my personal golf experiment. $25k TrackMan & 7 hours per day practice routine.

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Hey everyone,

I am new to the community and wanted to share my project with all of you. I am 35 years old and working towards three different goals in golf. You can read about my goals at the above link.

I also have a write up about my schedule and practice approach at https://rangegolfer....ath-to-scratch/ . And another write up about why I bought a TrackMan https://rangegolfer....ght-a-trackman/.

This week I will start posting more of all my different swing data and 18 hole analysis. The website is still a work in progress and I will try to update it daily.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.


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    Nice. Will definitely try and follow along. I also had the goal of breaking 80 this year, which I achieved 2 Fridays ago

    If you're looking for some Am tournaments to play in, check the Golfweek Am tour to see if there is a tour near where you live. I just started that this year and have played 3 tournaments so far. It's stroke play and you're flighted by handicap. It's been fun so far
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    This is cool. Wish i had $25k to drop on a TrackMan!
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    Your wife must be a saint.
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    You might want to consider renting out time with your Trackman to offset the cost (if that's something you're at all concerned about).

    I'd gladly pay $50 for 30 minutes on a Trackman or Flightscope to dial in my distances and try out some different swings.

    Just a thought.

    Best of luck on your experiment!
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    trackman for me is good once a year for two things: verify distances with all clubs and driver fittings.

    On course performance will always trump what a machine spits out. I am now too complacent (and sore) to hit wedges and groove wedge yardages

    A sports car may be more fun .... but you likely have that covered already

    Good luck, to each his own
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    I think it would be pretty cool to own a trackman but I think what you're going to find is that it's not going to drop your handicap much if at all. I think you would of been better off spending about 1,500 on lessons a year and you would improve much faster. I don't really know your situation but if 25 grand was just a drop in the bucket, then why not.
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    It does seem kind of odd to buy a Trackman to break 80, like using a half million dollar missile to take out ten suspected terrorists riding around in an early 90s Toyota pickup (wouldn't it be cheaper to just drop an old Buick on them?).
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    To be fair, my assumption is that the goal isn't to break 80 but to break into the online golf world and make $. Which I'm totally fine with by the way.
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    Well first of all....Good Luck to you.

    The golf bug has bitten and it seems you're very passionate about becoming a player.

    I don't doubt for one minute that Trackman isn't a valuable tool. But please remember that there are hundreds of thousands of scratch golfers over the years that became good players without an ounce of technology.

    Free piece of advice....go find some players that are better than you are and start playing with them. Eventually you'll start money games and that will teach you how to pull the trigger under a little pressure. Not break the bank money just enough to keep everyone focused.

    Good luck. I'll follow along and see how this goes.
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