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Garmin fenix 5X for golf?



  • petep1980petep1980 Members Posts: 15 ✭✭

    I bought this watch a week and a half ago. I love it. I have played 18 holes with it, and as soon as the round starts, other than using it for information I do not even notice I am wearing it. It is big and it is clunky, so if you are sensitive to things like this or are paranoid about throwing your swing off, you may not like it. I'm usually pretty ignorant to things bothering me during my swing, I can sometimes play half a round without a golf glove, I just don't notice that stuff.

    Just a couple of comments:
    1. The screen looks nothing like they do online. If you are expecting beautiful looking watchfaces I think you will be disappointed. With that said however, it is super easy to read in the sun. So I think they knew what they were doing there. If you want a bright, beautiful watch face you will be disappointed.
    2. The battery life is awesome. I think this is part to do with the non LCD screen. But I golf once a week (in GPS mode) and I think I would get like 10-12 days out of a charge. It also charges fairly quickly.
    3. The build of the watch feels awesome. It is expensive (although a little less expensive now that the 6 series is out), but it just feels like a very sturdy, well made, piece of equipment.

    And one bit of golf advice:
    1. Without the RFID sensers you need to manually enter the club you hit for a particular shot at the end of the round. I don't remember all of my 90 shots, and I don't want to write down every club I hit. But the useful information to me would be distance hit on well hit shots. I would NOT enter clubs hit which we mishits.

    I did buy the starter pack of CT10 sensers to put on my sand, lob wedge and putter. Allegedly with this set up I should never have to keep score myself ever again.

    Regarding the app on the watch face:
    1. I do not think it has hole layouts. So it can be a little difficult to plan layups if you're not familiar with a hole. I'm not always sure layups distances are to the center of the fairway. On the phone apps I have used you could pick a spot in the fairway and it'll give you the yardage to that particular spot and then from that particular spot to the hole.
    2. I am not sure you can access your club yardages from your watch during the round. You may have to reference your phone app for yardages. I hate the idea of pulling out a phone while I golf, although I do appreciate the hypocrasy with basically having the same thing on my wrist.

    Overall I would highly recommend this watch to anyone who likes to waste money on expensive gadgets that do about 80% of what you need them to do. If it didn't feel so well made I would probably not be impressed, but It was a perfect decision for me and I do not regret it at all.

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  • 9woodfan9woodfan Members Posts: 1,463 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Using the Fenix 5s Plus. Same screen size and power of the 5x just in a slightly smaller package. I've loved it for golf... I've only had one instance where the app had the updated layout of a course but the watch didn't.
    Battery has been great.

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