Happy new year

And mad luck to all of yall
Hey man this year has been f**ked up for most ppl man. So THIS NEW YEAR well get our eagles. birdies, spots on the teams, w/e you want done you aim for. ALSO MAD LOVE TO ANY IN THE NEW ORLEANS AREA AND AROUND THE WORLD!!!! Mad peace to all of yall and we gotta admit us juniors our blessed with out parents our skills abilities talents w/e you call it. Alot of people cant do what we do so Happy new year guys and remember everything happens with Gods Will.


  • NCSU Wolfpack 10NCSU Wolfpack 10 Members Posts: 165
    Have a Happy New Year everyone and good luck with everything that you do this year. I hope to play a good round today as I am ready to go hit the links. I am playing with MissingLink08 today and it should be a very fun day.

  • GooseGoose Junior Mod Squad Posts: 1,270 ✭✭
    Happy new year... let it be a happy and healthy one.

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