skanky landed on the bottom tier and because it was a bit skanky rolled up to the top tier and dropped in

    It is a bit weird having 5 as I can't remember holing out anything of note for an eagle on a par 4, attests to the randomness I guess
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    I literally came within a ball width on Thursday afternoon. Closest Ive ever gotten. The quest continues......
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    118 Yards. Gap wedge straight at the flag. Didn't see the ball on the putting surface and found it in the hole. Of course I was alone and no witnesses
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    Mine was an 87 yard par three at the local chip and putt. It's at Lake Opeka in Des Plaines Illinois. Great place to practice your short game. Last summer I canned a 126 yard shot on a par four at the Glenview Park Golf Course in Illinois.
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    I thinned an 8 iron and didn't even see it go in! I remember hitting my club off the ground and my buddy started going nuts screaming it went in... it went in!!!
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    Amazing pic and also great story Bryan!!

    I've never had an ace so I hate these threads, lmao

    I'm like the petty jealous lil beeeatch on the playground😜

    🎩Hats off Guys🎩

    Great Job!!

    All the Best,

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    My one and only was a couple of weeks after the birth of my daughter, had a few weeks of not touching a club and trying to get some sleep! Think it was second or so round back in the swing of things, 10th hole of my home course, 215 yards 4 iron, struck it sweetly and it took a lucky bounce left when the green slopes to the right, took the break and rolled in! Was on a Sunday and cost me 200 quid in the bar afterwards!!
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    Just came here to chime in that the closest I've been to an Ace was almost an exact duplicate of Hadwin's shot on 17 yesterday....on #16 at the old (now closed) Montgomery Village GC in Md.

    Dead on shot that hit the pin with just barely too much force - and deflected away by 3"...argh. As I previously noted in the thread, I have had 4 100+ yard eagle hole outs...but never an ace
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    All in a period of just over 3 years...

    First one. Down 1 on #14 playing 243y in club match play. With 3w in hand I lined up to take it along the left edge of green thinking my miss would drift toward back center. Hit it right on line, just not the high flight I intended, rather it was a low taser. Landed on left center fringe, kicked right and rolled in.

    #2. 7i 155y into the setting sun. Left a feeling of being hit good, but no one ever saw it. Driving up nothing on the green, but it was a back pin so I thought I hit it over. Ball mark about a yard in front of flag, so I just say it landed and after the second bound spun back in.

    #3. 54° 105y in our Par 3 league. About as hard as I can hit it. Lauched straight up in the air, flew in just over the pin landing in the slope of the green which helped kept moving it backwards to the hole and in.

    #4. 6i 176y to a back left pin, hole hidden by a bunker. Aiming left of the pin playing to a downslope past the bunker so its kicked a little right and toward the hole. Solid connection off tee to a mid-flighted shot that was on line and got a huge kick forward. That was the last we saw of it until it was found in the hole. We had a pretty good four ball match going so there was no talk on the tee about it actually going in.
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    156 yard, slightly downhill #9 at Del Urich. Not sure how the ball got as much roll as it did as the greens were soft and somewhat sandy. Hit a knockdown 8 iron that drew in, landed about 5 yards short of the hole, hopped once and rolled in. It was absolutely surreal and led to a -1 on the day (after taking a double on 17).

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  • aarbroaarbro Members Posts: 149 ✭✭
    185 yd par 3 at a local council course - Fairfield in Sydney, Aus.

    Hit a 5 iron, straight as an arrow. Hit a few feet before and kicked forward really hard. Hit the pin with a loud shatter, could hear it easily back on the tee. Dropped in. If it didn't hit the pin it would have easily rolled a long way off the back. In fact a few months later, playing the course again, I hit a similar shot, ended up 15 feet off the back of the green.
  • aarbroaarbro Members Posts: 149 ✭✭
    BookBoy wrote:

    All in a period of just over 3 years...

    First one. Down 1 on #14 playing 243y in club match play. With 3w in hand I lined up to take it along the left edge of green thinking my miss would drift toward back center. Hit it right on line, just not the high flight I intended, rather it was a low taser. Landed on left center fringe, kicked right and rolled in.

    It's a shame that an ace there only gets you back to all square.
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    My only hole in one came on the 6th hole of a 9 hole course in the Chicago suburbs. It was a 138 yard hole with the pin tucked away in the back right corner, so the hole was playing closer to 148. I knew I hit it close but didn't see it go in because I couldn't see the cup from the tee box (the hole goes left to right and has trees hanging over the right side). When I didn't see it on the green, I got worried my shot landed in a back bunker but didn't see anything in the sand. After looking for another couple of minutes, the guy I was playing with jokingly suggested I look in the cup. I followed his suggestion and there it was.

    The irony that I play over 100 rounds a year and almost never play only nine holes, yet got my only ace on a nine hole course is not lost on me.
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    Just had my first one yesterday!! 130 yards with a right to left breeze. Hit a little right and past the cup and spun back in!
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    aarbro wrote:

    BookBoy wrote:

    All in a period of just over 3 years...

    First one. Down 1 on #14 playing 243y in club match play. With 3w in hand I lined up to take it along the left edge of green thinking my miss would drift toward back center. Hit it right on line, just not the high flight I intended, rather it was a low taser. Landed on left center fringe, kicked right and rolled in.

    It's a shame that an ace there only gets you back to all square.

    Ha, no doubt! Took some momentum from it though and birdied the next then pushed the rest to finish 1up.
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    This happened 10 years ago. A 165 yard hole with wind howling from the back. So I used a 7 iron and let the wind carry the ball to the green. I hit the ugliest shot as I topped the ball. The peak height of this glorious shot was perhaps 10 feet max, rolled the ball almost half of that 165 yards. A jogger happened to ran right by the hole as the ball rolled into the green. When she approached us she yelled ---- Great Shot. I put my arms to signal to her Why ? She gave the great news that the ball went into the hole. My greatest putt ever .... hahaha !!
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  • jaymayorjaymayor Members Posts: 327
    July 30th, 2015. Skipped work to go play. 3rd hole of the day, 165 yards with an 8 iron. One hop and in but it landed in the shadow of the pin and I didn't see it but I had a good feeling. Guys I was playing with saw it though so they were going crazy. Felt good after the snowman I got on the previous hole, a par 5 with an island green.

    Couldn't tell my work buddies or wife for a week since I didn't tell anyone I was skipping work!

    My profile picture is that day.
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    195 yards, slightly uphill to a two tiered green. Hit a 5 iron really low on the face but right at the pin. Landed a few yards short of the green, took a few bounces and dropped. It was honestly a terrible shot as far as ball striking goes, but it's my only hole in one! Very lucky.
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    I usually play high quality golf balls, i.e. Pro V1, X-Star, Chrome Soft, etc. I've made three holes in one, and every time it's been with a cheap ball:

    #1 Wilson Ultra

    #2 Precept Lady

    #3 Taylor Made Burner TP LDP

    Maybe if I quit using good balls I'd make more aces!
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  • andybyandyby Members Posts: 116 ✭✭
    I was playing with some buddies at the Mines. 165 yard par 3, huge ridge thru the middle of the green, runs away from the tee over the back. You cant see the bottom of the flagstick. Buddy steps up, thins one into the junk immediately in front of the tee box. Curses, re-tees. Calls mulligan. Pushes it right, lands in knee deep rough up on a hill. He flips out a bit, so we aren't really watching the ball. We head toward the green, look around in the rough, can't find it. We look all over tarnation until he walks by the hole and finds the **** thing. We still love talking about his awesome 3, really pisses him off!
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  • naws-golfernaws-golfer Members Posts: 1,581 ✭✭
    Casual round, knoxville city muni

    Down hill 127 yds. PW

    One hop

  • Clael415Clael415 Members Posts: 42
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    154m at the 14th at Sherwood Park in New Zealand. Nice high 7i draw that landed 2m short right of the pin and hopped straight in. Playing partner had his back turned.

    Just picked a new ball out of my bag too... Only hit once in its lifetime.
  • dave412dave412 Members Posts: 103
    mine was at a course that is closed now.. The Pit Golf Links.. Southern Pines NC.. Hole 16... played about 145.. 2 tier green... pin was on the front tier.. my buddy hits his.. lands barely on the top tier and spins back toward the pin.. his ball lips out!! we high five.. we cheer.. super great shot! hes got a kick in birdie.

    i hit mine, 9 iron.. in the air, my buddy jokingly says, thats in, its just right of where mine was... my ball hits barely on the top tier like his.. spins back at the pin and goes in!

    most insane/ironic course of events ive ever seen!

    only one ive ever had!!
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    Bbo569 wrote:

    I'll kick it off. At a course called the Spur in Columbia, SC November 28, 2015. 195 yards with water down the right hand side. I hit a 5 iron that held the line from the tee, we had a good bit of rain the week leading up to the round and I landed my hit an inch short of the hole. Good thing for all that rain cause I took half the cup edge into the cup with me! 2a7c4be138cda7859c3d49b435482175.jpg

    1st-205 yds slightly up hill to a flattish green. With the slight elevation can't see all of the putting surface. Pin right in the middle of the green. Hit a 3 iron right at the pin. I lost sight of it. My playing partner says, "I can't see it. I think it went in the hole." I said,"must have rolled over the green." When we got up to the green, there it was, in the hole.

    2nd-129 yds, slighlty down hill. Had a 20-25 mph following wind. Hit a 54 deg SW that hit about 15 ft. in front of a back left pin and rolled in the cup.

    3rd-190 yds to a very slightly up hill green. Decent slope back to front. Pin on the middle left. 4 iron just left of the pin. I thought it was going to be a little short. So I'm telling it to go. Hits near the left, first 1/3 of the green and rolls in the hole.

    4th-165 yds to a slightly down hill green. Pin right in the middle of a flattish green. It's late in the day and I'm hitting right into the setting sun. I flush a 7 iron that I lose as it's coming down. My partners start yelling as the ball rolls in the hole. I never saw it.

    5th-118yd slightly down hill. Pin is in the middle left. About a 10 mph wind into and from the right. PW wedge hits 5 ft short and just left of the pin. The ball takes one small hop, spins to the right and falls in the hole. This is the same hole as #2 ace. Just a different pin position and different wind.

    6th-215 yds to a slightly down hill hole. Green slopes back to front. Pin is left front. 5-10 mph directly into us. Hit a 19 deg hybrid that landed just on the front fringe and got a lucky bounce. I watched the whole way as it rolled in the hole.

    So I've had my share of luck with aces. Also had a couple bounce off of the stick and a couple that stopped overhanging the hole but wouldn't drop. Getting an ace never gets old.
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  • caniac6caniac6 Members Posts: 2,711 ✭✭
    I have had three, and each shot was hit as pure as I can hit a ball. #5,6,7 irons.
  • nixnix Members Posts: 1,010 ✭✭
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    I nealry had an ace the other day, but actually kind of glad it didn't go in. So I've always maintained that a hole in one on a par 3 course is definitely a hole in one, because if you make it you're buying drinks so you might as well call it a hole in one. Sure you have more opportunities with more par 3s, but a hole from the tee is a hole from the tee.

    I was playing an exectuive 9, which had 2 or 3 par 4s and the rest par 3s. One hole was 71 yards. I hit a shot and it rolled about a foot away. Not sure how much I would've claimed a hole in one on a 70-75 yard hole. Glad I don't have to worry about it, actually.
  • WDE86WDE86 Members Posts: 84
    A couple of summers ago I hit a high baby fade onto a short par 3 at my home course. Landed short and left of the flag, caught the slope and rolled straight into the hole. The hole was hidden behind the front/elevated part of the green so I didn't get to see it go in but I knew from the way I hit it and the way it landed that it would be very close. Made my way to the green and sure enough there it was in the hole. A wonderful feeling.
  • 95124hacker95124hacker Rare putter collection Members Posts: 1,300 ✭✭
    8-iron, slightly pulled left but solid strike. Took a slope , turned right, and tracked the hole . Pretty much died at the cup. Saw it the whole way!
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