How are you starting your season?



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    I've played 2 rounds and shot around my handicap. 4 day 5 round trip to north/South Carolina this week. Mid-am qualifier next week.

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    Been a rough start here--only a couple of still, warm days--we were almost a month late opening the course and now we punched the greens so any score turned in has been as inclement as the weather.

    Maybe next week we will have some spring like weather--crossing fingers.
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    I've gotten out a few times, albeit the conditions have been less than desirable thus far, I'm feeling good about my game at this point. I did a lot of work with irons over the winter. My grip got mysteriously weak last season and I was hitting my irons shorter and the ball flight just wasn't very good. Which is funny, because even though I had lost a full club in distance and wasn't confident in my iron play (which is the last part of my game I thought I'd be worrying about honestly) and was hitting my driver pretty poorly, I shot some great scores just by scoring well how I could, when I could. I fixed some things over the winter and the results certainly showed. My ball flight is stronger / more consistent, and my distances are better already. The best part, is that I'm swinging more freely and more relaxed in the process. I'm not flushing every 3i I hit right now, and am rusty in some area's, but overall, I'm hitting the ball better.

    I also think a big part of that is in the change in iron shafts as well. I hit a bunch of stuff on trackman and when I tested the shafts I am using now, I had an immediate jump in ball speed and reduction in spin (I spin irons a lot) and that has obviously helped as well.

    I feel great about all the equipment in my bag at this point. All of which was new to me (besides iron heads) at the beginning of this season.

    As for actual scoring the first few rounds.. Meh. After the 4 month lay off over the winter, I've gotten what I expected thus far. The improvements have really shown through, but there's still misc inconsistencies since keeping your touch for that long without playing is pretty tough to do. Chips and pitches aren't as close to the hole as they'd usually be, etc. BUT in the last two rounds I've played, I haven't missed many fairways, and even if I did, they weren't far off, and that was my biggest worry at the end of last year. I set my PB 76 on one of my final rounds at the end of last season, so I did some mental prep to keep my expectations realistic to start the year, and I think I'm on a good track thus far. I haven't really set a goal for this season at this point, as I'm having trouble deciding what's realistic, but after ending the season with a string of 70's scores, I'm hopeful for dropping 3-4 more strokes off the index and maybe shooting or breaking par, just once.

    So far, my first round was an 86 with no ability to drive the ball. My second... I don't want to talk about (under 45 F* with 15+ mph winds and rain), my 3rd was an 85 on a really tough track, and my 4th was only 9 holes (39 with no birdies and a double). Still waiting for the first birdie of the year to come after 3.5 rounds unfortunately. I've only had 2-3 Three-putts thus far, so the new putter seems to be a good stick too.

    Good luck all, I'm sure I'll be contemplating quitting the game soon as usual image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />.
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    Was outdoor for practice putting and course just opened but greens not in good condition yet. Bumpy and slow. Bit frustrated at the conditions I like it when the greens get rolled so it's smoother and fast but that doesn't happen until May

  • oneputt8oneputt8 Banned Posts: 26
    Praying the rain stays away
  • I played in Florida for 2 rounds and then came back home to Boston to snowy closed courses. It finally got nice enough to play and in my 3rd round of 18 I shot my personal best 72 (+3) at Mt Hood in Melrose, Ma.

    I've been playing some other courses a lot lately (like Trull Brook in Tewksbury) and doing pretty well (low 80s) there too. So I'm doing pretty well in my opinion.

    Now I'm just looking for a league to join or tournaments or something. I'm off on Thursday's and fridays and I want to play on those days every week.
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    From MN, the season is official underway. I played three rounds of golf in March in Kansas City. Shot in the 90's which I was excited I kept it under 100 on new courses and first times out. Now I have been practicing and played two nine hole rounds and an eighteen hole round. My goal for the season is to consistently shoot in the 80's and keep it there.

    I was shooting in the 80's spring of last season and then ended up getting lyme's disease and knocked me on my butt for about a month. Then thereafter could not break 90 again, lost all touch and feel I was getting. But this year I am committed on practicing a lot and getting it all back and lowering my scores!
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    Started well, 75 on a course sight unseen. Of course my first two home rounds were a short game disaster for two consecutive 82's and tidied it up a bit with a 77 this Sunday. Approach shots need some work and the short game is rusty but I'm driving the ball beautifully and leaving myself the right shots into the greens. Three weeks until our state four ball, have had 3 top 20's in the past 4 years, hoping to make that a top ten this year with a real chance to win coming down the stretch.
  • JWellsJWells Posts: 1,152
    I'm a 90's golfer and have started breaking into the 80's more consistently last season. Best round of 84. I didn't get to play a lot towards the end of the summer because of getting married and a career change. But I have gotten back out in a hurry this year. Haven't shot in the 80's yet out of the 4 rounds I have played, only 90's but haven't blown up either. Been hitting my driver well, been spending time working on long irons. But I got my first ever eagle! On a par 5. Driver-3 wood- putt. Was super stoked on it, can't wait to try to beat last years best this year
  • Entering the season with a completely new putter grip (reverse hand), a counter balanced putter and a 3/4 golf swing.

    I've never hit the ball with a better feeling, than now, using a 3/4 swing. The swing has a better tempo, feel and is miles straighter, but I feel I mentally think too much on how little movement or flow I have, which can lead me to more mental.

    Before the 3/4 swing, it was "same swing each time and worry about where the ball goes". Now, it's "I know I can place the ball where it needs to be, but I need to make sure my right arm is straight, hinge the wrists, correct tempo" (left handed golfer).

    A bit of a cleaner mess I guess image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

  • SmiterOfPv1xSmiterOfPv1x Banned Posts: 371
    Been a great season so far.

    First round of the year (will admit it was on a course with ten par 4's and 8 par 3's-and none of the fours are very long but several aren't driveable (or are if you hit it onto the green and it stops but they're surrounded by water on three sides so even a long hitting riverboat gambler like me lays back). Wasn't expecting much after a bogey/double bogey start (that double bogey still chaps my butt two months later, par 3 hit it about 5ft short of the green, chunk my chip, leave my first putt 4ft short and missed it. Jeesh). Anyways after the first two holes I started playing a kind of golf that I'm not used to. I made some birdies due to driving a par 4 and two putting, but I scrambled like a pro. I couldn't hit my irons worth a ****. My distance control wasn't bad but I was 20-30 yards either right or left all day. I constantly found myself in the WORST possible spot too. You know what I mean when you're looking at a little pitch or chip and think, dang! Anything under 25 feet is a good shot from here. That's where is was. I'll state it right here and now, if I played like that with my wedge all the time I'd make a push for the all time major record. It was unbelievable. I didn't make any of them but I never had more than 4ft from hole 3 through 17. From horrible lies and being in the worst spot you could possibly pick. Literally landed all of them on the exact blade of grass that I wanted to.

    So I get to 16 and I'm one over. I hit a beautiful drive that's hunting the pin (was just a shade under 300). I get up there and I'm about 20ft directly behind the pin. It was so soft my ball mark (or crater) was actually about 5ft further than the ball itself to give an idea of how soft it was. I proceed to drain the putt. One under. Dang. I'll take that anytime. Step onto the tee on 17, very short par 3 (115ish) but it has water front, right, and long. I tell myself "two pars". That's what I need. Should be doable the way I'm playing. I hit my tee shot and just didn't feel like it was 100% contact-more like a 95%er. I'm staring. Please. Please. It hits on the green! But wait, it's coming back, coming back, oh no! Lake. Ugh. I take my drop and put this one about 12 feet by. REALLY NEED this one. Proceed to drain it. Yes, the dream is alive. Even par through 17 heading to 18. 18 is another short (say 280? Close to that) par 4. Easily doable with no real trouble (other then my dumb melon). I actually make a (now regrettable) decision to leave it a little short so I hit a smooth three wood. Push it a hair and I'm just off the fairway on the right side about 40 yards off. The problem is it's real wet over there, but I'm not playing serious and have played lift clean and place when needed all day since it's a muddy mess in spots. I do so but there's no real grass here. I'm setting up my pitch and in the middle of my downswing one of the guys on the other side of the green on 18 fires up a frickin chainsaw. Blade it, and almost hit him. Good! Pay attention to what's going on and thanks for wrecking it for me (yeah right, probably would have anyways but I now have an excuse). Still have a chance since my real short chips have been on fire. Nope. Hit it about 18 ft by and proceed to two putt. One over. Dangit. I don't go even or under often so this would have been really special.

    Second round, a much more pedestrian one over but the first time I've played really good (for me) golf with my kids. I swear they probably thought dad was full of it. There's a number of reasons I don't play good with them, chief among them is I'm out there for them when they come along (they're 13,11, and 5). So it's hard to be competitive when you're main concern is helping them. That and keeping pace. That's always a huge concern when I have them out so I'm constantly in hurry up mode. They've never been a problem in this area but I don't want to fall a centimeter behind when they're with me just due to the perception. Tough golf mental conditions.

    Third round, 7 over. Hit it well just couldn't score. No birds. No iggles.

    My goal for the season is no bad rounds. I probably have the highest difference in best score versus worst score of any golfer in America. Im so inconsistent that it's painful. I'll play a round or two even or slightly better. I'll also have a round or two at or around 100. I want those to go bye bye this season. The main reason I have them is a lack of concentration when I have a few bad holes. I bet I've had 5x more round that were either below 80 or above 90 the past three years than I have rounds from 80-90. In either on or I'm off. My goal this season is to keep it under 90 when I'm off. So when I have a bad hole or two, I think I just need to mentally keep checked in. Keep the bad rounds in the 80's all season. That's what I'm going to try to do.
  • DeacLaw05DeacLaw05 Posts: 350 ✭✭
    Due to the mild winter here in NC, I played continually from last fall up until now. It will be interesting going into the "season" for the first time without requiring a buildup. I have also ordered a set of Z565 irons that I was fitted for that I'm really excited about putting into play (the first time I've done a fitting before).

    I'm relatively consistent with my scoring--usually range between 77-83 at my home course (with the odd 85 or 86 thrown in on a bad day). My goal in the short term is to get consistently into the 70s. I'd like to be legitimately disappointed to shoot anything with an 8 in front of it. The first step on that road is to convert more birdie opportunities, which means making more putts. Tough to do at my home club, which has slick bent grass greens with lots of contour.
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    Season #2 of my golf journey...New irons, new putter, new FW, new wedges, long winter...yea, not a great start. 95 on my first full 18 that included hitting a tree 3 times on one hole - tee shot, approach, 2nd approach (scored a 7 on that par 4). last year, was upper 80s to about 90 with a cheapo boxed set. Definitely can't buy a better game. The shortened driver, however, is working pretty good compared to last year!
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    Have started Terrible. Had a case of the shanks yesterday and have no idea why. I haven't shanked a ball in a couple of years. Golf is hard. Maybe I should get a new hobby that's easier, like maybe playing piano, or maybe being an amateur astrophysicist ... image/swoon.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':swoon:' />
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    I've dropped 3 strokes from my handicap so far in 2017.
  • moegolfer11moegolfer11 steal your face right off your head Members Posts: 2,185 ✭✭
    Let's just say I have got to start hitting it more consistent into greens. I make Hunter Mahan look like a pin seeker. Gotta knock that short game rust off too. Normally the last thing to come around for me.
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  • Uncle ChunkUncle Chunk Members Posts: 427
    My Friday night league started 4 weeks ago and went 41, 48, 39 and 39 last night...kinda OK with my scoring for this early in my season, I'm usually a slow starter.
  • J2puttsJ2putts Posts: 604 ✭✭
    "Start " the season? I'm a psycho...I live in New England and practice or play all year round . If it's 40 degrees ...and no snow ...I'm playing.
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    Too slowly. Only two rounds of nine, and about six trips to the range. Definitely not grooved on my wedge shots and still flying greens. The good news is, I'm finally done working on our old house and am closing with the buyer next week. That should open up a ton of time, at last!

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  • third-times-a-charmthird-times-a-charm Members Posts: 1,400 ✭✭
    Been shooting low 90's in FL every weekend for the last month or so. Finally got back into golf with all new gear.
    Long Live Nike
  • MotleyMotley Posts: 706
    I'm so excited for this years golf season. At the end of last season my swing/game was the best its been in over 3 years!.

    I'm heading to the range tomorrow for the first time this year, and I'll be playing my first round on Wednesday! I just picked up a new driver too the Callaway Epic. I went to Dicks and demoed it and of course I was smashing the **** out of it. So I HAD to buy it. LOL

    I hope everyone here has a fun a good golf season this year.
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  • MotleyMotley Posts: 706

    Been shooting low 90's in FL every weekend for the last month or so. Finally got back into golf with all new gear.

    What did you get? The ho's wanna know.
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  • third-times-a-charmthird-times-a-charm Members Posts: 1,400 ✭✭
    Motley wrote:

    Been shooting low 90's in FL every weekend for the last month or so. Finally got back into golf with all new gear.

    What did you get? The ho's wanna know.

    Old; Adams RPM3 irons, Nike SUMO driver/hybrids, Taylormade RAC wedges

    New; Nike Vapor Fly Irons/Driver, Nike Vapor Speed Hybrids, Nike Engage Wedges

    Reasoning; It's all on close-out/clearance and performs **** good with my swing and nuances when I play.

    I'm sure in the next few years when I outgrow the Nike stuff I will switch to the next best thing(s).
    Long Live Nike
  • 2bGood2bGood Members Posts: 4,969 ✭✭
    I am panning on a mellow season with golf taking a backseat as I have allot going on this summer. Funny thing is I will likely shoot better scores over all with the relaxed attitude. So for the start of this year has seen not much touch but great ball striking.
  • andrueandrue Posts: 1,118 ✭✭
    Well that's a relief. Scored 91 on Saturday and it could've been lower except for a couple of careless putts near the end. Looked to be similar on Sunday but I had to leave early as I was on my own and a log jam had formed on the 15th. No point trying to get through and didn't want to spend the next hour trying to finish the last four holes.

    Curiously since taking a degree of loft of my driver I seem to be hitting it higher and straighter. Mind you it's also curious that all my clubs were flying well except my SW. Even my LW helped me get up and a down a couple of times. But my SW just keeps coming up short.
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    I started the season about 6 weeks ago hitting the ball decent and was shooting mid 70s but still could get more out of the rounds. Still sloppy rounds by my standards with lots of poor short irons, missed short putts, and so-so short game. Then, I got so bad back pain that set me back a few weeks. Slowly working back into it and got to clean up the rounds.

    Now just getting into trying all the new equipment because it is demo season.
  • MdemuthMdemuth Posts: 110
    Played 3 round so far this season, two of them in the rain, and have three scores in the 80's (last year only broke 90 twice). I haven't even really started practicing like I do when the season gets going. Hoping to break 80 this year!
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  • MtlJeffMtlJeff MontrealMembers Posts: 28,163 ✭✭
    my home club opens this week. I'm still really optimistic, hitting it very well, improved distance, and so far the scores are good. I think i've settled on which 14 clubs to go with this year too. I was mostly set but needed to settle on a putter and was flip flopping between lob wedges too
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  • nixnix Members Posts: 1,010 ✭✭
    club just notified me that they moved men's league to the only night of the week I can't participate, so that's a crappy start to the season.
  • jli2636jli2636 Posts: 1,035 ✭✭
    I've gotten to play a few times this year and have gone out without any expectations. So far that philosophy is working out. New to me Big Bertha Alpha driver is working out nicely. I think I have lost a touch of distance but I am controlling the ball so much better that it's worth it. Haven't been on a monitor or anything to compare between that and my Nike VR Pro LE. Probably won't get to play for at least another week now though after all the rain here in MO.
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